Monday, October 24, 2011

Tricks and Treats...Halloween Cookies


(do those spiders look like roaches? (shivers)

I made some TREATS this weekend for the kids...they take a few days to set today these little sweet treats are ready for eating. (and yes dear father in law...I've pulled some aside for you too)



The spider webs were bigger than my outstretched hand....


The pumpkins were a favorite of mine...


Little Lily is obsessed with all things Hello Kitty lately.....from her shirts, dresses, night nights, panties, coloring books, drinking cups, toothbrush, and begging for a dvd...(do they even make those) I told her to put most of those things on a "wish" list. She is more into the "now" list than a "wish" list though...who isn't?

I traced Hello Kitty's face and and made a template....then got to work on some extra cookies.

Every little girl needs a Hello Kitty Halloween cookie to start the week off right?

I think the Hello Kitty turned out adorable....


Now I'm trying to come up with some TRICKS for my little goblins. It's like April Fools only more fun.......gotta get the little boy down the street too.

The other day when Mini Me was coming home from school she saw two boys walking up to our door. (one of them was the boy a few doors down...guess he didn't recognize Kate) She asked them what they were doing? They said about to Ding Dong Ditch that house (points to hers) She said "Well that's my house and if you wake the baby my mom will kill you" (that'a girl) They took off running.

I thought that story was a scream....and so of course I had to txt his mom. I love her and wanted her to know I wasn't mad, but what he was up to. She was sooo sorry and said she had caught him and that boy trying to do that to another house and read them the riot act. I told her to tell him to beware....I was going to give him a Trick instead of a Treat when he least expected it. (rubs hands together in evil like manner) Gotta love little 4th grade sweet boys.

(For those that keep asking for my recipes...I get mine at I buy most of my cutters there....and supplies. I can't say enough about their customer service either)


Caroline said...

The cookies look great! Your so talented. And I love the ding dong and ditch story. Kids are too funny!

Natalie Catherine of said...

these are beyond cute!!!! I have never braved cookie decorating before.. but you are making me want to try it out. you are such a great mama.

Anna said...

Adorable adorable!!

carissa said...

i mean, seriously. these are perfection. go open that bakery NOW!

Amber said...

You're the best mama ever!

Jumping Jack said...

Once again, you make me want to be a cookie decorator! They turned out so cute!

Can't wait to hear what tricks you have up your sleeves!!

Kerbi said...

Your cookies look way to good to eat! You for real need to go into business with those!

Summersfam said...

Thanks so much for the link to us, Laura! Your cookies are completely adorable! I'm having fun poking around your blog! :)

Karen (from

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