Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Almost Here...

(notice the blog change? it's to get you in the mood for the holidays from Christmas....through New Year's...thanks to Shannon again over at Sweet Bean Co. Designs)

It's almost here....December that is.....

Can you believe it? That magical season of birth is already upon us. It feels like just yesterday I was decorating the house and putting lights up outside. (Man I forgot what a chore that is....)

I am hosting my first cookie exchange this Friday and have been busy getting little knick knacks together for decorating ...thanks to Pinterest I took some white paper plates and laced ribbon through them. (didn't realize how much ribbon it would end up taking...def not something to do if you have lots of plates to use)

I am also supplying the "drink bar" ....I am going to have a hot chocolate station....with crushed peppermint tipped marshmallows (again Pinterest)

I also plan on doing just plain (not sprinkled like in photo) chocolate covered spoons for either their coffee or hot chocolate.

I'm making my favorite Wassail. (the smell alone is fantastic in the house while simmering)

I bought some of these cuties on etsy (I don't care if they hold up or not...they were darn cute)

I'm a little angry though....I found a cookie recipe for Chocolate and Peppermint Stars in the Martha Stewart magazine....I think the testers for the cookie are either confused or insane....It says it makes 40 cookies per batch...but I baked rolled cookies all the time and there is no way I can get 40 cookies from 1 batch of that dough. I have to make 6 dz cookies for this party....needless to say I didn't plan this very well. (moral.....don't try a new recipe days before a party)

Hope everyone has a terrific Wednesday....Oldest child gets his stitches out tomorrow...anxious to see when he can start to put pressure on his knee and walk w/o crutches! (I'm sure him more than me....)

PS.....I lost my side bar of blogs I please excuse me if it takes a while to find yours again...)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Work With Me Peeps....


Getting 5 kids to take a photo is harder than I imagined. You would think the big kids would be easy (because you can threaten them) but no.


I seriously set myself up though for failure. In my head it was simple....I had the location...all they had to do was walk. Walk...that was it. Oh...and not look like I broke their favorite toy. I was sweating before it was said and done.


I took 198 photos the weekend before oldest child's surgery. How many turned out? 2....and those 2 don't even show their faces.


Who wants a Christmas card where the kids faces aren't even showing...

It's like..."WOW...thanks for a photo of your kids backside"


Well here's the deal wanna see their faces then come and see them in person....nothing says lovin like the real thang baby....(bitter much)

Notice Lily's boots....she refused to wear the brown fuzzy had to be her Pink Hello Kitty....I didn't need anymore meltdowns so I sucked it up. Child #2 pouted the whole time b/c heaven forbid taking pictures with your siblings was beneath him.

I seriously don't know what the children are doing in half the photos...I just know I was screaming to make them all conform (never a good just confuses people)

I figured I would turn the photo black and white and you wouldn't notice Lily's boots anyways.....but then again....


I don't even have one worthy of switching heads from one photo to another....I mean I'm good, but not that good.....too many heads to move.

I did get a cute shot of Mini Me....


After I got home and saw this picture I can't believe how much my 1st baby girl is growing up...

Monday, November 28, 2011

H, L, J, and P

Hope Love Joy Peace

It's Advent season ...which means break out our wreaths for a little family devotion time.

Sundays are a little crazy around the the traditional day gets moved to Monday for our gang. For the past....6 yrs we have had our 'special snack' and prayers with the lighting of our candles. The kids really look forward to it now that they are getting older. It was hard at first to get the little rugrats to sit in their seats....(Points to Lily) it's a time of coming together and the older kids love to hear and be retold the stories each week.

(or fights over who gets to light the candle(s) each week)

3 purple candles, 1 pink and 1 white

Today is Purple....The Prophecy Candle....symbolizing Hope in remembrance of the prophets ...mainly Isaiah, who foretold the birth. Hope in anticipation of the coming Messiah.

I usually have some special 'treat' and 'drink'...but I was lame and forgot the ingredients when I went shopping for the weekly groceries. Soooooo I'm gonna run to the corner donut shop and grab some special 'sprinkle' ones and make hot chocolate. (I am so not impressed) I blame it on Thanksgiving and Gray's surgery for throwing me off my 'I totally fake that I've totally got it together' and now I just look fake (grins)

What traditions do you hold with your family during this season?

