Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello My Name Is Laura and I'm Addicted to Pinterest

There I said it....

And you know most of you should say it too..

(If you aren't on the Pinterest bandwagon get on now...shoot me an email and I'll send an invite) Link

*yes, yesterday's post photo of Dude w/the 'loves' next to him...yes...Pinterest is where I got the idea. If only I had done that for all the months.

Yesterday I did NOTHING. I mean like I really didn't do housework or cook dinner...(we did take out) Wait...I did unload the dishes/load dirty and start a load of laundry. I did feed the babies...(Lily had an alien spaceship Samwitch...for lunch)

Did the house fall down? Did the Earth quit spinning b/c Mommy DID NOTHING? nope...


I keep saying I want to do this and yesterday I went for it.

Burlap ....Burlap....and Moss


For one mentioned how messy cutting burlap and moss were. Hello.....have a work space you want messy. My poor (half made) craft table. (another Pinterest idea steal) I bought an old door and made a table into it. I just haven't been down to Lowe's to have the glass cut. Yesterday I wish I had done that...I sure needed a flat surface....


I've been dying to make one of those Moss Letters that they have in the PB catalog. I found Moss sheets for $6.99 a sheet. My letter took 2 sheets.....I'm thinking Christmas Gifts for the family. This was fun to make and super easy. Next time I'm using foam board for a sturdy back...I used poster board and then had to glue that to my favorite S.....(must see if I can find another big S like that)


Just like they said....Trace around your letter about 1" if you can and glue down and overlap on back.....if there are some bare spots then just glue tiny pieces. I happen to love how mine turned out


Next I moved onto Burlap...and freezer paper

I cut Freezer Paper the size of a sheet of paper and cut burlap the same....Ironed the 2 together and was ready to print (just remember shiny side down on burlap)

*note: don't wear black...burlap is fuzzy when cut

A tip when printing with your printer....yes it will least mine did....what I found worked best was cutting the edge one more time with your paper and burlap for a solid edge. I think I didn't trim mine and had 2 different layer lengths and that's why it was catching (doh)

I made a picture frame w/an S for the guest bath


and a burlap "Give Thanks" banner.

The kids didn't like the font on the banner b/c they couldn't tell what it said....(booo)


I printed the letters....then cut a V out of it......then I used a hole punch and used tulle to hang them. I like how it turned out. But I think it's still missing something...maybe some fall-ish material on the ends?

Next I'm gonna look for some wheat stalks and burlap and make some stuff for my bare mantle (we just got the mantle ...needless to say I'm going crazy wanting to decorate for each season now)


If you pin recipes you may have realized that they are hit or miss....Night before last was a huge HIT. Think Macaroni Grill's Pasta Milano.

The family must have said a million time how fantastic it was and begged me to triple the recipe next time...I just eyeballed things for a double this time around.

I didn't really follow her recipe too much.....I added a few things...and probably did things a bit different's what I did

Smoky Chicken Pasta

7 chicken breasts
1 bottle mesquite marinade (whatever I could find in store)
1 package bacon
1/2 onion finely chopped
3 tbs garlic
3 cups heavy cream
lots of Parmesan (I just shake it until it looks good)
Bow tie Pasta

Git ur slow cooker out ma and pour the whole bottle of marinade over ur cluckers
I slow cooked mine from 9:30-4 on slow and low. (don't peek...u'll lose your heat ma'am)

Cut up bacon before cooking so they are nice bite size pieces. (member folks it shrinks when cooking) and cook that pig up. (set aside) pour out a lil of that bacon grease...leave a bit for cooking ur onion.
Cook onion until a bit translucent and then toss in some garlic....cook another minute
Pour in your cream and stir. Cook until it bubbles a bit and then pour in Parmesan. Wanna cook this to thicken it up a bit. Toss in your bacon and keep stirring. Shake you some S & P to taste....Viola.

Now get your cluckers from the slow cooker and shred.

To serve...put some pasta in the bowl...pour sauce over and sprinkle some of that delish chicken on top.

A winner winner chicken dinner

Sorry no pictures...I was Halloween and I was trying to get the chidden fed before candy time


carissa said...

hey, at least you actually make the stuff you pin! and what beautiful things at that! gorgeous. you are such a martha stewart and a betty crocker. and i am not jealous at all. ; )

Molly said...

Love this, and the banner is super cute too. I need to make one for our fireplace (before Thanksgiving is over, ha). Pinterest is the most addicting thing, goodness!

Camille said...

i adore all of these. how cool!!

i love it when people do awesome DIY inspires me.

in fact, i think i am going to jump on pinterest right now!


*giveaway on my blog*

Ashleigh said...

Pinterest often makes me lose an entire day. But it sounds like you did a lot! Even if it was all pinterest stuff! Very cute crafts!

jen said...

I've been avoiding this for months now. I think you've finally convinced me to try it. Email me. I've got to see what else you're up to.

Annie said...

I'm SO addicted to Pinterest too!! The crafts look great...and the recipie sounds delish!! I will add that to my list :)

Anonymous said...

You are just too perfect for words!

Angie said...

I'm so glad you posted that recipe. I am making it soon!

I love that you made all those fun "S" things for me! I'll be over to get them soon. ;)

I too am addicted to pinterest. I hope there is a support group for us!

mountain mama said...

cute, cute! you're so creative!

Anna said...

What are you talking about you didn't do anything?! You were UBER productive girl!! Love it all and I too am addicted to good ole pinterest :)

Shannon said...

Girl I've been craving a good pasta recipe, yay! I love all your crafts and have been wanting a mossy initial letter for-ev-uh! So neat! Hope all is well! We need to catch up! (Hmmm, like you've never heard that from me before!) XO

Caroline said...

I love these! Now, you make me want to make one!

californiadreamin said...

OOOO that sounds delicious!!! Im also a Pinterest addict. I have SOOO many things I want to make, just gotta pick my favorite!

Sew.What. said...

I just posted something that I did from Pinterest today! I am also now following your pins.

Lori said...

love all of this! the difference between you and i? you actually make everything you pin :(

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