Tuesday, November 1, 2011

9 Months In and 9 Months Out


Seems like I was pregnant longer than he's actually been toddling around on this earth. I can remember rubbing my belly while watching his #2 sister spin around praying for him to be a calm child.
Prayers get answered like that....he is a calm child and did I mention he sleeps? (something she needs to learn from him)


Yes, he's as sweet as he looks....

Last night was Halloween and Dude fought me kicking and screaming like I was sticking him with pins or something. (seriously...I did a check of his costume and nothing) I'd like to think $13 isn't cheap .....that a baby costume should hold up longer than 30 seconds...but the minute I went to button the thing all the buttons snapped off. (you kidding me?) I thought well that's fine...at least he will be cute and not buttoned...ummm no...Fail first halloween attempt. He went as himself.

Tis all good...my Lily child who wears costumes for oh all about 3 mins (or less) was all ready to go by 5pm (1.5 hrs before we were meeting her friends) decked out in a full bunny costume hat and all. (had the costume from back in the Kate costume days) I was mildly shocked to say the least that she wanted to dress up. She refused to take it off and was ready to get candy like NOW. Somehow I held her off (costume still on mind you). Big sissy's BFF came over and they ohh'd and awe'd over Lily the bunny.....then off we went.

(bunny and Linus touching the great pumpkin)

Last night was a ball...Lily loved going door to door...she would hop along the way...sing songs...swing her lil treat bucket...just loving life. Isn't that how childhood memories should be? She would remind me we don't go to houses with the lights off...and then point to ones lit up and take off running.

Dude was a trooper...thankfully I had a snack trap full of baby nummies to keep him happy. He did his usual "OHHHH UHHHHH" and pointed at everything and all the people out with such excitement. Both little ones really seemed to enjoy themselves....I mean who doesn't love the great outdoors and all the candy people just give you for looking cute.

I'm off to hit the Halloween sales for next year...gotta build up my costume trunk for little boys....the girl clothes are busting at the seams


Anonymous said...

How cute! I love when kids dress up as other holidays for Halloween! Happy 9 months, little dude!!

SassyModernMom said...

What a beautiful way to mark the nine month mark! Have fun costume shopping:)

SassyModernMom said...

What a beautiful way to mark the nine month mark! Have fun costume shopping:)

Annie said...

This 9 month pics are awesome!!!! Did you take them? He is the cutest kid!!

Jumping Jack said...

Dude is so precious! How can it be that he's already 9 months old? I wish I would have done Jack's monthly pics like that. Love!

Lil is a cute little bunny. I'm a bad mom and didn't even dress jack up!

carissa said...

i LOVE the text you added to his pics. great idea!!! he is getting too big, too quick!

mountain mama said...

love those shots!! :)

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