Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby Love


Well Dude Friend turned another month older today. Can you believe it's been 7 months already since he enter this world?


~Eating baby food 3 times a day now. When he first started he really didn't have a care. Some days I just didn't bother. Then Boom Shocka became my eating machine. As of right now I make all your food....It isn't as time consuming as I thought and I actually enjoy it. Things I realized...Pears oxidize fast...they don't freeze as well as I thought. Don't get me started with nanas.

~Still drinking the booboo on demand. I have no clue how often...just usually before of after naps...and then for a snack if you are getting fussy. Not as interested in it as your big sister. I assume I won't be weaning you'll let me know

~8 little teeth fill your tiny mouth already

~Your sleeping habits go back and had been sleeping from 8:30-5 for ages...and over the summer you thought that schedule was it was until about 3 or 4 am and back down until maybe 7. I think that had to do with the fact that you were rolling and pulling up and trying to crawl. Now I guess you think that is lame too b/c now you are up at 4 or 5 for a snack and then back down...only to realize I am the coolest chick ever...and want to see my face for the morning starting at 6am. I'm totally not on board with this....but I'll let you for a little while because you are so darn cute. (I'm still not thrilled though...)

~You eat anything that comes in contact with your hand. Gotta explore the world somehow huh? I caught you with the dog toy in your mouth. I got a bit grossed out, but the dog that it was the greatest thing ever. I like to hand you something and see how many half seconds it takes to hit your lips. You are the champ.

~You pull up on everything. You even started cruising around your play table. Whatever will I do with you if you start walking. This morning while taking your picture on the bench you let go with one hand. You finally managed to sit from a standing position. would scare me half to death when you would wasn't the most graceful of all falls....Now it's PLOP on your bum. You laugh at yourself when you find something to pull up on. Even objects with wheels. Your expression is priceless when it moves forcing you to move too.


~You still hate to have anyone else hold you. I guess I smell better than others. I like having the magic touch.

~You love playing chase around the kitchen island with your bff (Lily) You think the world of her and always crack the biggest grin for her.


I love each and every roll on your body...


I kiss your sweet fingers


and toes daily


Love you my blue eyed boy..Time has flown by and I can't do a thing to stop it.....know that I love you more than humanly possible...


Sweet sister got a bit teary eyed thinking she wouldn't get a photo too....She's your biggest fan.


You and sis at play


Anonymous said...

You make the most beautiful children. Your photography and blogs always make me smile. You bring such life to your work!

LeAnna said...

Such a little sweetie! This year has just zoomed on by...

Kristen said...

7 months already!?! Time flies!

You can sure tell that Reid and Lily are siblings :)

Tiffany said...

Baby love is right! What a doll baby!!

Carey said...

Oh Laura! His eyes are just stunning! I hope he doesn't start walking soon either! You will be SOOO busy then :)
They are growing WAY too fast!

Healthy Branscoms said...

awww, he is sooo sweet!! I just want another baby now! :) Erin

mountain mama said... handsome he is! love that smile!

Angie said...

Seriously??? I think I just melted into a puddle. What a cute group of babes you have there. You guys make cute babies!

carissa said...

he's got the cutest grin ever!!! mama's always have the magic touch, don't we? or i suppose our babes are just spoiled. maybe a lil' bit of both. ; )

Dianna said...

He acts way too grown up for only 7 months!

Shannon said...

Really? They're growing too fast! Tell them to STOP now! Miss L just melted my heart...that face! And Dude Friend's legs...reminds me of Sweet Bean's back in the day! Love ya, friend! XO

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