Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lily-ism's Continued....


These are Lily's pumpkins....Steve and Bob. No idea, so don't ask. I assume she got that from the older boys...they name everyone Steve and Bob. She loves Bob.....that is her "awww I love you so much" face.

Just a minute ago she shushed me. Yes, shushed me.

Lily: "momma shush"

me: "what?"

lily: "MOMMA I said to be quiet and not check my panties"

me: "Lily if you need to go potty then let's go on the potty"

lily: "No MOMMA, be real quiet and turn around I may or may not be trying to poop in my Hello Kitty sparkle panties"

That's my girl

No she didn't poop...and she refused to sit on the potty...she rarely will.

I can't force her on the potty looks and sounds like I'm trying to bathe a cat.

I really hope I can look back at these blog posts of 'potty training lily days' and laugh at how long ago it seems.

....more Lily-isms

me: "Lily...can momma ask why you don't like using the potty"

Lily: "sure momma"

me: "ok why don't you like sitting on the potty all the time?"

Lily: "did you know I can make a small o and a big O with my" (and then proceeds to show me by puckering her lips and then making a big mouthed O)

I guess that conversation was over

....more Lily-isms

(giggles and more giggles)

me...looks over and sees an upside lily on the couch...her head is hanging over the edge

me: "what's so funny silly lily"

lily: "look momma...look at my boogey i put on the's so cuuuuute"

sure enough there is a sweet boogey on my floor...I mean I should be grateful she's not eating them huh?!

....more Lily-isms

Lily running around with a fly swatter screaming "Die you suckers Die"

....more Lily-isms, inside her imagination

"help momma help....My shirt is on fire"

(panic ripping through my heart....looks over and sees Lily standing on the couch)

me: "What? What? Your shirt doesn't look on fire..."

Lily: "Momma get the Dragon...he's about to blow fire on me again" (points at Dude Friend who puked)

....more Lily-isms

"Momma I tried playing hide n seek with Jesus...but He finds me every time"

Had to end with a Dude Photo



Anonymous said...

ABsolutely adorable!!! Kids have the most amazing imagination!!!

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh this was the greatest post ever!! hahaha It cracks me up because I thinnk my 1 and a half year old Kaylee is going to be a looooot like your Lilly!! Little dude is too cute btw

Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...

How in the world are you kids so darn cute and funny?!

Dianna said...

Lily is hilarious! Love it!

carissa said...

a cute boogie?!!! that's a first! hahahahaha! love that girl. they look so cute oohing over their punkins.

Jumping Jack said...

I love Lily! She's always good for a laugh! :)

I can't believe how big Reid is getting. He's too cute!

dottie said...

I love these! My daughter Ella had some good ones but didn't write them down! :(

jen said...

I can't believe the things she comes up with. And my favorite? Bathing the cat. Great imagery there!

Meant to be a mom said...

Laura, you have got your hands full with her. What a little pistol. So funny too.
They are getting so big. What cuties!

Kerbi said...

Oh Lily! I just adore her! Never a dull moment for sure! I just love that Jesus keeps finding her! Dude friend is as handsome as ever!

SassyModernMom said...

I don't what's cuter the pictures or the quotes!! LOVE!

Lori said...

okay the lily-isms are hilarious as usual, but man, your dude is getting HUGE! love it, he is adorable :)

Amber said...

Could the pics be any cuter?!

She is SO hilarious and i Just love her imagination!

Stef said...

She is awesome! I love her personality.

Annie said...

man i love these posts!! she is awesome......

Live*Laugh*Love said...

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