Monday, June 27, 2011

Miscellany Monday....

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

one. Lily-ism

This weekend I overheard Lily talking to herself when playing....

"this is perfect...just like me"

(how Lily was that?)

two. newborn scent

Friday my friend and across the street neighbor had a baby girl...of course I got to rush over on Sunday when they got home to hold that precious little princess. Little miss Riley was 7 lbs of perfection.... tiny and petite and had these sweet little fingers and toes...and the prettiest little perfect lips. She was so bitty compared to Reid's 10lbs when he was born....yep...I got the baby fever all over again. Maybe this time I won't have a 3m old at birth.

three. toothy

Speaking of Dude Friend....he has 2 little teeth coming in on the bottom. I believe he is the first of the 5 kids to get teeth before 5 months. He has been drooling for months now...and biting everything in sight. Gonna have to train the boy to quit with the biting while nursing...he's doing that scissor sawing back and forth that Lily used to the words of an old friend "Not Goo-gey"

four. love/hate AGAIN

(deep sigh) I ate carbs this hardcore. I knew what I was doing...I wanted to do it...and IT FELT GOOD. Sort of...Little man has started puking again. I'm assuming it's something...maybe gluten in the carb? So point of story. Going carb free (well low..I'm having coffee with my creamer this morning) and gonna lose that last 20 lbs and get my boy to quit puking. Anything for my kid. (grins)

five. hello..can you see me?

This weekend my in laws along with hubs aunt, cousin, her hub, and their kids...came to visit for a few hours. They had yet to meet Lily and Reid...(love them)...Later that evening hubs took my MIL to get her an iphone. She's been wanting one and who better to take her than her son. ( FIL still doesn't get the whole txt'n world so he would be useless)

GUESS WHAT? hubs came home with an iphone for his sweet, wonderful, caring, loving, and always angel of a wife. I was completely overjoyed. I have always wanted one, but always acted like anyone who owned one was silly. He told me he could read through me each time I made fun of iphones ...knowing I really wanted one myself, but acting as if I didn't. (he knows me well)

My MIL and I were having a great time learning how to use our new phones together. We discovered the FaceTime function. Ohhh hello grandparents and family that lives far away...this feature is awesome. I called my little sis and she got to see the little kids...I was giggling like a school girl. Later that night when my inlaws got home I gave my MIL a call with the FaceTalk. She answered and I couldn't see anything. I could hear her, but the screen was black.

me: "GiGi...Can you hear and see me?"

GiGi: "yes, but I can't see anything"

me: "yeah all I see is dark blackness...are the lights on?"

GiGi: "yes, but I still can't see you"

me: "is something blocking the screen?"

GiGi: "No"

(hears my FIL yell in the background)

Old Dad: "yes there've got the phone to your ear silly"

me and hubs: (laughter that doesn't quit)


Neely said...

HAHAHA oh Lilly

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, it's good that they have a strong self esteem :D

mountain mama said...


can't believe he's teething already! gotta love the hyland's teething tablets, huh?

have a great week!

Ashley said...

Hahaha...that is the you and you MIL were chatting :)

Anna said...

That is so cute about your MIL!! Yay, for your new phone!

Michelle (michabella) said...

Hahahaha oh your sweet MIL. How funny!!! Visiting from Miscellany Monday! Your blog is adorable!!! So are your kiddos <3

Stef said...

Hahahah. That is hilarious! I love my iphone. Once you have one, you can't live without it. I am waiting for the new iphone to come out in Sept. Then Hubs and I can take advantage of Facetime! True cell phone for the Deaf!

Lori said...

Love Lily and her craziness :) And dude fried is just adorable! Also, can't believe you withheld from carbs for so long, talk about willpower!

carissa said...

lily-isms brighten my day.

and i guess keeping your baby boy from puking is good low carb motivation. hang in there sweet momma!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Haha! What a confident little one you've got! Too cute!

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