Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Well That Was Scary




I was not amused and really upset b/c this is my digital journal....not to mention a little view into all my friends (yes you) lives.

So for about 4 hrs I have been on the computer with no response to my hoards of messages to google for help


for now....(let's hope forever)

I thought if I violated anything 1. it was news to me.....and 2. maybe the violation was reading too many blogs

Point of the story....

It's good to be back....and now I'm not so sick to my tummy anymore

Different note:

The kids had a wonderful Christmas. Kate got a gift I told her I wouldn't buy her....that no way on earth would she get it.....to create a new list. She was worried b/c she couldn't come up with anything else....Little did miss fancy pants know I already bought it for her back nov 1st. It was so hard for me to keep the secret...but Christmas morning watching her cry her eyes out was so worth it...It's so fun being a parent.

Little Miss Lily got a haircut....Her hot mess of a head is still a hot mess....if she ever slows down I'll snap a picture of the new her

As for haircuts....the oldest boy got one. Yes.....We took him to a salon and got a cut. It's not "mom's choice" but it's well shorter.....(he looks thrilled for me to take his picture) My sweet 15 yr old would look great if it was buzzed off in my opinion. Ok not buzzed....but clipped shorter....at least now I can see his eyes sort of.....(he's still sporting the 70's look)

Extra (to see who extra is view a few posts back) is still around and Reid is teething and growing and eating and as active as can be for a child that doesn't walk but run. His nickname is Mikey b/c he eats EVERYTHING...seriously there isn't a food this child doesn't like

More updates to come later...

I'm just glad to be back...what's new with you?


The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Glad they didn't give you the boot! I would have missed you!

Christmas was hectic with us! But it was a blast and so special having the new little one. You can see her pics on my blog.

And don't forget to enter my giveaway... It's almost over!

Stef said...

I had this same scare last year at Christmas time. Maybe it is Blogger's way of saying Merry Christmas. I cried when it wouldn't pull up.
Ahhh...I am headed right into those teen years and kids who have minds of their own. Dang...I so can't wait...cough..cough...ahem. He looks great with the haircut!!

LeAnna said...

So glad it resolved itself! Crazy blogger, no wonder so many people switch to Wordpress!!

The Oldest One looks good with his new hair cut! Just wait 'till some girl tells him he'd look cute with it shorter and we'll see how fast he runs to have it cut...not for Mom, oh no, but for a cute girl, yes. ;)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

girl, that is scary!!! i am glad to have you baaaack!

Meant to be a mom said...

I'm so glad you got it fixed. I would have freaked! I'm like you, this is sort of a meticulous baby book. We have one I write in but my blog holds dates and tiny moments that nothing else has in it.

The kids are all getting so big. I'm glad to hear you all had a good Christmas :)

Stacy said...

Welcome back bestie! :)

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