Wanted to add a new addition each week to my posts.....New blogs that I adore reading....

You know you stalk...I mean we all do....and then you find a blog where you PRETEND THAT SHE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND AND WANT TO COPY EVERYTHING SHE DOES BECAUSE SHE IS OHHH SO COOL? enjoy reading it...?

Well I thought I would share a blog or 2 that I find and enjoy reading.....

first up....Rebecca...another mom to 5 kids....over at olderandwisor. I have major giggles reading her stuff......


side note....thanks for all the prayers....Grayson is healing beautifully. I have totally enjoyed waiting on him hand and knee...haha get it...aww never mind.... I mean hand and foot. I thought it would get old...but nah. How often do you get to baby your first baby when he's a teen?

He'll be on crutches for another week...and stitches come out Thursday. I thought I would keep him home from school a few days to heal some more before being throw around in the halls or sitting all day in a cramped desk. Thanks again for thinking of us....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Well goooooood mawn'n (said in her best southern accent)

Thanks for the prayers....The surgery went terrific. His shredded acl was repaired and the tear in his meniscus actually had healed itself...(PTL)

Dear son was pretty much tired and slept on and off the whole day.....and night. The knee was still numb and so thankfully he wasn't in any pain on Monday....I was a worried wreck that during the night he would start to feel pain and I wouldn't be there to get his med's. So what does a momma do? She can't sleep and pretty much is on alert the whole night listening to every sound. Ok that and dude has a dry cough and I was up most of the night anyways....(did I mention I'm tired?)

I went to the store and spent double what I normally do for the week buying all of his favorite foods.....I mean the boy had surgery...and is going to be off his leg for a week if not more and I get to play nurse maid

I got to cook all his favorite foods for dinner...I think I'm spoiling him for his future wife...but I just basically put myself in his shoes and thought..."what would I need to recover fully and how would I like to be treated?"

I put a little snack bucket next to where he is sleeping in case he's hungry, pills for feeling nauseous at night ...a bottle water and his video games and laptop. I tried to keep all his bases covered in case he couldn't sleep.

All in all things are going pretty ok...he's in slight pain...and has been resting comfortably ....we head to the dr on Friday for a checkup to change the bandage. I'm also hoping they will give us the go ahead to take the brace off for a bit so he can shower. We are attempting to wash his long locks of hair in the sink today...guess what? I think he finally wants to get it cut...shorter than a trim. All I can say is wow! (and then keep my mouth shut)

As for me....? I am feeling 100%. Man oh Man that was one horrible day.....those 24 hr bugs thankfully are just that 24 hrs. I think it was so hard on me b/c I didn't get to rest like I needed. Reid was going through some "My mother better not leave my sight or not hold me or I'll scream like a banshee" and Lily? well she was in high form....needless to say I rolled around in pain on the living room rug while the babies climbed all over me ....I wanted to die and was literally grinding my teeth with exhaustion. Typical that Reid also would take a 1 hr nap when he normally takes a 3 hr and a small early evening one. It's like I was being paid back for something....

Again thanks for all the prayers......keep em coming for fast recovery.

Any good plans for your Turkey Day tomorrow? We are having the family here....can't wait!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bug and Blood

I feel like I have been hit by a Mack truck and then backed up over and then run over again....times 10.

Somehow Momma (me) got a tummy bug ....I thought maybe it was something we ate this weekend..I was awake with tummy pains around 3am....just waiting for the porcelain thrones to start flushing around the house....but alas....that prize was only left for me....I assume bug...24 please (begs) The baby only seems to want me and won't nap today....I'm in hell....did I mention he caught a cold?

My reason for writing on a Sunday is prayers....(one for me too if you can spare) prayers for my oldest child. He goes in for knee surgery tomorrow morning. Yes, as a mom we are always a nervous wreck no matter how simple a procedure....we aren't sure of the extent of the shred until they get in there. Outcome? If it's minor 6 week recovery....the bad kind then we are looking at 6 months. For some reason I don't feel hopeful. (maybe it's the bug I caught beating me into the ground)

Thanks in advance....I'm off to crawl back under my rock now

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Sources For Entertainment

Crazy girl and Dude are best buds.
Now that he is walking he seems more INTO wanting to play with his big sissy. The older kids and I can just sit back and giggle at the 2 of them together. Dude will let out this scream whenever he has had enough of Lily choking him and trying to hug him. I wish I could capture his face on camera when he's soooo comical.

