Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beaver Stage

When Lily cut teeth she took it out on her crib. I tried to find something to cover it, but never could. (Now of course I CAN after the fact)


She pretty much ruined the railing on her crib....we called her the little beaver.

Enter in Mr Dude Friend (take that Aly) ....


He cut his first 2 teeth at around 4 months...started crawling by 5 months and starting pulling up a few weeks ago...first to the knees and then last week to his feet.


Now he pulls up on everything and anything he can get his hands on. Half the time we are running full blast because we can see he's about to topple over. He's dying to walk. He loves when we take his hands and have him 'chase' Lily around the house. He has that look of triumph on his face when he's standing...like "hey world....look out because here I come"


He is at the stage where he will stick anything in his mouth. Name it it's there. You can get a bottle of water from the fridge and he will yank your arm so he can grab the bottle. Mad dog style. When I change his diaper upstairs in his room he will grab the blinds and try to eat those. He loves eating faces. I call those 'sloppy Reid kisses' (I may or may not put my cheek on his lips so he'll 'kiss' me) The kids laugh because Reid will spot something on the floor and take of crawling full blast to attack it.

(back tracking...more updates on beaver)

At his 6m check up this month he weighed in at 17 lbs 11oz and 27.5" tall. I was thinking he would weigh more than that considering he was born at weighing nearly 10lbs.


I just started him on solid foods foods this month too....so far no luck on anything. He takes about 3 bites (if that) and he is totally finished. Not a fan of applesauce, but then I made a batch using Granny Smith apples. I will try a less tart apple this week to see if that was the issue. He loves sweet potatoes, but I found out he's allergic to cinnamon. (blah) Oats too....dr told me to skip cereals....but I did it anyways and realized Oatmeal makes him projectile vomit. Score one for mom of the year.

Things I've learned about Reid.....he has sensitive skin, and is allergic to things. Which is soooo unlike any of the other 5 kids. They have 'tough' skin and can eat tar. (hoping you know I'm kidding)

Reid also is the only of the 5 kids that has a tough time with the teething. Poor sweet baby doesn't do well. The first time he cut teeth he was fussy and had a clear runny nose. Last week he got a runny nose and the first thing I did was look inside his mouth. Sure enough those top 2 honkers were breaking through. Sweet boy was a fussy bucket. Never seen him so miserable. He was up all night and just looked pitiful. I put every toy he loves to chew on in the freezer and got more Hylands Teething Tablets (thanks hyland for bringing them back) and finally broke down and bought baby ibuprofen.

Dude is also following in his sister's footsteps on chewing on the crib. I figure it's already ruined and he can't do much more damage than she did so have at it little beaver.

With his new found standing....I've sadly had to lower the crib to the lowest setting. Made me a bit sad thinking he might be the last baby to ever sleep in this crib and it will never be raised again. (photo when I realized he can stand and mattress needs to be lowered)


He's Lily's best friend (or toy)


She is constantly wanted to dress him up and play with her....or covers him with blankets b/c she says he's cold (whether he is or not) Tries to play ball with him. Gives him a string to play jump rope with her. And the best part...he loves her to death. His little arms and feet get to pumping when he sees her. He's found a friend for life in her.

I live for this boy....He brightens the room with his gorgeous dimples and smile and blue eyes....

Yep...he's a keeper.


Caroline said...

Love that L wants to play with R. So cute!! And he's definitely a keeper and a cutie!

LeAnna said...

SO adorable! I totally get the "everything in mouth" stage. We've been in it forever. Q was never one to put anything in his mouth, Sprig on the other hand has been giving me mini heart attacks daily. She choked down a glob of playdoh yesterday. That was nerve wracking!

Can't get over how much Lily and Reid look alike!

So, did you use Bing or Rainier cherries for your jam? I'm ordering some of both from our co-op and if they come in I want to make jam with one!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

LOL!!! I can't believe he is getting so big! Will he let me hold him when I come back and visit?!

Amber said...

Ohmygosh Laura - they are identical to you!

Anna said...

Your little beavers are adorable!!

Carey said...

He is so cute!! I can't believe he is pulling up and trying to walk already! He's growing so fast!!
Carlisle is just like that with her big sis. All E has to do is look in her directions, and C is grinning ear to ear! She loves her sister!
Miss E was a beaver too & my crib has the marks to prove it ;)

Neely said...

She really went to town on that crib! my best friends baby is 4 days older than Reid and isnt doing any of that stuff! Is that bad?

Dana said...

Oh he is just the cutest! He can't be pulling himself up already?!!! Time is flying by!

That is so cute that Lily loves playing with him :)

Holly said...

Just came across your blog and saw this post! I am so glad my kids werent the only ones who went through beaver stage! haha!

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