Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cupcakes, Cough, and Coffee


Kate's party could have been a bit more creative on my part, but I was feeling a bit under the weather (worse now) and didn't print out cute labels like I planned....

Here are how the Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes turned out.....
(here's a step by step of how I tried it)

First bake regular size cupcakes and small ones too

Then fill your ice cream cone with candy to help weigh it down. (I used Valentine M&M's)


Next take a bit of your icing and smear a bit on top (think glue) and invert your cupcake on your cone


Do the same with the smaller cupcake


Finally smear that bad boy with tons of icing and add sprinkles or whatever you choose to look like ice cream


It was so funny.....the girls thought they were actual ice cream and couldn't figure out why they wouldn't melt. I finally told them to quit licking the top and take a bite. I giggled watching their faces.

I think I need to hire Lily out. As the guests started arriving she got out her ipod music and made the girls dance and sing. (current tunes mind you....we are hip in this house) stuff like the Fresh Beat Bands "Rock Star" and Miss Gomez's "Love you like a Love Song baby" and other Kidz Bop stuff. The girls were giggling at how funny Lily was. Then she made the girls get on the floor and do the "caterpillar" and they DID.


I think the girls had a great time...I'm sure the parents enjoyed me giving their girls a sugar rush before dinner!


I got to bed by 9 last night thinking....awww sweet bedness.....pillow come to my head and send me to dreamland.....and I did until 9:30 where Lily woke with a screaming fit until 10:30...no idea what was wrong.....I slept from 10:30-1:30 where she did it all over again.....only Reid woke at 2:15 for a boob shake. He really needs to quit this since he only snacked for 15 mins and was out like a light...I think it's more habit now....anywho....I came to bed at 2:30 only to cough until 4:30....non stop. I was in tears I was so tired...I did take some cough medicine only for it not to help.....fell asleep at 4:30 only to wake at 5:15 in another coughing fit....I coughed until 6:40....finally fell asleep only to be woken by miss thang and Reid at 7. Did I mention I'm tired....running on maybe a total of 11 hrs of sleep in 3 days? I'll never get better at this rate.


I thought a cup of warm java with French Van creamer would make my throat feel like a Rock Star...I'm coughing more lungs this morning.....There I sit to drink the warm goodness....when Lily and Reid come running over to me and jump.....It's like that slow motion "NOOOOOOOO"

Splat.....my coffee went all over my hair....down my shirt and all over my skirt. It was like I jumped in a pool of coffee. I tell you today is not my morning. Can I get a do over?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Pinky Pink Pink

No....I didn't find out if we are having a boy or girl (March 14...countdown begins)

I'm talking about Pink Eye....you know the fun stuff....those green boogery gorgeous eyes....where your children wake up screaming they are blind because they can't open their eyes.

Well enter Reid....and then he gave the gift to Lily. It's not pretty around here....

Of course the rest of us are freaking out at every itch of our eyes....Last night hubs cracked me up b/c he said "Ohhh nooo I just touched my eye....ohhh no I'm soooo gonna get it"

Then I got a txt from oldest child at school telling me his eyes itched....then he txt back no they were fine....then he txt he thought they looked swollen.

It's like when you see someone with bugs crawling on them....you think they are crawling on you and start itching too....it's contagious

Add to all of that....the 2 lil ones have nasty coughs (raises hand too) and the pretty ugly nose that constantly runs green rivers. Oh add to that...a fever....swollen glands....yep we got it all here! Nothing but a party over here. (calgon save me.....b/c night time sucks around here)

Got dr's appt this morning for both.....hoping they can FIX my kids since Dude's birthday is Wednesday....and his party (that I have ohhh so been getting ready for) is Saturday.

*Note....just got back from doc. No strep...no rsv....just pink eye (doh).

*a few of you were asking about the Laminator I used for my preschool folder projects....


Here it is on sale on Amazon for a great price of $30

I bought a whole lot of pouches at Target....wallet to 4x6 size to the 8x11 size.

Here are some of the stuff I've been making....I am still searching for Opposite stuff and a clock...Lily is obsessed with clocks (geez wonder where she gets that haha) and what the hands are pointing too.





Not the prettiest folders considering the fact that I had to tape the objects down. No glue was working on the laminate. But Lily is happy with them. I think Reid and baby 6 will too!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cow Gas, Elephant Poop, and Table Talk


Did you know that an elephant poos 80 lbs of poo a day?

