Friday, December 2, 2011

Cookie Exchange Party

For as long as I can remember I wanted to host a cookie exchange...

Now I'm not sure I did a great job, but I sure had fun. (Hopefully others did too ha)

I had Charlie Brown's Christmas cd playing in the background (I think I'm the only one that noticed)....and yummy Cinnamon Bear scents burning in the air.....

I had a Wassail bar, hot chocolate bar, and a coffee bar....thanks to Pinterest I stole a few ideas....The peppermint tipped marshmallows were a epic we just had marshmallows....


The cookies I made were a complete mess to look at, but they had a nice snap crunch to them and the chocolate cookie itself was divine.


Chocolate Peppermint Stars
20 round peppermint candies (crushed) 1 1/4 cup flour (plus more for rolling)
3/4 cup cocoa powder 1 1/2 stick butter; softened
1 cup sugar 1 egg 1/2 tsp vanilla

preheat oven to 325
whisk flour, cocoa and 1/8 tsp salt and set aside
beat butter and sugar with mixer on med speed until combined, about 3 mins.
Beat in egg and vanilla and beat another minute.
Reduce speed to low and gradually add flour mixture until combine. About 2 mins.
Shape dough into disk and wrap in plastic wrap. Chill for at least 2 hrs.
Roll dough 1/8 thickness on lightly floured surface.
Cut out star shapes and transfer to baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
Refrigerate for 15 mins to firm up.
Cut a smaller star in center of cookies.
Bake 9 mins until slightly firm
Fill center of each cookie with crushed peppermints.
Bake another 5-6 mins until candy has melted
Let cool on baking sheet on wire rack for 10 mins
Transfer cookies to rack
yield 2 dz cookies

I snagged a few (are we even allowed to take our own cookies?) so the kids could sample a few. It was pure torture having them watch me bake them and not getting to sample any.

Anyone ever hosted a cookie exchange party? Any tips or treats for my next one?


Ashleigh said...

I am participating in my first cookie swap this month! Looks like fun! Maybe I will use these cookies! Thanks for sharing

ashleigh said...

ive never done a cookie swap party;
it sounds so fun!
im not a big fan of peppermint but these look delicious!

mountain mama said...

i've never been to one...i'm sure everyone had a great time!! :D

Stef said...

How fun!! We are doing a Christmas sweet exchange next week. I love your spoons with chocolate on them (I am assuming that is what those are.) Looks like a ton of fun!!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

That is so cute! I love the idea and the party looks like it turned out so cute!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

your blog got all decorated! CUTE!!! this is adorable. i wish i was there. i love the look of your cookies, as always. i especially like the candy cane jar. you're so good, girl!

Natalie Catherine of said...

laura what are you talking about those cookies look amazing!! magazine worthy!

I'm making boring but yummy recipe for a cookie exchange on tuesday..and I still need to start planning mine which is next week..the invite is the fun details! thanks for sharing yours I love the coffee bar idea!

Natalie Catherine of said...

oh and I think you messaged me a while back about reindeer food tags..I don't have any made up with that saying but if you order the reindeer treat bag tags you could put a cute saying to go along with that! what a fun idea..I had pinned something like that. too cute.

LeAnna said...

I think it all looks super cute! Wish I lived closer, I'd of come. Those cookies look aaaaamazing!

Caroline said... fun is this???

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