Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Potty Training....With a Lily


First off...I'm grateful for no carpet....

Second...Thank goodness couches can be cleaned...

I swear I thought she would be the first of 5 to potty train. She's so different you know? (just agree)

The first kids were a problems...we started using the potty....and every time I asked them (which was like every 40 mins in the beginning stages) they got on the potty and went.

Before leaving...boom they went....out running errands (if goodness be they needed to go "gross") they went. No issues. IN fact they LOVED wearing new big boy/girl panties.


Enter in Lily.

She is always wanting to do what you are doing...mimics every single thing I tell ya.

Great I thought...we've got a winner....

I guess I forgot who I was talking about.

Nothing with Lily has been easy. You would think this was my first Rodeo at being a parent with this one. She has rewritten every book out there. I think God blessed me with her at the age I am now, b/c no telling what kind of parent I would have been to her when I was the age I was with the first 3.

I have learned from introduce it and see how things fly.

I first tried the potty around age 2 to Lily (not ready)

I tried all the tricks this past year of Potty Charts with stickers...rewards....special potty it I tried it....nope....

and so the introducing kept happening...after a while I gave up, but would occasionally ask her.

Her response was always the same "NOPE I looooooove my diapers...I'm happy"

Ok ...that's a sign she AIN'T ready.

Here we were embarking on her 3rd birthday and it's to the point now where she is just capital L


Lily is one of those that if you don't poke and prod she won't do it....she sets her own pace. I've told her father...she doesn't run us we run her and we need to force certain issues or she NEVER will do things.

I think of Lily as a cat...You know how You don't own a cat they own you? (giggles)

Lily's best bud next door is 3 weeks older (the family I mention often...we had our #4 and #5 babies at same time) Well Ollie is now wearing big boy pants so we made a show of how cool it was....she was happy for him.

I let her birthday come and go w/o forcing it...


the day after I was starting to force the issue...

Yesterday was a fun day (chokes)

You know the first week of potty training (or so I've only read about) how your basically asking the child at different intervals to go potty. The over excitement when 'things' actually happen.

So it looks like we'll be staying home for a few weeks wearing nothing but panties and t-shirts until we get this down.

I mopped the floor about 4 times...and she hit the potty 3 times.

The first time she screamed with fear....I screamed with joy. Hubs came to find us jumping up and down...(Lily looking like she saw a thinking 'omg I can finally use her diaper money for a pedi for myself)

I'm grateful that with all the accidents yesterday she didn't give up and ask for a diaper.

I've got a station set up downstairs w/a stack of towels....fresh panties and stash of Salt Water Taffy (don't judge...whatever works in my new Lily Book)

SO that is where you will find me if you need me....

Maybe I should make a potty cookie for a Congrats You're Using the Potty Like a Big Girl theme? I could get really creative with the decorations on it huh (grins)


Anonymous said...

You can do it, Lily! Litterally, do the toilet!! Ha ha!!

Best of luck, Laura!!

Caroline said...

Oh, poor Laura. I can't imagine the stress. Prayers for you. Just keep making it positive and she'll get it in no time.

Britt said...

oh jeez im potty training too... blahh it might be the death of me!

Jessica said...

Oh gosh, we are potty training too. And have been for MONTHS! My three year old goes pee in the potty but number 2? NOPE. In his underwear every.single.time. I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of. Im ready to lose my mind.

Dianna said...

Sounds like you are doing great! Good luck!

Zookeeper Jess said...

Oh, I can sooooooooo relate right now. All 3 of my older kids have potty trained early. #1 at 2.5 years old, #2 fully trained at 18 months! And #3 fully trained at 21 months. So my last one is now 21 months (almost 22) and she is starting to tell me after she goes. She even went #2 in the potty last week twice. Well she is so stubborn it is ridiculous. The other day she woke up at 7:30 am and didn't potty at all by 12:30 before nap. So I decided we were sitting on the potty and doing this. 2 hours later (she got down with some rest time, of course) she STILL hadn't went and even went to sleep on the potty. So I got her off and put a diaper on her and I kid you not, she went in her diaper as soon as I put it on. She is definitely different than the others as well.

Neely said...

Shes a wild one!!

Amber said...

Leave it to Lily to be the stubborn one! ;)

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