Did you know a cow produces 200 times more gas than a person a day?

Did you know you lose brain cells every time you sneeze (I'm still wondering about that one)

Thanks to Pinterest we will know all the answers to these and more.

Who doesn't like to have your kids talking about their day? Or just talking in general. We have family dinner every single night between 5:15-5:30. I usually ask the kids what good and bad thing happened that day but sometimes I get the old "Nothing"

I saw a friend pin "jar of questions" on Pinterest and I was intrigued.

So off I went and printed out as many as I could (until my eyes crossed)

They are not all trivia questions (although those are my favorite)

Some are to get'cha thinking.

For instance....one said..."You are on your way to work and see a cat drowning in the lake....If you stop you will be late for work and you remember your boss said if you are late one more time you will be fired. What do you do?" Now this is soooo not a question for ppl who hate cats is it? haha

I'm still debating on whether or not a cockroach can live for weeks with it's head cut off....I mean it's not like I'm gonna get a cockroach and experiment to see if it's right or not.

If you are looking for fun table talk....I suggest you head over and print this fun

I've also been a busy bee printing and laminating Preschool Folder activities for Miss Thang....



Pinterest you beautiful beautiful thing....

Also Thank You Lord for the rain....been raining since 5pm last night....look at the greenbelt.....it's flooded! Good day.....we need those rivers to swell!!!!!


My favorite days are gray rainy ones....Nothing like snuggling at home with your little babies!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pregnancy Cravings....Family At My Mercy

The thing with pregnancy cravings is that my family is at my craving mercy since I am the one that does all the cooking. 12 weeks yesterday...time is flying

Last week I was thumbing through my hoards of magazines and I ran across this


All of the sudden I was hit....you know the kind of hit where you want to cry about food....I mean I know it sounds so silly....but that dish was all I could think about. I wanted that food and I wanted it now. (I'm not even a big sausage fan...unless it's ground mixed with beef for my meatballs or loaf).

Last night I prepared that dish and let me just tell you....from the first bite I was shouting with joy! Score for pregnant chick. Yes I went for 2nds (and might even have pulled some into a dish for my lunch today when no one was looking)

Did I mention I WILL be making it again next week. I can't help it ....it was that good.

So print the recipe...(off the Johnsonville site mind you) and getta cooking.


The only difference in the recipe....I added chopped onion to the bell pepper. The bell pepper totally made the dish.

Countdown to Mini Me's birthday. 2 more days. She delivered her invites yesterday and they turned out so cute.

I tried my hardest to get the balloons to float....but no matter what paper I used the darn cones were just too heavy and weighed it down. So we ended up putting then on sticks too and tying tulle to the bottom.
The look on the girls faces when she went knocking at their door was cute. They would smile so big!!! I hope her party is a bigger success than last year....since everyone cancelled last minute .....and the only girl that did show was over 1 hr late. (deep sigh) Thankfully she has a better group of friends this year....

Here's Mini Me with her Invites.....


Monday, January 23, 2012

Party Planning Mode....Fun Ideas....

I didn't realize how crazy it could be having 2 kids that have birthdays just 5 days apart. Mini Me's is first....I can still remember her telling me NOT to have Reid on her birthday. Good thing I complied huh!!

So this Friday after school she is having an Ice Cream Parlour/Soda Shoppe Party. Thanks to
Pinterest for some great ideas.

Her Invitations looked something like this photo on the right....(I'm putting the invitation inside the balloon...they have to pop it to get it out)

I thought this was a gorgeous table display for the party too.....Thanks again

and I'm loving the sign and print of this party too...

I'm having a difficult time finding banana split boats containers last minute...any ideas of where you have seen some?

As for dude......I decided against the Tractor theme and I'm going with farm.....Here is what I came up with for the invites....

First I printed the info on a farm card.....then layered it with burlap and rolled up and tied with ribbon....


then I tied that all up in a
bandana and tied to a stick for a little hobo bag.....


I love little Dude's face....he was
soooo happy (he's always happy) I love his scrunched up face!

These hobo sacks were a fun way to deliver the invites door to door....

