Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Can't Stop Thinking About It

Before I get to what "I can't stop thinking about...."

I had to post a few photos of the cookies I baked for Lily's 'actual' day yesterday.


I had so much fun decorating these. I can't say enough about the frosting I'm using.


It's the recipe I used when I decorated my first cookie....I used it for a few months and ppl kept saying how royal icing was the way to go and I switched. I tried about 3 recipes and was never happy with one. I went back to my favorite Butter Cream recipe for the caterpillar cookies and BAMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I don't care what ppl say about royal icing....I ♥♥♥♥♥ my old recipe and it totally makes the cookies. The colors stay so much more vibrant...not to mention the flavor is out of this world.


For the cookie recipe I always use and the Butter Cream one...click here

Lily had a great day...it started off with a cookie for breakfast (hello it's her birthday) and a few presents from mommy and daddy.


Then after Mr Reid went down for a nap Lily and I played 'baking'.


Her sweet friend Macy gave her an awesome little wooden cupcake set and she can't stop pretending to be mommy.

Then it was Tinkerbell Fairy time. Mommy and Daddy bought her the Ro fairy and her best friend next door (Ollie) bought her Tink her birthday.


Lily is obsessed with all things Tinkerbell and Hello Kitty lately. A quick addiction...(aren't they all?)

After Reid's nap we headed to Tar-jay for an Icee....(ok and some shopping for mom) and then off to Chick-fil-A for some birthday nuggets.

You can't complete the afternoon w/o a walk in the new wagon.


(Lily looks beaten down...but it's only b/c Mommy was taking too long to get her phone out for a photo)

Every time we went under a Weeping Willow, Lily would say we were in the jungle....We went through many jungles finding wild animals. (I kept finding just 2...wonder who they were?)

(it's not a blog post w/o our Dude)


on to the topic of this post.....what I can't stop thinking about "DINNER Last NIGHT"

I made Buffalo Chicken Pizza...thanks to Pinterest. (♥)


The recipe is quite simple.

For starters....I only use Naan bread to make my pizzas. I can't say enough about how they cook up.

I had to quadruple this recipe...but the basics were

buffalo sauce

shredded chicken

1 tb butter

1/4 cup franks hot sauce

1/2 tsp brown sugar

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

Melt butter in pan...then stir in sauce, sugar, vinegar and heat through...add your shredded chicken

white sauce

1 tb greek plain yogurt

1 tb mayo

salt and garlic powder

stir all together and set aside

preheat oven to 400.

spread a layer of the white sauce on the naan bread

then top with buffalo chicken mixture

sprinkle with mozzerella cheese and chopped red onion

bake about 10-12 mins


Each bite I kept saying and hearing "OHHH MAN THIS IS GOOD...OHHHH MAN THIS IS GOOD"

The children have begged for this again next week....I have to agree...it's a good one

After dinner the kids got to dig into the Cupcake Cookies...The night before when they saw me decorating them....one of the cookies had a bit more sprinkles than the others. Each of the kids started fighting over who got that one...Child #2 decided to pick up the cookie and lick it to claim it. Silence fell over the room.....Mommy was not amused. (but I have to admit it was a brilliant maneuver)

Needless to say child #2 got that cookie.

Here is a shot of Birthday Girl blowing a candle out on her Cupcake Cookie. (Notice Mini Me's face in the background...it looks like she's trying to mimic Lily...haha)



I think the whole day was fantastic....I still can't believe my baby is already 3.


Anonymous said...

Wait!! Did I miss the part you can't stop thinking about???

Anna said...

I've decided I want to be one of your kids and get taken for afternoon strolls in that wagon :) and eat your cookies...

Kristen said...

Those cookies look amazing...guess what I can't quit thinking about now. Please send some on my next birthday ;-)

ModernMom said...

Can't get past the cookies! They are amazing!

Jumping Jack said...

I want to be able to decorate cookies like you! They are sooo cute!

That pizza sounds amazing too. We might have to try that soon!

Happy, Happy Birthday to Lily!

carissa said...

and then after you start your professional party planning company you can open a cookie bakery. i mean, these look completely perfect!

Southern Cinderella said...

OMG! Love the cookies!!!

Stacie said...

The cookies look amazing!!!

melifaif said...

I can't believe she is 3 either. Wow! Crazy...

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