Sunday, July 10, 2011

Canning.....Long Lost Dream

So when I think of SAHM I think

well...Wife...Mom...Nurse...Chef...Maid....Doctor...Teacher...Chauffeur...Seamstress...and CANNER. (ok not really, but I feel like I should give my hand a try at everything at least once...never know where your talents may be)

The last one is the one I've yet to accomplish. (still working on the seamstress one too)

Many of my dear bloggy friends show off their wares at canning...from sauces... etc.

I have picked many of your brains on the subject of canning and I'm dying to give it a whirl.

Enter Sweet Leanna over at Thoughts and Whatnots. She's having a canning giveaway with a cookbook. Everything I need to get my jar in the door. (haha get it...jar...jar...instead of foot...ohhh never mind)

(side note: If you enter and owe me *grins*)

The first thing I'm gonna try canning would be strawberry rhubarb jam....Those people at La Madeleine have had me hooked since my first visit and I'd kill for a handful of jars in my house.

Speaking of handful....I've got my first paying Cookie gig in a few weeks...I'm making 4 dozen Sock Monkey cookies for a little boy's 1st Birthday. Can't wait to show those off ...


♥Cait said...

I've been dying to learn how to can too! I'm a newlywed trying to decipher this whole "wife" status :) I like to try my hand at different things too, at least once anyhow. Thanks for the link to the giveaway. If I don't win, I may just purchase the cookbook anyhow!

Good luck with the sock monkey cookies!

Have a great Sunday!

LeAnna said...

That graphic is so cute! You totally can can! You can can jam! I totally know you can can jam! ;) Can't wait to see your sock monkey cookies, those are bound to be adorable!

Anna said...

I've haven't canned that much but plan on doing more...can't wait to see the cookies!

Lori said...

hmm.. interesting :) never considered trying to do this!

Carey said...

I can tell you sweetheart, YOU CAN CAN! :) No seriously! it really isn't complicated! I've made jellies, pickles, and pickled okra in the last couple of years. A little bit of elbow grease is needed but it's not too complicated!
My mom & I make muscadine jelly almost every year together! So good & such good memories :)

Dana said...

I tried my hand at canning tomatores last year with my grandma. I have to say I enjoyed it! And I want to try many more things. I am hoping next year to get into it a bit more!

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