Monday, September 19, 2011

Under Attack

We're getting a new roof this morning...A great start to a Monday...(granted we were already up for school)

Nothing like a knock knock knock knock knock on the door before 7 to signal WE'RE HERE.

I tried to get a photo of all the guys on the roof ripping it off, but was afraid to cross the street and get hit with something.


The baby's room is upstairs and I can hear the pounding on the monitor as if it is in the room with him (no worries ...he's at my feet playing) question is ...where do you put the child to nap during the day? I've set up the pack n play with a loud floor fan to block out noise. (crossing fingers it works)

To make matters good and bad.......they are ripping up the decking on the roof (bad) which is totally loud.... to lay the new radiant barrier (totally awesomely good) ...can you say even louder than ripping shingles off? I'm just glad it is getting done. That hail storm smacked the fence/gate/gutters/roof/and shutters and I'm happy to finally have them fixed. Bring on the radiant barrier to lower our bills (hopefully) Looking forward to next summers energy bill.

In the meantime I am getting ready for Lily's 3rd birthday party this weekend. I can't believe my baby is going to be 3 soon. (a week from today) I am trying to make as much of the stuff as I can to save on $. I wanted to bake some caterpillar and fruit cookies, but don't have any cutters. I had seen women make templates and cut out the dough with this method. I printed pictures of a caterpillar, butterfly, and strawberry to give it a test run.

First I found a photo on the web I liked....printed it on regular paper. Next I found some sturdy material around the house (didn't want to waster my poster board....that's for kid projects) so I used some note cards.

I rolled out my dough and traced it with a knife. That didn't work out to I used a toothpick.


I think they turned out pretty good.


The possibilities are endless now. Probably best if you are cutting out tons of cookies to buy the cutter. Using a template can be time consuming.....but great if you need something quick.


mountain mama said...

roofers up top are the worst but it will be over soon! :)

ModernMom said...

Roofers are the loudest ontruction guys in the world! I wish you much luck. Love your cut out coolkies too! Super cute:)

Anonymous said...

Your house is gorgeous! Best thing you can do with the roofers being there is take the kiddos for a day-long adventure at the park!

I love your creativity! I think i've told you that before! I can't wait to see how Lily's party turns out!

Katie said...

Your house is adorable- I'm jealous :) Good luck with the nap!

Angie said...

I hope you don't go nuts with the bang bang banging!

And yay for you tracing the dough with a tooth are all that Missy! Great idea!

Caroline said...

The cookies look great! Look at you go! And your house is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with the roofers!

californiadreamin said...

1st things 1st...Ummm your house is BEAUTIFUL! Straight out of a movie. Oh and I HATE when workers are keeping the babes up. We have this dog across the street that will not shut it's trap. Especially when Troy is napping

Amber said...

Umm, your house is GORGEOUS! I wanna live with you.

Love the cookies, so adorable as always!

Neely said...

I want butterfly cookies!!!

carissa said...

gosh your house is soooo pretty! love it. happy new roof to you!

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