I can't wait to start decorating....all the 'food' is farm related .....I love parties!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Sweet Tooth Is Killing Me


Yesterday was Wednesday....(I know you need no reminding...maybe I do) and you know that meant dinner with the inlaws.

I made French Dip sandwiches.....there is just something about a massive piece of beef slow cooking in broth and onion soup all day that gets your mouth a water'n. Or when you shred that beef and put it on gorgeous fresh soft sub rolls and melt some swiss (or provolone) over it.....and dip them in the juices...mmmmm. I was even craving salt and vinegar chips....so that made the perfect side kick. It was all about me yesterday or so it seems.

For dessert I had been craving that picture on the side of the nilla wafer box....you know the one....with the eggnog eclair on the side...Well I didn't want Eggnog....I wanted a toasted coconut eclair. (think coconut cream pie)

So what does any pregnant chick do? She makes 2....(well I had to anyways....we've got a crowd to feed and I'm glad I made two...there was none left) I made a regular (none eggnog) and coconut one.

Oh sweet goodness if I hadn't died and gone to heaven when I sampled them.

Here's what you need.....

1 pkg. (8 oz.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened
2 cups cold milk
1 pkg. (3.4 oz.) JELL-O Vanilla Flavor Instant Pudding
1 tub (8 oz.) COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, thawed, divided
78 NILLA Wafers
2 squares BAKER'S Semi-Sweet Chocolate
coconut extract
shredded coconut

Here's what you do....

BEAT cream cheese in large bowl with mixer until creamy. Gradually beat in milk. Add dry pudding mix, coconut extract; beat 2 min. Gently stir in 1-1/2 cups COOL WHIP and a handful of coconut.(I think it was close to about 3/4 cup...I was eyeballing)

LINE 9x5-inch loaf pan with plastic wrap. Arrange 15 wafers, top-sides down, on bottom of pan; cover with 1/4 of the pudding mixture. Repeat layers 3 times. Top with 15 of the remaining wafers. Refrigerate 3 hours.

INVERT dessert onto plate; remove plastic wrap. Microwave chocolate and 1 cup of the remaining COOL WHIP in microwaveable bowl on HIGH 25 sec.; stir until chocolate is completely melted and mixture is well blended. add tbsp of coconut. Mix well. Cool 1 min. Pour over dessert. Garnish with remaining COOL WHIP and wafers. Toast some coconut under your broiler and sprinkle on top of that....(yes I like coconut)

If you are not a fan of coconut (shame on you) then just omit all the extract and shredded coconut steps.

The chocolate topping was sinfully good....I was shocked at how sweet/bitter it tasted and complimented the dessert perfectly.

I wish my picture was better....but I only remembered when there was a small section left....boo to me...

I really need to watch my sweets/carbs. I've decided I'll have carbs at one meal a day and sweets every Wednesday. This way I don't deny myself and binge AND can hopefully keep my weight gain down this pregnancy. So far I haven't gained a lb. (granted I started 10 lbs heavier so I HAD BETTER NOT HAVE GAINED) I usually ALWAYS gain 40 lbs...10 the first 10 weeks. My midwife said it was possible to only gain 15....but I would really have to watch my carbs and make sure I eat low to moderate foods on the glycemic chart and keep my liquids to waters and tea. Today I have failed already.....(deep sigh) I had toast and nutella for breakfast....(I suck)

I'm wondering where all the other pregnant momma's are this time around....the last time I was pregnant (points to Dude) there were 4 other momma's on my street and a handful bloggy friends.....am I alone this time around? Share the bump!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You're My Hero = Code for You're a Freak


When we told our friends....(or pretty much everyone) that we were expecting baby #6, a bunch of people kept saying I was their hero. What did that even mean? Hero for what?

I finally had to ask everyone...

Is that just code for "You're a freak for having 6 kids..better you than me"??? kind of hero?

Everyone says it takes patience to have lots of kids....nope just organization. There are plenty of days I have zero patience for anything. Just like anyone with 1 or 10 kids. Sometimes there are just those days. I find that if I can keep the routine then the house can run smoothly. None of the kids have to ask what they need to be doing or when is dinner...b/c those things happen at same time everyday. (ok some days have hiccups...one needs to be able to go with the flow too)

They say I must have come from a huge family myself. Nope....My mom just had my older brother (by 2 yrs) and me.

