Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Miscellany Halloween Monday....Guess Who's Walking

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

one. we have lift off


yep you read that right....lil dude is walking. i mean i guess i knew it was coming since that's all he's been practicing. on friday hubs and i mentioned how we needed more little video shots of dude and so i grabbed my phone and started taking one....sure enough momma caught his first steps on video....of course you hear me tell him he's gonna fall...i couldn't figure out for the life of me what he was doing haha. then little panty queen jumps in front. (deep sigh) ...well at least she had clothes on.

two. tom shom...get u a pair of GROOBS

they keep talking about tom's shoes (sorry carissa) but i don't get the deal. mini me had to have a pair and my (AWESOME) mil bought her a pair. i mean what gives? she looks like she is wearing a pair of slippers. gross. you want to do the whole 'give to charity' thing...then go this company was started by an old friend of mine from school (dated his brother)....he is still as crazy as he was growing up...and hasn't changed. (thankfully)!! watch his FUNNY video about the thirst project. (one of the many charities your money can go to if you buy a pair) ....and want to check out his cool shoes. basically it's buy a pair and 50% goes to a charity of your choice...or if you pick the Thirst Project...100% goes to it...the shoes rock...I'm buying the kids some for Christmas.....

three. trick and no treats

part of me wants to hide in the house and not share any candy. i mean i bought it with my money ...and half the kids coming are bad and don't deserve it right? (i'm sure mine are in that category). kidding...puuulease. one of the boys will sit out on the bench in front dressed in his best spooky attire and hold the candy bowl. they hold perfectly still...making ppl wonder if they are real or not. occasionally they will scare the living daylights out of some older's fun to watch. last year we got a strobe light (i can't makes my vertigo worse) and a spooky soundtrack of spooky noises. i can't wait.

four. ghosts and goblins

what are your little ones this fun candy hunting day? lily can't decide. she changes daily. yesterday she told me she wanted to be a juice box. I MEAN REALLY LILY?! that would have been fun to make but it's too late. i'll lay out a handful of her costumes and she can pick. as for little dude...i finally broke down and bought a tiger costume from wallyworld last night. i figure it's gonna be cold and he'll need to dress warm....i failed mini me...she isn't going to be the paper doll....MOMMA CAN'T DRAW...and it looked so lame. we didn't come up with a cut costume until last night...and no way to do it...Raggedy we'll save that for next year....maybe i'll get it on sale after the holiday....oldest child is walking with his chick for halloween...they want to take lily.....awww young love. and child #2 is the spooky kid on porch this year

five. b, b, and w brothers: one turned 40 on friday....the other turns 24 today. happy birthday to both you crazy nuts.....babies....a friend just sent her positive pregnancy test to me via txt. part of me thought 'hey...maybe 6 kids would be fun' i said PART of me. then reid got up once and lily was up from 3-6...and that part went out the window. i miss sleep. weddings...a friend got married this weekend...elopement style...just like me and hubs did. like true style...told no one...and it was just the 2 of you.....made me realize ours is going to be 5 yrs ago this coming friday...yep an anniversary post is coming from me very soon....(twirls)

six. jeggings

i broke down and bought both of the girls jeggings...i have to much as i made fun of them...they are freaking adorable on them. i want them to wear them everyday. and i want to be 40 lbs lighter and 4" taller to wear a pair too....(twirls again)


Nessa said...

Go little man!! I wish for once it wasn't freezing on trick-or-treat night... but I guess it is tradition.

Sherrie said...

My twin grandbabies just started walking. They are already trying to run. Love your header. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Anna said...

So exciting for the little man to be walking! I agree on the candy, I'm tempted to keep the porch light off...kidding I'm going to pass it out!

Anonymous said...

1st off, that is an absolute adorable outfit on Dude...2nd of all, how amazing to witness someone's 1st steps. His face was so, watch closely mommy, i'm gonna do it!! LOL Love it!!

This Ordinary, Everyday Life said...

That is so great that the little man is walking!!! :)

Caroline said...

Girl, you have a ton going on! I can't believe R can stand up. He's supposed to be a baby!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

YAY!!! Go Reid, Go!!

And Lily jumping in front of the camera - what a little shit! She wanted attention! Ha!! But so glad she was clothed, too!

Amanda said...

ahhh I love this post haha! I love miscellany monday but missed out on it yesterday because of a busy day. I love that your boys scare the kids too funny! And I didnt know you and hubs eloped... so did me and my hubs... like the whole went to the court house... told no one... and got married.. then 2 weeks later let everyone in on the secret haha

Dianna said...

I just love your posts!!

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