Here is a video I took last night....I was laughing so hard I could barely tell Lily to stop....Listen very closely to the can hear daddy tell Lily to stop....her reply "NO" ...that's Lily for you....

Usually my evenings consist of cooking the dinner...watching my kids inhale before I can even plate my own food....Half the time I'm standing at the island b/c I have a baby on my hip. Now that Reid is starting to eat big people food...he will eat mine before I can get a spoonful myself.

Kids run off to do homework or showers and I'm busy cleaning the aftermath of dinner....(or trying to scrape the bowl for my meal) This is usually what I find by the sink....

I'm guessing either my children love being near me or just don't care where they find a place to do homework.

Nothing better than being surrounded by your children I say....

Lily is a constant source of entertainment for us....last night while she was in her bath she shouted "I need to get out of the tub momma.....I need to put something sparkly on fast"

I love having a girly if only she'd let me fix her hair.

Happy Friday Y'all

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Wow....Just one word WOW

Last nights meal was fan-tab-ulous. I just made that word up ...that's b/c it was so delish.

Granted I might have made more work for myself since I double every recipe I make....but I was smart and did all the prep during the day.

I'll start with the bread portion of the meal....(pats thighs) This was my first time to make Focaccia Bread and I think I just found my favorite bread to bake.....


it tasted out of this world. I tried the food processor way and I've got mixed feelings about it....only b/c when I make bread I like to use my hands...makes me feel all Laura Ingalls like....(grins) But have to admit (don't tell) I will probably make it again this method in the future....less work for momma

8 The food processor made my life a little bit easier yesterday. I ended up making 3 kinds of focaccia....


I doubled the recipe and pressed my dough into 2 8" rounds and 1 9x13 pans. I followed the recipe to a T


the smell of the bread made my mouth water....I knew if I sampled before the meal there may not have been any left. Bread is my weakness....(pats thighs again)


Sorry there are not any 'real' pictures of the main course....I was busy cooking...serving....and toting small babes around. When you have a houseful (9) of hungry people ...stopping to take pictures is not an option.....

I can't say enough about the sauce....It was tangy....and sweet...with just the right amount of basil to it....I may or may not have stolen some to freeze for a rainy day....and I may or may not have grabbed an extra meatball and sauce for today's lunch....and I may or may not have mopped my sauce up on my plate with my bread. I think I even saw my FIL break up a few pieces and pour the sauce on it. Please try this recipe out...You will not be disappointed.


The meatballs turned out moist and perfect too. Even Dude Friend ate a whole meatball....I couldn't keep him away. Yes, the 9 month old inhaled the meat. He's my little garbage disposal...he'll eat anything right now...I sure hope he keeps this up...

I followed all of the recipes and didn't change anything....and I won't when we make these again.....I found the flavors perfect the way it was...

For reference ...the recipe says it makes 8 giant meatballs...I would compare them to baseballs...nice portion. Simmering them in the sauce to finish cooking is what made these little babies into the definition of perfect...


After doing 3 loads of dishes and hand washing more pots than I care to imagine....(all for just that meal)....I think I'll put my feet up today and read books with the babies....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gobble Gobble...Turkey Hunting


Turkey Season is upon us....and yes, I had to bake some Turkey Cookies for the kids....(ok and a few teachers that keep begging for cookies)

I thought about using a template, but then noticed a few girls were using a flower cutter (now that I had) and thought they turned out just precious.


I am back to using my favorite Buttercream Meringue Icing again....I just don't like the taste or look when it dries of the Royal. This dries firm, but probably not hard enough to package and ship. Since they go from the table to a's ok.

What's on your dinner plans for Turkey Day? Any new recipes you are wanting to share?


I've got a Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Garlic, and Shallots Recipe I'm gonna bust out. Force those kids to eat some greens....


