Monday, August 22, 2011

What's that Smell?

Deep inhale....that would be new school supplies for a new school year!

Well today is the day....The day the big kids suck it up and wake up for school. I say suck it up because all I have heard out of the older two were moans and groans and whines of school starting. Mini me? Well she's been itching for school for weeks now. Girls are like that....they love their Bff's and school and teachers and well just about everything at this age.

We had meet the teacher last Thursday and screams of joy could be heard to China b/c Kate and her Bestie (the one in all of her pictures) are in the same Homeroom class and sitting together. (Thank you Thank you) If you remember last year it was sobs since none of her friends were in her class and there were 3 mean girls. (Think back to her bday) I'm so very thankful there were 3 of her 'sweet' friends in her class this year. I hope that means 5th grade will go off smoothly!

I managed to roll myself out of bed early and make Chocolate Chip Pancakes for the bunch. (pats on back) The boys were all smiles (for once today)

I snapped a photo of the gang as they were heading out. Here is proof the boys do exist......

Grayson is heading off to 10th grade...with yes....his hair like a girl. He might have said I could take him for a trim, but it never happened. Jake is heading to 7th grade...


Mini me was happy for her photo....she is carting off teacher gifts this morning. Her fav teacher from last year moved up a grade with them, but she didn't get him....he's got a sweet tooth and is getting some Cherry Jam that I made the other day. That stuff was like candy. Her new Homeroom teacher is getting a School Bus cookie for a 'happy school year' gift....


Lily had to run for a photo carting the syrup from the table. She's yelling for the boys to get in the photo....they refused to step outside and be seen by friends getting their photo


Even the nasty ducks had to welcome the first day


and leave a gift behind


Yesterday I spent the day decorating these bad boys for the kids 1st Day of School treat....




The kids have already picked out their cookies and set them aside. The buses and schoolhouses are HUGE. 6" I ended up not selling any this time b/c of the size of these suckers.

I hope everyone got their little chick a dee's off to school with ease this morning.

To all my teacher friends....GOOD LUCK today and have a terrific year.


jen said...

That photo of your boys is hilarious. One day Grayson will look back on the Bieber and laugh, just like we do at mullets and feathers.

Caroline said...

Everyone looks so cute! Happy school days! `

Neely said...

I hope especially for Miss Kate that she has an amazing first day. I had 2 criers in 2nd grade this morning but I could tell the older kids in the hall were excited! Love the cookies!

mountain mama said...

so glad she has some friends in class with her....that makes all the difference!! :)

Stef said...

And we're off!!!
My daughter hates school. But then again, I am her mom. You can't blame her for wantng to be with me 24/7. Me, on the other hand, look forward to the first day of school.
You are a fun mom! Maybe you should have good mommy bootcamp. I would sign up for sure!

Amber said...

Your sweet babies look so cute for their 1st day! Love those cookies too, so cute!

carissa said...

what cute big kids they are!!! the little ones aren't bad, either. ; )

the cookies are amazing... you are one talented baker lady!

Sam said...

Oh man do I remember the first day of school. This is my first year ever without one! Feels... well, I don't know yet.. no one has gone back around here yet.

Kate looks so adorable- love her outfit! And I do remember her birthday and being so pissed about how that turned out. Jerks. So glad to hear she has some of her friends in class- definitely makes things a lot easier!

Teehee, Lilly and the syrup- love it!

Have a grrreat school year! Love the cookies :)


The Herd said...

You are an amazing mom!! Did you know that in Russia(where we lived for a couple of years) --it is tradition to bring the teachers a starting gift for the year...usually there it was flowers...but I would like those cookies!!

Carey said...

Your cookie decorating skills make me green with envy :)

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