Friday, October 28, 2011

So That's Why They Say That.....(Reminder alert)

You know when they say as a helpful reminder to change the batteries in your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors every daylight savings/time change...well listen to them.

Or you could be like us...awake after midnight chasing the beeping sound from room to room trying to figure out which battery is low before it wakes all the kids. (trust me when you are a parent to 5 don't want a domino effect of waking children)

A few weeks ago the carbon monoxide detectors were talking to each other at 4am. Hubs slept through it...I wanted it to shut up and not wake the kids up. But alas, I was the only one that couldn't sleep that night. (batteries low...when one is low they chirp back and forth)

So last night .....picture hubs and I running around in the dark listening to all the rooms upstairs and down trying to find the beeping. The dumb dog was freaked out by the beeping and ran upstairs...A HUGE MISTAKE. He got a scolding...(well basically when he encountered me in the hall he took off back downstairs like his life depended on it...don't mess with momma) We finally located the sound coming from oldest child's room.

Imagine waking up to a big man on a 6' ladder and a hot mess of a woman shining a flash light up on your ceiling. Oldest child woke....stared at us and rolled over back to sleep. Either he thought "my crazy parents are at it again" or had no clue we were there. (found out this morning that it was the latter)

I counted....we have 9 detectors to go around changing....

Heed my sleepless night....change the batteries in your beepers...You'll thank me later. beat down those who hate boring kid videos here is a video of sweet dude and what he does daily with chairs/stools/high chairs in our house.


Anonymous said...

Too cute dude!!!

Jumping Jack said...

Who needs push toys when you have barstools! He's going to be walking SOON!

I feel like we are constantly chasing beeping smoke detectors. So annoying.

And... once again, you are funny! Jack does not need a little sister!! ;)

Carey said...

Wow Dude is good with that barstool! and why does it seem like those things always start beeping in the middle of the never happens during the day :)

Camille said...

ugh. the worst. we had this happen when moo was a newborn. she had finally gone to sleep and the alarms started beeping. grrrrrrr.


LeAnna said...

Ugh, we've so had that happen before, too!
Love the Dude Man!

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