Speaking of food....You know tonight is the Wednesday dinner with the Inlaws here....MIL bought a new cookbook...she said that we have to share it (it's in my possession so come and try to take it) The recipes look amazing and each one has a color gorgeous photo to go with it. Tonight I am making Fresh Baked Focaccia Bread. Giant Meatballs (the recipe looks fantastic) with Tuscan Marinara and an Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing (they have it on a fresh pesto mozzarella salad)...I'm just doing the dressing with a normal salad. Dessert....Our favorite Banana Pudding...that I have to double....My kids beg for more and more...and again the next day.

I'll post recipe of the dinner after I give it a sample...can't have you making yucky food now can I?

Monday, November 14, 2011

I Can't Let It Go.....

Back in 2007....Yes, 2007 an incident happened. Hubs reminded me of this incident yesterday which had me all fighting mad again....(I think he purposely does it to see me all fired up)


My dear hubby likes to have things in sets of... well a lot. For instance, we have like 3 sets of many pillows and towels that you would laugh at. Basically if something we have goes on sale he wants more....His reason day the towels will get worn and we'll have a backup set. When we find something we like we stick w/it.

Well when it comes to plates he's no different. Garden Ridge Pottery was having a 75% off sale on this certain pattern of dishes. No name brand, but matched our theme of stuff....rustic style and some had roosters on them. This collection had a serving platter...pitcher....huge serving bowls...cake stand etc. They were really adorable. So we bought as much as we could....big square dinner plates, small dinner plates, cereal bowls...big round dinner plates and small round dinner plates. I know I know you're thinking why square and round....I agree pick 1...but since the plates came out to $..50 a piece etc why not buy all the set??!!!.....He said he wanted to find 12 pieces of each.

So I set about driving all over town to all the different Garden Ridges hunting the sale racks for this pattern. I finally hit the last store way on the out skirts of town and make a beeline for this collection. I was floored...they had sooo many that I was angry that I didn't try there first......I think I was laughing and jumping up and down w/joy (if only you knew how far I had driven around town the past 4 days only to come up empty handed you would have jumped too) So insert the part which makes me mad......

Picture the scene...chick w/buggy down aisle obviously really happy about some dishes.....(ME) and some customer was next to me asking what all the fuss was about. I told her the quick story of how I had driven all over town looking for these dishes to complete my set. She asked me why I needed so many and I told her why....she made some snide comment about being a waste etc...(not really b/c how many times have you chipped a plate and then didn't have a full set????) I grab a handful of the small square plates and start counting them and placing them in my buggy. I needed 4 more. When I turned around she picked up the last 4 and said "ohhh these will look great on my table."


I said something about...."Man I'm still 4 short" so I get on my cell phone and speak loudly to my mother about how I am still 4 plates short so this chick would hear me....

She keeps them and I'm still 4 short. I am a weak weak girl. If I was stronger I would have said

Gosh lady....didn't you just hear me tell my story... don't take those last 4 plates that I need for my you really need those for ur table?"

But I didn't and she walked away w/them.

Everyday that I open my cabinets and see 8 plates I still get miffed....


Wow I sound so harsh......but yes I did chip a plate in the last 4 years and I'm down to 7.

I should let this go....I really should....I just might in another 4 years

Friday, November 11, 2011

Wobble Wobble

Nothing like watching a newbie on legs...

That'd be Dude Friend.....I love love love the beginning stages of walking....that "so unstable but you can't help but giggle" strut that those sweet babies do.

Can you tell I'm in total love with him?!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not Your Usual Thankful List....


It's a given you're thankful for family, friends, hubs, children....seriously we know...I mean if you weren't we'd have the problem right? (grins)

So I'm gonna tell you the 'other' stuff I'm thankful for...

~Shania Twain's "Man, I Feel Like A Woman" --- Why? Because Momma got 8 straight hours of sleep last night and Dude slept 11. Yes, first time for the 11 on his end....yes, he's late on the sleep through the night train....(wiggles hips) Let's go girls......

~Sweetened Condensed Milk--- Because that little can of sweet gooey goodness can make just about anything taste out of this world.

~Peppermint Mocha Creamer---No explanation needed

~Cows and Pigs--- Without them my Play off Chili just wouldn't taste the same

~Crock Pots---My chili can sit in it all day and I can take all the credit for such a great dinner...pretending like I slaved all day in the kitchen.

