Friday, September 23, 2011

In a Panic..Motherhood at it's Finest

As a mother (parent) we worry over our kids. At least I do.

No one wants to see their child sick or hurt. The occasional skinned knee isn't fun either no matter how small they are.

I am a mom who knows the sadness of a hurt child. I never talk about it here (to protect child's privacy) but 1 of my 5 was born with some medical issues. The issues were corrected but they will have to do daily "routine's" for the rest of their life to keep things in working order. You would never tell by looking at the child...but they are there (inside)

I know the fears of a mother in the waiting room outside surgery. (the child had 4 in the first 20 months of life)

I know the anxiety of watching your child lay in a bed hurting and healing and so badly would trade places with that child.

I know of the hours spend going from dr visit after dr visit year after year making sure all is well..putting your full trust that they know what they are talking about.

I know the sadness of never knowing what the future holds, but so blessed how far technology has come.

I know that a mommy sometimes has to step back to let the child discover and do things on their own.....but it doesn't make me not want them to hurt any less.


(enter in Lily)

Yesterday Lily was playing just fine...happy giggling singing ol self.

I had put Reid down for a nap and was getting lunch ready. Lily came to me and was moaning...holding her stomach and hopping up and down telling me to scratch her belly. (odd I thought)

But I complied. Her belly though looked a little distended....(panic)

She kept moaning and crying and telling me to hold her...she even asked for her "boo boo" (hello she weaned 6 months she didn't want it...but knew she felt bad)

I held her in a cradle hold and was rocking her back and forth.

This is where "Panic Mom" happens. You know where you start thinking of all the reasons your child is acting like this....did she eat something...drink something....omg omg omg (insert more freaking out) I'm checking for fever...none....eyes look looks good....I grab my phone and google appendicitis thinking hers was about to blow at any minute.

I'm pushing on her belly asking if it hurts....She just keeps looking at me like I'm crazy.

Finally I lay her on the ground on her belly laying on her knees (you know the booty in the air position ) I lay next to her and we just stare at each other. I'm wiping her tears...wishing I knew what was wrong.

Then it happens.

She was constipated. Ok all that freaking out...for a poo. UGH.....gotta love motherhood.

But I realized in that moment how we as mommy's would do anything for our babies to not see them in pain. (and also how we need to settle and quit freaking out too)

As we are laying there Lily whispers.....

Lily: "I'm gonna tell you a story...once upon a time... far far away lived a beautiful Princess named Mommy. Mommy walked on double rainbows (she saw her first one outside last Sunday and now thinks they are all double) and slid down the other side to the pot of gold. The End"

Me: " ohhhh that was beautiful."

Lily: "Mommy, did you know I had a blue snake crawl in my nose (points to nostril) and a green one came out my toes?"

Me: "ummm (grins) ...No I didn' can I see?"

and so the conversation with my girl continues...

Point little girl was back to her normal self.....but in the one split second I was in Mommy Panic all for a poo.....

Just another day in the life of a Hot Mess Mother.

Happy kitchens a mess and my dishes are calling...I made the kids chocolate chip pancakes before school this morning (I may or may not have had one...or 2)

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Joanne said...

Welcome to my world... every time Mattias acts a little off, I grab Elise's meter and check his blood sugar, just in case.

Sometimes it's scary being a mom...

Amanda said...

Sometimes being a mommy is scary! I get so worried about any little thing that could be wrong with my little girl! What a good mommy making chocolate chip pancakes! I have been craving them!!! haha

Anonymous said...

How did I know this was turning in to a poo story? LOL. I'm glad Lily, and all your kids for that matter, are healthy and happy!

Jumping Jack said...

Being a mommy is exhausting - my stomach is in knots everytime I know (or think) Jack is about to do something that will probably result in some sort of boo-boo.

Glad Lily's tummy feels better! ;) I think we were having that same issue last night. Jack was up from 11:30-2:30 screaming in pain.

Angie said...

Awwww Laura!

What a sweet story. I freak out when my kids get sick. I just want to protect them from all harm. I know I can't, but I just want to!!!

I love that Meyers soap. I don't wash my hand in the bathroom just so I can come wash them in my kitchen stink :) It smells sooooo good!

Amber said...

You're such a sweet mama! :)

carissa said...

it's so true, it's so hard when there is something wrong. our mama bear instincts go into full protection. poor lily - i'm glad she's all better. i think i have her problem tonight. ha! tmi. sorry. have a wonderful weekend!

LeAnna said...

Ahhhh! I SO know how this feels. I feel it with my husband, too. It's enough to stress me out, big time. When something is wrong with anyone I love, I get that knot in your stomach feeling. Too bad it wasn't always just about poo. ;)

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