Friday, December 16, 2011

Ho Ho Ho Merry Candy Canes.......


Yes I had to bust out some Christmas Cookies before the kids went on break.


I figured the teachers are starting to expect them (not that one kept asking if I forgot and that the last day of school was today or anything....)


I got lazy....(been a pattern with me lately) and only made candy canes.


I figured not a lot of colors and easy to decorate.


I was chatting with Stacy over at Cardigans and Crayons about her Hot Chocolate bar she will be having at her house....which made me realize all the things I forgot on mine. Guess I'll file them away for next year. When thinking of her party I ran across the cutest thing in the Southern Living magazine. They took peppermints and melted them into a plate shape.

Well I just had to see if it worked. I followed their directions to a T and had an epic fail.

Preheat to 350
trace image (or freehand) on parchment paper
have a gap between peppermints
heat 4 mins (or keep an eye on them) or until desired look. Now they said 9 mins, but whoooa. That was too long. I had a melted mess on my hands. 4 or less is perfect.

I decided to do a few C's for my candy cane cookies. (I really wanted to melt the word COWBOY, but not as easy as I pictured)


Is everyone finished with your Christmas shopping? I am totally not...(did I mention I was tired?) I am very grateful for Amazon Prime's saved me. I'd say I'm 80% ready. I need to make my list and check it twice. Some of the little munchkins in the house might be getting coal. (I can't mention names)

My wish list?
glass top for my door table for craft table
20" x 20" piece of marble for rolling cookies

I hope I've been a good girl


likeschocolate said...

Great idea! Happy Holidays!

Anna said...

Gorgeous cookies as always! And I will have to give that mint thing a try!
With all the baking you do for your family, I KNOW you've been a good girl! Santa better bring it :)

LeAnna said...

I think you TOTALLY deserve a maid. Or at least someone to do the laundry three days a week. The cookies are sooooo cuuuuute!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Sorry if this is super duper late but LOVE the new blog layout! I love your new cookie posts with the way you've been taking photos! They look so professional!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

How did you make your icing? I do powdered sugar icing but mine came out too thick this year. Made the cookies hard to decorate.

Very good job, momma!!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

If you get sugar cookies from me, you know you're loved. I HATE MAKING THEM. Messy messy messy, and for someone who already hates to clean up the kitchen anyway.....well, let's just say we don't make them very often.

Your cookies? Stunning. And although I don't enjoy the creating process, I have NO PROBLEM with the consuming process. Just ask my jeans. I'll leave the front door unlocked, just in case you feel like dropping some off...

carissa at lowercase letters said...

a 2nd a maid! : ) for you and me both.

um, GUUUUUURRRRLLLL! how do you make such amazing cookie creations time after time?!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

it should say "i" 2nd a maid. grr. i'm a lame typer. can't even blame that on auto correct.

Angie said...

As always your cookies look amazing! You are the best at cookies!

I want a maid and we should go get a pedicure together.


Dana said...

Beautiful cookies!!!

And no, I am still not done shopping and haven't even started baking. I suck.

And I may or may not have a child that is on the naughty list too. Not sure if he will make it on the nice list yet. Ugh!

Ha! And I am asking for a maid too!! Hope you made it on the nice list!!!

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