~Garage Sales --- I just realized that one person's trash is my treasure...some of my favorite baking pans and kitchen gadgets are from those sales.

~Frequent trips to Wallyworld --- Because the ppl know me there and will open up a closed lane just to check me out....(being friendly pays off)

~Microwaves --- Although they might truly cause some brain errors (and could be the reason for my craziness) it heats up said Coffee with Peppermint Mocha Creamer when I can't get even my first cup finished in 3 hrs

~2 sets of washers and dryers --- It allows me to either be equally as lazy to let loads just sit in there calling my name.....or equally productive and got 4 loads done at once.

~iphones --- As much as I pretended to hubs I didn't want one...and then he surprising bought me one....I ♥ IT really comes in handy when you are nursing a baby in dark room....Pinterest calls

~Unlimited Text Message Family Plan for our Teens --- Oldest child had over 12,000 txt messages last month. (do the math)

~Birthdays --- Child #2 turns 13 on us another reason to EAT CAKE. (well a cookie cake...that's what the sweet boy requested momma make)

~Blogs --- without them I wouldn't have any place to 'steal' all my ideas from

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You Evil Evil Little Site

Dinner is usually always on the table at 5:15 later than 5:30

Yesterday? No such luck.

Why? Pinterest.

Yesterday while pinning I ran across this photo....(not mine...the cool chick over at Brown Paper Packages)

I knew I had to make these for the kids....Little did I know how the day would get away from me....I told child #2 and 3 they could play until 5:45....(plenty of time to make these and fix dinner right?)

Nah...I was busy doing other stuff....and then got my ingredients for those sweet gooey goodness treats....Clock check...5:30 pm ...still no dinner. (directions below again took directly from Brown Paper her blog name)


1/2 c. butter
1 c. light corn syrup
2 c. brown sugar
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp. vanilla
8-10 apples


Combine the first three ingredients in a large saucepan. When the butter is melted, add the condensed milk. Stirring constantly, cook to 230 degrees (soft ball stage). Take off heat, and stir in vanilla.

5. Dip your apples!
I found that waiting just a couple of minutes after your caramel is done to dip apples really made a big difference--when it's super hot, it has more of a tendency to slide off. You don't need to wait too long--less than 5 minutes.

6. Once your apples have been dipped in the caramel, place them on your prepared cookie sheet. I let mine sit for about 10 minutes or so (either in the fridge or at room temperature) to harden before I add any other toppings. Leftover caramel can be poured in a buttered dish to be cut and eaten later...

(ok back to me...Laura)
And leftover caramel I did have ...and leftover I did pour into a buttered dish....and leftover MELT IN MOUTH TREATS I DID EAT.

It was pure chaos while making these...

Reid was in the highchair demanding more cheerios...
Lily was jumping up and down wanting to help momma stir the hot boiling candy....
Oldest child wondering where dinner was....asking if I was sick or something since it was way past when I have dinner ready....
Mini Me insanely asking if she could stick her finger in the 230' boiling candy b/c it smelled so good. (deep sigh)
Then enter Hedgie (child 2) ....rushes into house with arms open wide saying "I'm here for my food...plate me up"

He looks around confused...."Did I miss dinner already"

Me: "No honey mommy hasn't made it yet"

(looks at siblings) "Is mom sick"

Lily: "No she's busy Interesting"

Me: "no Lily it's Pin-teresting"

Kate: "Now can I stick my finger in"

Me: "Not unless you want your skin to peel off"

Hedgie: "So .....does that mean we are having dinner tonight? "

Me: "Yes, but I was making treats"

Oldest: " but you always have dinner ready by 5"

Me: "well today I don't"

Hedgie: "soooo that's a yes, that tonight sometime dinner will be made"

Lily: "Mommy Mommy are ruining my are making them all brown..."

Mini Me: "no Lily she's adding caramel to the apples ....can I lick it now?"

This is the point I wanted to scream GET OUT. but didn't.....hubs walked into the kitchen and started and finished dinner for me.....(awww)

Point of story....

Don't start Interesting (as Lily says) at dinner time....

