Wednesday, December 21, 2011

He's an Extra

I love having girl time with my Mini Me.....she's my sweet 10 yr old that still has her head in the clouds and twirls around the house....I pray her sweet heart never changes....

The other night I got Dude down early and Mini Me and I bolted out the door for a little Target shopping and hot chocolates.


As we were driving she told me she liked times like this....when it was just the 2 of us. I told her I did too.

Then the conversation happens...(the one that all my kids seem to want to have with know the "WOW I bet it's cool to be an only child" conversation)

And then I have to remind them of how lonely they would be all day not having the others to play or chat with....yes, even fight with. How they would miss out on all the funny things Lily and Reid are doing.....and I have to remind them of the friends they have that ARE only children that love to come to our house where the chaos is b/c it's so full of life. (not saying the only child's house isn't, but come on....we have 5 loud (points to Lily) kids running amuck half the time...there is always something going on here....and a cookie or two to eat)

Then Mini Me pauses....

"What?" I ask

Mini Me: "Well you know Jake is sort of an extra." she says

Me: "An Extra? What's that mean?"

Mini Me: "Well you know how on a sitcom there is always an extra person that doesn't really do much....they just sort of walk around and are just there....well that's Jake"

Me: (don't even know what to say to that)

Mini Me: "You know?"

Me: "No sweetie I don't know........I mean Jake is a bit quiet and does play on the computer a bunch"

(deep sigh....don't you just love how your kids perceive each other)

Jake is my quiet sweet one. He has the kindest heart of anyone. He is always asking me how I am doing....smiles every chance he can.....and Lily and Reid are drawn to him. Some girl is sure gonna fall hard for this one.

He can also have a temper.....I love seeing his little face....(ok not little, he's 13) It turns all red and he frowns and stomps about....haha...I can't help but laugh at him when he does and then he starts trying not to smile.

Lily loves to play swords with him. She will get every kitchen gadget from the drawers and pretend to spank him....Ok no idea where she gets if the child ever gets spankings

So...there you have another installment of A CONVERSATION WITH ME AND MINI ME

I'm glad to know my kids are like extras......


The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Your blog makes me want to have 5 kids! Haha. I love this. I have 2 siblings and I've alway wanted more!

Poor Jake, the extra! Kids are hilarious!

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LeAnna said...

Toooo funny! I was having a conversation with someone the other day about the dynamics between lots of siblings (she was one of four kids) and it fascinates me. I think I'll just have to have a few more and see how it all works out. ;)

I'm glad you get to have some one on one time with your kids, you are a good Mama for making that happen and an inspiration to me!

Anna said...

I love seeing only children interact and play with a house full of kiddos, it's the best!

Caroline said...

Love this. So glad y'all got to do things with each other. I know she loved it just as much as you did.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

To the lady up there that says your blog makes her want to have 5 kids ... go visit Laura for a day! Your mind will change! Trust me!!

I love Kate. She is so sweet and IDOLIZES you, Laura! I'm so glad you two have that special bond!

And LMAO @ Jake being an "extra" ... Haha!!!

Sam said...

First, Kate is THE CUTEST! Second, the conversation had me laughing, and third, nothing against only children, but it's true, it seems lonely. I want 5 kids, no more, no less. I wish I had that many siblings too!

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