They say I must have always wanted a big family....Nope, never really gave it much thought....I just really love being a mommy and each baby has been a blessing when he/she comes.

They say I must be totally loaded.....Nope far from it....Where some families go on exotic vacations with their hubs and 2 kids every winter or summer....or where their kids wear all the designer labels....or they go on dates every weekend with their spouse....or they get to drive the latest flashy pretty new car...Nope...not me. I figure those things will come later in life for me. Right now I instill different kind of life things...I'm instilling family fun....

I love having a pack of kids surrounding me....You know it's funny...when I see a mom with 4 or more kids I think "wow...that's a lot of kids". Then I have to stop and smack my head.....ummm hello Laura...you're about to have 6. I guess it just doesn't phase me that I've got a lot of little rugrats....

I had my first midwife appt yesterday.

Everything went lovely!! Nothing like hearing that precious baby's heart beating....telling you there is yet again another sweet life you've created living inside you.

The visit was definitely a hoot. I'm very grateful my midwives love all 'their' babies as much as they do. My little ones were having a ball in the room with us. Reid was sitting on my chest during half of my exam.....and the other half Betty blew up some hand gloves and the kids played with their "turkeys"

I'm looking forward to another 4 weeks when little bean is heard again....

Mark your calendars....March 14th (I'm sure I'll be reminding you again)....but in 8 weeks we get to see how big Little Bean is and find out if I'm growing a Cowgirl or Cowboy....(looks like from the poll the girls are winning)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Us + 10 = Chaos

Yesterday was a holiday for school, so my neighbor next door....(you know the one with 5 kids also) and I decided to use this holiday to our advantage and schedule a little "Mom's Lunch sans kids" time. We planned it weeks in advance and were giddy with excitement that the day was fast approaching.

We may or may not have txt a few times a day since Friday with the countdown of how many days until our 'girls lunch'. We may or may not have talked about it for days on end too. We may or may not get out that much (grins)

The day of we both agreed we would try to get the babies down so our big kids would only have the 3 yr olds to contend with. Well as luck would have it...her baby wanted to go down super early and mine wouldn't go down at all.

Enter daddy to the rescue. (remember he works from home....and hers was home too this day) So my sweet hubs plucked Dude Friend from my arms and said..."hurry go eat and have fun....." Don't have to tell me twice. Her family decided to play a joke on her and txt the baby woke and she needed to come back....(5 mins after leaving) ...Hardy Har....

Off to lunch...and we sat and dined on chips and salsa...and fajitas and chatted....We may or may not have talked about our kids. I mean heck fire ...we have 5 of them. I'm in the process of convincing her to jump on the 6 kids wagon and they are all for it....so hopefully she won't be too far behind us. (gotta keep the crazy crazy between us you know)

Mini Me txt me as we were paying to ask if we were almost done......and added Reid was doing great. (well then maybe we should stay a little longer right?)

On the drive home Mini Me txt me again to let me know there was a cop car in front of our house and it looked like he was on a stake out.

I'm not sure whether I should panic or giggle at this point.

So we txt back and asked if she answered the door.....she said no.

When we drove up I assumed we'd find a swarm of cop cars....but instead nothing. Mini Me was on the porch ready to go and play (since she worked so hard watching hubs babysit the small ones) and Tara's hubs was standing on the porch waiting too.

Funny part of the story? It was her house that called 911 on accident. (that's what happens when you've got 5 kids and a vacant phone lying around)

A few of her boys heard the cop telling her husband that the call came from the landline. The boys misunderstood and though the cop was talking about there being Land Mines.

I tell you there is never a dull moment with us....

All in a days fun in our families. Glad to know I'm not alone in this raising multiple kids thingy!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Conversations Between a Husband and the Wife

I am tired lately....and it only has a little to do with being pregnant and having Reid wake up still once a night.

But I mainly blame the hubs.

His snoring is getting really bad lately.

I'm usually in bed before him....(I can't keep my eyes open past 9 sometimes)

He wanders in after midnight.....I'm asleep....but yet I hear him come in .....

Which isn't the problem either.

It's he falls asleep before I can....

And then the fun begins. I'm usually up listening to his construction site. That's what it sounds like....jack hammers....or drills....or ur dentist suction thingy.....but magnified like you are in an action scene in a movie at the theatre. Where the surround sound is coming at you from all sides.

