Monday, July 18, 2011

Miscellany Monday....

Head over to sweet Carissa for
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
one. (Lily-ism's Cont)

"come here darling" that's what she says when she plays babies with you. Meaning...You are the baby...She is the mommy. She will grab my head and shove it to her shoulder and say "Come here daaaaarling" (as if I had a choice in the matter). She's gonna make a great mommy.

The other night during bath time with Lily and Reid...Lily was standing up and nearly slipped and fell in tub. She caught herself and looked at me and said, "whew weee that was a close one".

I stubbed my toe when walking in the living room on none other than Lily's toys...her reply, "Don't worry mommy....Dr Olivia is in the house" (I think we've been watching a little too much Olivia lately)

two. Sweet Little Angels

I am not sure if you read the blog about the sweet 8m old baby named James that was fighting a brain tumor.....but sadly he lost his fight this Saturday. Add to that...a sweet 3 month old in our neighborhood stopped breathing (still unknown cause)...his little funeral is today. Pray for those sweet families as they are dealing with their loss. Reading about James made me squeeze Reid a little tighter this weekend.

three. Menu Monday

Tonight is.....

Grilled Tilapia w/a Cilantro Crema and a Cilantro-Jalapeno Slaw

Crema Recipe: green onions, cilantro, mayo, sour cream, lime juice and rind, salt and minced garlic

Cilantro-Jalapeno Slaw Recipe: chopped jalapenos, bag of slaw, Italian dressing, cilantro, and s/p

four. Hey Good Looking

Reid starting sitting up last week...crawling too...well he'll take one step (crawl and then face plant) He can belly crawl all over the place though...Lay him down in one spot and he's off somewhere else. Nothing holding him back now.

five. Trash to Treasure

See that little beauty in the front there? Well she's gonna be my new crafting desk in the future. Hubs got her for me at the Trade Days here in town (THANKS TO YOU GINNI FOR THE HEADS UP) Stay tuned to her transformation.

six. Pin-Terest-ing

Ok for starters...I hate all of you who introduced me to that site. I can sit for hours staring at shabby chic door desks. I found some awesome ideas.....For not only a door desk, but a door memo board

hubs was totally on BOARD..(haha get it)...with this idea and said he would head back next month during trade days to get another door for me. Awww sweet man.


allie-mac-fallie said...

love the door and desk!!
and yes, I too have been praying for sweet baby James, his momma and I were at Baylor University together and my heart just breaks for them! I know they appreciate your prayers!!

Caroline said...

I'm coming over for dinner!

Angie said...

How clever...I love the door/desk stuff!

That sweet little Lily. She cracks me up :)

Amanda said...

Great post! Love the Lily-isms - so sweet! And I've purposefully stayed away from pinterest for that very reason! But I *love* the door idea - I'll have to keep it in mind!

LeAnna said...

Your desk is gonna be so awesome! I love the idea of that memo board, too!!
That slaw sounds pretty darn good.

Neely said...

Reading about those babies just breaks my heart!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Your children are such fun! I loved reading about the things they say.

Amber said...

Lily is hilarious! And Reid is getting so big! :)

Love that idea of the board above the desk, very cute!

carissa said...

oh my gawsh! can't wait to see that door as a desk. i want one, too!!!

lily-isms... love them, as ALWAYS! we watched olivia today, too, for the first time. ha!

i can't imagine dealing with a loss like those. my heart breaks for them.

Jennifer said...

The door desk and memo board are AWESOME!!

Dana said...

OH that breaks my heart for both families. I will definitely be praying for them all :(

Reid is sitting and crawling??? I swear you just posted your birth story like last week!! He is absolutely the most adorable lil man!!!

Loving that desk and memo board!!

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