But do make this recipe It's a keeper.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Daddy's and Daughter's

We need to teach our daughters to distinguish between a man who flatters her and a man who compliments her

a man who spends money on her and a man who invests in her


a man who views her as property and a man who views her properly

a man who lusts after her and a man who loves her


a man who believes he is God's gift to women and a man who remembers a woman was God's gift to man


Friday, November 4, 2011

5 Years Ago....

Scott Wedding-009

True Elopement Style....(our lil country wedding)

We told only one soul....My friend Kimberly....I'm not even sure why I told...(probably b/c I can't keep a secret)

B and I decided on a Wed....I mean why wait...we had been dating a while...let's just do fuss....We called a B&B (how rustic is that house?!)

Scott Wedding-069

and they did an elopement package...and had 1 room left. I'm sure the owners were a bit surprised when I said the wedding was that Saturday and could they put everything together....She said NO PROBLEM. Kathy did a fantastic job....the cake, music, flowers, room, and dinner that night in a nearby barn. How much more "us" could that have been?!

Thanks to me telling that one dear soul Kimberly, she asked if we had the marriage license? WHAT? WHY? Well b/c there was a 72 hr waiting period. (eek) We called the license office and they closed in 30 mins...and yes we needed it then 0r no wedding on Saturday. Off we ran and got it with 1 minute to spare....(I was sweating)

Saturday came and the day was perfect....

we found some cute tack and feed shops that sold the most incredible furniture. B bought me a rustic floor lamp. (points). Then we walked the small town's main square and bought a few more trinkets before heading back to the B&B to get ready.

Scott Wedding-083

The ceremony was perfect....just the two of us overlooking the lake

Scott Wedding-012....couldn't have planned it better myself. (grins)

Scott Wedding-013

We got married on 11-4 (if you reverse the date it's my birthday) and so it was only fitting to get married at 5:07 (if you reverse that it's his bday july 5th)

I still chuckle about the guests staying that weekend. Most were young couples like us and were there celebrating their anniversaries. Everyone was shocked that we just up and eloped. Eyebrows were raised....and so being me I gave my 2 cents..."No I'm not pregnant...we actually got married b/c we love each other..." Crazy that in this day in age that's the first thing you think when a couple elopes. Everyone had a good laugh and champagne was passed around and toasted us on our happy day....

Just imagine the phone calls the next day to our families. (my mother was not amused)

We had a reception a few months later in a barn (where else) for friends and family......

Happy 5 crazy years B.

Gotta end it with a little Collin Raye's One Boy One Girl song...makes me all giddy

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello My Name Is Laura and I'm Addicted to Pinterest

There I said it....

And you know most of you should say it too..

(If you aren't on the Pinterest bandwagon get on now...shoot me an email and I'll send an invite) Link

*yes, yesterday's post photo of Dude w/the 'loves' next to him...yes...Pinterest is where I got the idea. If only I had done that for all the months.

Yesterday I did NOTHING. I mean like I really didn't do housework or cook dinner...(we did take out) Wait...I did unload the dishes/load dirty and start a load of laundry. I did feed the babies...(Lily had an alien spaceship Samwitch...for lunch)

Did the house fall down? Did the Earth quit spinning b/c Mommy DID NOTHING? nope...


I keep saying I want to do this and yesterday I went for it.

Burlap ....Burlap....and Moss


For one mentioned how messy cutting burlap and moss were. Hello.....have a work space you want messy. My poor (half made) craft table. (another Pinterest idea steal) I bought an old door and made a table into it. I just haven't been down to Lowe's to have the glass cut. Yesterday I wish I had done that...I sure needed a flat surface....


I've been dying to make one of those Moss Letters that they have in the PB catalog. I found Moss sheets for $6.99 a sheet. My letter took 2 sheets.....I'm thinking Christmas Gifts for the family. This was fun to make and super easy. Next time I'm using foam board for a sturdy back...I used poster board and then had to glue that to my favorite S.....(must see if I can find another big S like that)


Just like they said....Trace around your letter about 1" if you can and glue down and overlap on back.....if there are some bare spots then just glue tiny pieces. I happen to love how mine turned out


Next I moved onto Burlap...and freezer paper

I cut Freezer Paper the size of a sheet of paper and cut burlap the same....Ironed the 2 together and was ready to print (just remember shiny side down on burlap)

*note: don't wear black...burlap is fuzzy when cut

A tip when printing with your printer....yes it will least mine did....what I found worked best was cutting the edge one more time with your paper and burlap for a solid edge. I think I didn't trim mine and had 2 different layer lengths and that's why it was catching (doh)

I made a picture frame w/an S for the guest bath


and a burlap "Give Thanks" banner.

