Tuesday, June 14, 2011

S'mores and More

So we decided to give our hand at different types of Marshmallow goodness treats. I mean it is summer after all so why not dessert out.

(yes, except for me....I'm struggling with my will power right now...I love baking...so this lo/no carb has been a huge issue with me. As long as I stay busy baking and then busy myself with other things I am not tempted to try. If I am tempted I just run and jump on the scales to remind myself of the great progress I am making) with that said........

We have made 3 different types of treats...all with Marshmallow Fluff.
The first one was nasty...or so I assume since everyone said it was....

Cinnamon Toast Crunch with fluff (no pic I chunked the dessert)

Next was a big hit with Mini Me and Hedgie
Lucky Charms Fluff

This one I tried last night and the kids are begging for more.

S'mores Goodness

8 cups of Golden Grahams
1 1/2 tubs of fluff
3tbs butter
2 cups choc chips

I melted butter in pan...and added the fluff...melted all that.
Then I stirred 1 cups of chips in with the cereal and dumped all that in with the fluff.
I melted 1 cups of chips and poured that over the mess and stirred again.
Add to pan and inhale.
(I made this recipe up so feel free to change it up to suit you)

I'm giving my hand at homemade Marshmallows today. Wish me well...and stand by for blog on them tomorrow.
I'd kill to make these...(stole pics from etsy)


Caroline said...

Geez, Louise! My sweet tooth is going crazy now.

Neely said...

I think I just got a cavity reading this

Amber said...

Laura, my mouth is watering! I need those Lucky Charm ones!!!

Carey said...

Oh my I seriously love me some marshmellow fluff :) and smores...so good! Let me know how the marshmellows go!!

Anna said...

Girl those lucky charms smores look SO delish!!

mountain mama said...


Jessie said...

I love smore bars! The ladies at camp use to make them once a week so my final summer there I got the recipe from them and make them every time there is a BBQ in the summer! Yum!

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