And I sit....and I stare and I will him to quit.

I shove him....I shake him....(I might even think ugly things in my head)....I roll him....I even try and wake him.


So there I sit for close to 3 hrs in tears every night dying for sleep.....

Only to have Reid wake up and off I go to soothe him back down....to return to the construction site.

Usually after 5ish his snoring gets quieter. Well that's fine and dandy, but I have to get up by 6:50 for the older kids...

I'm dragging my feet....each morning and hit a brick wall by noon.

So what does any wife do?

Talks to hubs about the snoring...

Me: "I can't take it anymore"

Him: "Not my problem I'm asleep"

Me: "Exactly.....YOU ARE ASLEEP"

Him: "You should try it....close your eyes and sleep"

Me: "I do....but you are so loud you wake up 5 counties"

Him: "I don't see your problem...b/c if you were asleep you wouldn't hear me"

Me: "How can I get to sleep with the fog horn blaring to guide ships in"

Him: "again .....I'm sleeping just fine....you need to just go to sleep b/c if you were sleeping you wouldn't hear me"

Why does he always think it's that simple?

On a different note....Lily was calling for her llama last night. I could hear her walking around the house calling for llama. She came to ask me if I had seen her llama ....that he was missing....hmmm?

She found her llama....Reid. Haha I love watching them play together!

Happy Friday....Here's to quiet weekend of sleep...(fingers crossed)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Always About Her....


Lily of course....


I realized I forgot to brush her teeth the other night....I mean come on it can happen...the house is a crazy mad mess after 7. (anywho...I'm making excuses for my bad parenting)

The next morning I told Lily we needed to get in there and brush her toothies or they would fall out. Her response?

"That's ok mommy....the tooth fairy will bring me lots of money for my teef. I'm never gonna brush them again then"

(ummmm that wasn't what I was going for)

Lily...this girl is always telling me she loves me....and that I'm her bestest girl.

Lily: "Mommy ....I love you very much. You're my bestest gurl e-va. Now look away....I need to sneak into the pantry and get candy"

I usually have to wonder why it is she is telling me I'm her bestest girl....there's usually an alterior motive.

Or my favorite....You remember we co-sleep with this little princess right?

me....sleeping peacefully

Lily: "Mommy .......Mommy......You awake? Here smell my breath....(blows) Was that stinky?"

I'm awake I'm awake!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Miscellany Monday...and Giveaway Winner

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Like Carissa says, "Write Random and Link up

one. Winner Winner

#33 Sweet Ashley over at Ashley's Carnival Ride

Ashley said...

Ooh fun! I like Shabby Apple on FB!

January 5, 2012 4:17 PM

Congrats Ashley!!! Contact me with your info......

(I don't know why the # of the winner didn't show up on my image...Hubs was my witness...I assumed I followed the directions right)

two. Bugs

And not the ants or roaches kind. Don't I wish....nope, we were lucky enough to have Mr Tummy Bug come to our house again. And Mrs cough and nasty nose too. I tell you this winter has been no fun and it's really not even that cold this year. It was quite lovely having oldest child stay home Thursday and Friday... just not the clean up! The house seems to be on the mend.....stop by at your own risk

three. Fear

Well I'm 10 weeks today....the same # of weeks when I went for my check up and found out I lost the baby (before Reid) I tell myself something is wrong again b/c I don't feel pregnant ...other than the "feet dragging passing out teeth grinding" tired. Other than that...I feel normal. Which always has me freaking out. I go next Tuesday for my appt I have mixed feelings. All I want for her to say is...Yep there's the heartbeat...all is well, but it seems like yesterday I was hearing the words...."I'm sorry, but I think there is something wrong" I need to learn to settle and not worry so much. Easier said than done, but it's the not knowing and waiting that makes these first 12 weeks so hard. I hoped going in for the ultrasound a few weeks ago would calm my fears...and it did..for a bit..... we need a window to peek inside whenever we want to make us mommy's settle.