The kids didn't like the font on the banner b/c they couldn't tell what it said....(booo)


I printed the letters....then cut a V out of it......then I used a hole punch and used tulle to hang them. I like how it turned out. But I think it's still missing something...maybe some fall-ish material on the ends?

Next I'm gonna look for some wheat stalks and burlap and make some stuff for my bare mantle (we just got the mantle ...needless to say I'm going crazy wanting to decorate for each season now)


If you pin recipes you may have realized that they are hit or miss....Night before last was a huge HIT. Think Macaroni Grill's Pasta Milano.

The family must have said a million time how fantastic it was and begged me to triple the recipe next time...I just eyeballed things for a double this time around.

I didn't really follow her recipe too much.....I added a few things...and probably did things a bit different's what I did

Smoky Chicken Pasta

7 chicken breasts
1 bottle mesquite marinade (whatever I could find in store)
1 package bacon
1/2 onion finely chopped
3 tbs garlic
3 cups heavy cream
lots of Parmesan (I just shake it until it looks good)
Bow tie Pasta

Git ur slow cooker out ma and pour the whole bottle of marinade over ur cluckers
I slow cooked mine from 9:30-4 on slow and low. (don't peek...u'll lose your heat ma'am)

Cut up bacon before cooking so they are nice bite size pieces. (member folks it shrinks when cooking) and cook that pig up. (set aside) pour out a lil of that bacon grease...leave a bit for cooking ur onion.
Cook onion until a bit translucent and then toss in some garlic....cook another minute
Pour in your cream and stir. Cook until it bubbles a bit and then pour in Parmesan. Wanna cook this to thicken it up a bit. Toss in your bacon and keep stirring. Shake you some S & P to taste....Viola.

Now get your cluckers from the slow cooker and shred.

To serve...put some pasta in the bowl...pour sauce over and sprinkle some of that delish chicken on top.

A winner winner chicken dinner

Sorry no pictures...I was Halloween and I was trying to get the chidden fed before candy time

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

9 Months In and 9 Months Out


Seems like I was pregnant longer than he's actually been toddling around on this earth. I can remember rubbing my belly while watching his #2 sister spin around praying for him to be a calm child.
Prayers get answered like that....he is a calm child and did I mention he sleeps? (something she needs to learn from him)


Yes, he's as sweet as he looks....

Last night was Halloween and Dude fought me kicking and screaming like I was sticking him with pins or something. (seriously...I did a check of his costume and nothing) I'd like to think $13 isn't cheap .....that a baby costume should hold up longer than 30 seconds...but the minute I went to button the thing all the buttons snapped off. (you kidding me?) I thought well that's least he will be cute and not buttoned...ummm no...Fail first halloween attempt. He went as himself.

Tis all Lily child who wears costumes for oh all about 3 mins (or less) was all ready to go by 5pm (1.5 hrs before we were meeting her friends) decked out in a full bunny costume hat and all. (had the costume from back in the Kate costume days) I was mildly shocked to say the least that she wanted to dress up. She refused to take it off and was ready to get candy like NOW. Somehow I held her off (costume still on mind you). Big sissy's BFF came over and they ohh'd and awe'd over Lily the bunny.....then off we went.

(bunny and Linus touching the great pumpkin)

Last night was a ball...Lily loved going door to door...she would hop along the way...sing songs...swing her lil treat bucket...just loving life. Isn't that how childhood memories should be? She would remind me we don't go to houses with the lights off...and then point to ones lit up and take off running.

Dude was a trooper...thankfully I had a snack trap full of baby nummies to keep him happy. He did his usual "OHHHH UHHHHH" and pointed at everything and all the people out with such excitement. Both little ones really seemed to enjoy themselves....I mean who doesn't love the great outdoors and all the candy people just give you for looking cute.

I'm off to hit the Halloween sales for next year...gotta build up my costume trunk for little boys....the girl clothes are busting at the seams

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