Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Back To Skool" How To Special Treat

Yes,'s that time again.

What happened to back in the day when we started school after Labor Day?

If we went back to 'the good ol days' we might save money in the school system by not spending it on cooling the buildings in the 200' temps we've been having. (just a thought)

I always like to have a special treat for my kids when they come home from their first day.

Mini Me also gets a special treat in her lunchbox...not a foodie treat, but a crafty treat. (the boys are too old for that now)

A few years ago I found the 'chalkboard sign' in the Family Fun magazine....I pulled that one out of the archives again and made her another one for her 1st day of 5th grade.

Here's a little fun and quick how to...

Grab some construction paper, chalk, cut outs, sticks, glue, markers etc...


Glue your sticks into a square. Let dry. (It's easier if you glue 2 "L" shapes first and then glue those together.)

Next cut your black construction paper to fit on your sticks. I like to write what I want to say on my 'chalkboard' before gluing to sticks. Less smudging.


Add some glue to your sticks and glue board into place


This is where your fun Cricut comes in handy....I'm not sure I could live w/o mine. It's helped with many of the kids school projects....I also like to add fun letters to gifts when wrapping presents.

I cut little crayons and apples to add around the edges of my board.


Finally, write your child's school and school year on the edges and viola're done



Ashley said...

Very cute!

Amanda said...

That's a great idea! Nicely done.

Annie said...

You are such an awesome mama!!!

carissa said...

cute, cute, cute!!! if a chalkboard is involved i love it! and good point on saving money by not having to cool the schools so much. i remember labor day as being the last hoorah of summer. i don't like the school year schedule these days!

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