four. Clippy

The other day Lily and I were playing beauty salon. I sit in the floor and she gets all the brushes and sprays and bows to make me pretty. She said she was going to get the 'clippy' to fix my hair. I assumed she meant clips....I can hear her coming up behind me saying something like "yea I've got clippy...now I'll fix your hair". Something made me turn around just as she was 6" from me with the scissors opening and closing. WOOHOO...that was a close one. Imagine if I didn't turn? I would be sporting a really short do

five. Mini Me and Dude

Both have birthday's coming up....Mini Me's birthday is in 17 days (she keeps reminding me daily of the updated countdown) I am running out of themes for her...I think we might do an after school Ice Cream Sundae Bar. She has already requested some decorated cookies to take to school. Aww her last year of Elementary...when you can take treats on your birthday. Sad she's growing up....what happened to my sweet little 4 yr old? For Dude I was going to do the tractor theme...but modified it to a barnyard theme. Send ideas my way please.

six. Aunts and Uncles

My Aunt and Uncle are coming to visit me this weekend. I am thrilled...I can't even imagine how long it's been since I've last seen them...and I'm really excited they get to meet all my kids (how sad I can't remember if they have met any) I was telling the kids who was coming. And of course I get the ...."wow you still have aunts and uncles...." ugh...Yes kids...ALL OF MOMMY'S AUNTS AND UNCLES ARE STILL LIVING. (thankfully) I tried to explain they are my parents age...but I think that goes right over their heads. I mean anything older than 30 is ancient right?!.......I must say I am thrilled....I need to whip out my recipes and wow them with something yummy!

six. Peppa Pig

Lily has another new obsession. I have to agree....I love Peppa...her accent is adorable and it's especially fun hearing their different words for things and having a discussion with Lily about them...ie a shopping buggy is a trolley. Lift for elevator. Wellies for rainboots ..... The other day we were at the grocery store and Lily pointed to some Tomatoes and said it just like Peppa.....I had a huge giggle...Funny how she picked up Peppa's accent for the red fruit/veg and thinks that is the correct accent for it. I don't think I'll correct her...I think hearing "toe-ma-toe" sounds much prettier.

seven. Poll

Upper right corner of blog you'll see a cowgirl/cowboy poll. The cowgirls are winning...place your bets

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shabby Apple Giveaway Ending Soon...

Don't forget about the Shabby Apple giveaway ending in a few hours. Hurry to enter

Friday, January 6, 2012

Creamy Blueberry Banana Dessert


I had totally forgotten about this recipe....it was stashed in the back of my dessert card file. I have so many recipe boxes or folders or clipping around that I totally need to get organized this year and bust a system out. I can't part with some of my actual handwritten recipe cards though....they have history/memories/sentimental value.

It was nearing Wednesday dinner with the Inlaws and I needed a dessert. I thought blueberry....which had me thinking fruity....which had me thinking cream cheese....which made a light bulb go off to remind me of this dessert.

I'm not even sure it has an actual name....nor can I remember where I got this...(from a person not a book)
I hadn't made it in years, but knew it was a favorite of mine.

YOU MUST MAKE IT.....everyone went in for 2nds if not 3rds. That's when you know you have a winner on your hands. Simple ingredients Simple to prepare...what more can you ask for?

Blueberry Banana Dessert

1 pkg Pecan Sandies

3-4 bananas

8 0z cream cheese (softened)

1 1/4 cup powdered sugar

1 tsp lemon juice

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 pint cool whip

blueberry pie filling


cream cheese, powered sugar, lemon juice, and vanilla until smooth. Fold in cool whip

In a 9x13 layer pecan cookies on the bottom

top with banana slices

top with cream cheese mixture (I've even thought about doubling for extra)

*dollop cream cheese all over top and then spread together. Go slow ....takes a few mins to spread*


Spread blueberry pie filling before serving.

I like to make mine the day before.....and I put the pie filling in the fridge too. I will spread the filling before I serve...(I like things cold) The flavors overnight have a chance to marry ...and the cookies soften a bit....it's quite lovely!

A few of you were asking about a GENDER POLL.
Check the upper right corner of my blog and cast your vote for a cowgirl or cowboy. I'm hoping to find out March 14th!!! (seems forever and a day away)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

That's My Girl....More Lily-isms

I'm in that 1st trimester exhaustion phase....I'll take it since that means the pregnancy is progressing on schedule, but I'M TIRED!!!!

After dinner the other night, I went to lay down in the middle of the floor surrounded by the little kid's toys. I was hoping I could grab like 10 mins of 'rest' while they played. (Who was I kidding)

Lily proceeds to grab a basketball and bounce it loudly by my head.

