Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Torture When Chocolate is Around


I may or may not have given in once (ok ok three times) today.


I had had had to try these cookies see I forgot the vanilla when baking them. (trust me vanilla is a must) and had to see if they were edible for the family tonight. (3 times edible) I figure I had been really really good all week....and messed up this once. THEY WERE CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRY COOKIES FOR PETE'S SAKE....I'm in the clear here right???

What is it about chocolate and cherries that is so insanely enticing together?

Moving on to the ladies man....Elvis is a favorite with the ladies in our house....You go little Elf


Southern Belle Mama said...

You've got to give in every once in a makes life worth living! :)

Man, Elvis sure gets around!

mountain mama said...

yes...i do believe i would have to have one, i mean three of those too! :)

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I've never had a chocolate they squirt in your mouth like a gusher?? If not, I'm in.

P.S I love how the ladies are all smitten with Elvis' big controller. Me-ow.


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