Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Trip Back in Time

I've been reminiscing lately (enter song from Little River Band...for those of you old enough to know who they are...) anywho...

I took a trip to Scotland/Ireland back in October around this time many moons ago....Best Trip Everrrr.

Thought I'd share a few pics...and stories along the way.

First stop was Edinburgh Scotland....Most of you know my sweet vertigo that I have...well that pertains to car rides too...and bus rides through winding streets = wooza. We took a trip to Glamis Castle...

Glamis CastleI'm not sure but I think this castle dates back to the 1300's. Talking about rich in history. I missed the whole ride up there...I was busy trying to not toss my cookies....I held it in until we parked....I remember bolting for the doors and inside the castles screaming "bathroom bathroom bathroom" where I then proceeded to lose everything ....Needless to say I was white as a sheet sick to my stomach the rest of the day/tour. Thankfully it was freezing inside and that made me feel better. I will spare you with pictures of me since I was the color of my coat at the time....I mean hey, who can say they puked in the Queens house?

Being a little girl from Texas....anything with history over 200+ yrs old always has me in a grand mood.

Vacation 014I like trying to picture the people who actually walked those halls so many hundreds and hundreds of years ago...(besides I'm a sucker for ghosts and old haunted stories)

Look under the canopy of the Queen's bed...they embroidered all the names of the babies born there.

Queen's bed

I don't remember much of the day...Other than wanting to cry each time it was time to get back on the bus for the next location. Thankfully some sweet soul on the bus had Dramamine and I downed 3 and took a long snooze the rest of the way home.

I was back on my land legs just in time for dinner that night at Edinburgh's Castle.

Edinburgh Castle

Had a little good food...drinks...and Haggis Story w/ dancing to boot. And yes, I ate Haggis...and no, it wasn't that bad...(grins)

dinner haggis

Outside the castle after dinner...

scottish bagpipes_2

toured st andrew's golf course....had dinner on the Queens Yacht and tour of the town....tour of a whiskey brewery and dinner at an Inn....lots of great old buildings...lots of great food...and lots of entertaining friends...

Off to Ireland....more great drinks...and friends.

Took a day trip to Wicklow to Powerscourt Garden

me in front of fountain

and then walking through the fields in Glendalough...the crosses were amazing. (you know me and my collection...too bad I couldn't get one home in my pocket)



glendalough wickla

The views were breathtaking..

Here is St Kevin's Church...Irish saint who was known as the founder and first abbot of Glendalough in County Wicklow, Ireland. Died in around 618. (again loving some history)

glendalough wicklow

More on my Ireland trip for another day...(Temple Bar...and St Stephen's Green......)

I've got Pumpkin Mousse filled cupcakes to finish baking....(recipe to follow tomorrow)


likeschocolate said...

Seriously, you can't get away with not sharing the recipe for pumpkin mousse cupcakes. Good friends want to share :)
It was nice walking down memory lane with you today.

Caroline said...

Awesome pics! It looks amazing! Fred and I would love to go there some day.

mountain mama said...

wow!!! i wouldn't have appreciated that when i was younger but would that ever be fun now to see! cool!!!

carissa said...

oh lovely! my honey is 100% scottish and he would die to go there someday.

this trip nostalgia reminds me of our italy trip a few years ago.

and those cupcakes sound like a treat. again, i wish i was your neighbor. : )

Katie said...

Your pictures are making me so excited to go to Ireland over Spring break this coming year! I am so excited about it and cannot wait! However, I am not looking forward to it being cold.

Walch Family said...

I took a trip to Ireland about 10 years ago with a bunch of my family. We took a day trip to see Powerscourt Garden. It was SOOOO green and beautiful there! I'd love to go back and visit again.

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