Me: "Lily...that is really loud.....Mommy is trying to rest"

Lily: "I know it's really loud....I don't want you to sleep..I'm going to go on the Naughty List"

Lily: "Mommy?"

Me: "Yes Lily"

Lily: "Can I smell your eyeballs"


Someone has taught Lily the word "STUPID" .....I totally hate that word...and it definitely doesn't belong coming out of her mouth.

This is what I heard from her all day

Lily: "come here you stupid pillow"
"Sissy what are you doing at the stupid door?"
"Hey stupid dog....want to go outside?"
"Hey may I have a stupid snack"

That's just lovely....and of course the more I explained that word isn't acceptable the more AWESOME the word became. I am hoping that by tomorrow when she wakes it will be forgotten from her vocab.


"Mommy you are my most favorite Mommy in the world....You're my best friend"
(love her)


Lily: "Mommy ...it's time to wake up....we need to go downstairs and see Sprinkles"
Me: (ugh it's early...I want sleep...but is curious who Sprinkles is) "Who is Sprinkles"
Lily: "Our new dog...come and look"

Of course I do and sprint downstairs in a panic thinking she has let some strange dog in.....but nothing was there...I think she just did her first trick to get me up


My baby turned 11 months on New Years Day. It's time to start planning the 1st birthday John Deere Tractor themed party....if any of you have idea boards send them my way. I have been hitting up Pinterest galore. Back in October our neighbor was throwing away their haystacks they had used for decoration. I took them (one person's trash is another person's treasure) I thought they would be cute to use to place treats and food on (you know the whole varying height decor thing)

Here's sweet boy....I was running out of prop ideas...


Don't forget about my Shabby Apple giveaway....it ends Sunday.....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

*Shabby Apple Giveaway*

I am in ♥ with Shabby Apple. I drool daily over their gorgeous site. I can't even begin to list the dresses and shoes and necklaces I would kill for.

Well today is YOUR lucky day.....(boo to me) that you get to be the proud owner of this gorgeous necklace by winning it on my bloggy.

The White Rabbit's Time Keeper
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shabby apple
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Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Years Surprise.....

A new blog look......I thought the New Year needed to start off right.

Ok that's not the whole SURPRISE.....THIS IS...

It's still early yet but.......



Little bean is 9 weeks today. It's been super hard keeping this secret for as long as I did.
And the fact that it's #6 makes little bean pop out my belly a little faster than before. So hiding is starting to be an issue.

I went in last week to double check that all those little "Pregnant" sticks were really true, and lo and behold they were.

I tell you no matter how many babies I see on a sono each one makes me giggle with delight at such a tiny miracle.

Pregnancy is a gift that I don't take for granted.....(esp after losing the baby before Reid) I was a little more nervous when I was carrying him....I kept thinking all the 'what if's' ...this time around I have decided to sit back and enjoy what I've been given. It's in God's hands....(Easy to type harder to let go though)

Speaking of God....I am guessing He has a sense of humor when it comes to me.....Lily and Reid both don't sleep through the night. Lily wakes a few times seeking a warm body. Then when she does she will twirl my hair until I swear it's going to break off at the scalp...(how she puts herself to sleep) Reid....? Well when he teethes the whole world knows. I can't seem to catch a break. His nose runs and he gets a cough...which makes him miserable. Takes forever to get the nose and cough to go away....only to start it all over again with another tooth. Which really throws his schedule off. He will have one really good week and then BOOM a new tooth...and there we are for another 3 weeks off sleeping. I keep praying babe 6 pops out happy and sleeping through the night. (a girl can dream)

Wondering the reaction of the big kids? We got that "look" again.....Extra asked where on earth the baby was going to sleep since we are out of rooms. Then of course they all look at each other and shout they are not sharing with anyone. Aww gotta love sibling love. That was it....no 'ohhh yea how cool'

So there you have the secret.....I am horrible at keeping them....especially when it's an exciting one!

My next midwife appt is in a few weeks....I think when I hear that little heartbeat again and make it past the 1st tri hurdle we can let our hair down officially and party like it's 1999....

Hope you stick with me on my journey of a middle aged mom who's a hot mess pregnant with #6. I don't have all the answers....I just pretend to my kids I do.

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