Monday, October 3, 2011

Miscellany Lundi....My Dude Friend

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

un. 8 Months

saturday marked 8 months for little man. how can that be possible?
it seems like yesterday he was in Mon ventre (my belly) i can still remember the pure exhaustion of being pregnant...the unknowns of what he looked like and how his little personality would be. i am so blessed. he is better than I dreamed and more...
I've said many many times...God knew I needed him after Lily.
He is laid back and sleeps (ha)
Happy 8 months mon petit bébé.

deux. speaking of dude
we had our first boo boo this weekend. i do my best to watch everything he gets into. he is being so exploitative lately and i am all for it. he's been so connected to my hip it's nice to know he can be out of my line of vision and not need to be held. he's trying to hard to walk...he took a step from the table to the couch this's only a matter of time....doesn't seem possible. but....sunday he wandered into the kitchen...things are still baby proofed from lily...or so i thought. one cabinet was left unlocked (it's only my pots and pans) little did mommy know there were pans stacked on the shelf and dude pulled them down on probably would have been fine except for the fact that there was an iron sandwich press inside. it got him smack on the eyebrow bone. thankfully i got a booboo gel ice pack on him and it looks terrific today. poor sweetie pie though. he was such a trooper. breaks my heart when my babies get hurt. first of many i know in the years to come of being a kid...

trois. P
oh the dreaded potty training. man i thought i knew it all. lily again isn't like the rest though. why am i surprised? i guess i thought she couldn't surprise me anymore. but the girl just won't go. i mean like at all now. she went 24 hrs and only went once...ONCE. i was freaking out.....i was ready to throw in the towel. i mean there are kids that have accidents...and ones afraid of potty's and well name something else....BUT HOLDING IT? i hate putting the diapers back on her but shesh. the next day she only pee'd twice. i was starting to panic that her kidneys would get injured. i called her pedi and they said to keep pushing the fluids and encourage warm baths. i'm at my wits end. i know she is ready....the girl knows what she is doing....she's smart as a whip and gets what time it is (figure of speech) i thought for sure after a few days of doing that she would get more used to going on the potty, but she's's getting worse. this was suppose to be a piece of cake like the first 3. prayers needed our way please

quatre. pinterest
who isn't like totally obsessed isn't in love with this site? i have been getting all my meals from there....i tell hubs i now have an excuse now to be on it. come over and follow me

cinq. doggy love
i know many of you know i'm not much of an animal lover. no haters....i do ppl better than pets. but that doesn't mean i don't love when my babies love on MoMo. Mo's a great family pet...he's terrific to the small ones that rip fur when they try to ride. he's had some great photos through the years with Miss Wild Child....

six. Fall Y'all

yep, yesterday it was official in my house. i got to decorate. the lil pumpkin boy is out and finally Lily wasn't afraid of him....reid tried to attack him so i think we're off to a great start. he's the greeter when you walk in the door.

sept. homeschooling
yep, i'm going to start preschool homeschooling for miss thang this month. i am heading to Mardel for some lessons and little stuff for her to do. hubs sends me daily info and now i just need to sit down and lesson plan for her. most families do latin lessons...but i'm interested in french. hubs knows a few words and oldest child is on his 2nd yr of french in hs. what better time to learn a foreign language than when your little brain is young and impressionable, right?....


Anonymous said...

Votre français est excellent! Bonne huit mois, petit ami.

Joanne said...

I started learning french when I was 7 until I was 18. So sad that I let it go.

Fred has been speaking to Elise (since 7 months) and Mattias (since birth)in Portuguese and Elise is totally fluent, and Mattias understands when you talk to him in Portuguese.

I love hearing Fred and Elise speak Portuguese to one another, it's wonderful!

Dianna said...

I knew the french words would be explained at some point. Sorry to hear about the potty training issues. I hope it gets better.

LeAnna said...

He is a doll face! I graded my 17 yo brothers Geometry and Algebra papers today, and started to panic. Good thing I have like 14 years before that stuff rolls around, because I hate it! Hubby is totally going to do math. Have fun at Mardel, I went to get Q some stuff and ended up spending a fortune. If you have a good copy machine, make copies and save the books for future kids!

Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...

What a stud! I LOVE those socks.

Amber said...

Could Reid be any cuter?! Love all those teeth he's showing off :) I think it's a great idea to start introducing a new language.. they do say it's easier to learn the younger you are.

likeschocolate said...

Way too cute! Love the month onesies. Where did you get them?

carissa said...

the puppy lovin' is too presh!!!

i cannot believe your dude is 8 months old! you were just prego yesterday. boo to booboo's!

i'm following you now on pinterest. i get meals there too... it's so helpful but also so good at eating up my time. : )

melifaif said...

Little man is soooooo stinkin cute!!!! Love it.

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