Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cupcakes, Cough, and Coffee


Kate's party could have been a bit more creative on my part, but I was feeling a bit under the weather (worse now) and didn't print out cute labels like I planned....

Here are how the Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes turned out.....
(here's a step by step of how I tried it)

First bake regular size cupcakes and small ones too

Then fill your ice cream cone with candy to help weigh it down. (I used Valentine M&M's)


Next take a bit of your icing and smear a bit on top (think glue) and invert your cupcake on your cone


Do the same with the smaller cupcake


Finally smear that bad boy with tons of icing and add sprinkles or whatever you choose to look like ice cream


It was so funny.....the girls thought they were actual ice cream and couldn't figure out why they wouldn't melt. I finally told them to quit licking the top and take a bite. I giggled watching their faces.

I think I need to hire Lily out. As the guests started arriving she got out her ipod music and made the girls dance and sing. (current tunes mind you....we are hip in this house) stuff like the Fresh Beat Bands "Rock Star" and Miss Gomez's "Love you like a Love Song baby" and other Kidz Bop stuff. The girls were giggling at how funny Lily was. Then she made the girls get on the floor and do the "caterpillar" and they DID.


I think the girls had a great time...I'm sure the parents enjoyed me giving their girls a sugar rush before dinner!


I got to bed by 9 last night thinking....awww sweet bedness.....pillow come to my head and send me to dreamland.....and I did until 9:30 where Lily woke with a screaming fit until 10:30...no idea what was wrong.....I slept from 10:30-1:30 where she did it all over again.....only Reid woke at 2:15 for a boob shake. He really needs to quit this since he only snacked for 15 mins and was out like a light...I think it's more habit now....anywho....I came to bed at 2:30 only to cough until 4:30....non stop. I was in tears I was so tired...I did take some cough medicine only for it not to help.....fell asleep at 4:30 only to wake at 5:15 in another coughing fit....I coughed until 6:40....finally fell asleep only to be woken by miss thang and Reid at 7. Did I mention I'm tired....running on maybe a total of 11 hrs of sleep in 3 days? I'll never get better at this rate.


I thought a cup of warm java with French Van creamer would make my throat feel like a Rock Star...I'm coughing more lungs this morning.....There I sit to drink the warm goodness....when Lily and Reid come running over to me and jump.....It's like that slow motion "NOOOOOOOO"

Splat.....my coffee went all over my hair....down my shirt and all over my skirt. It was like I jumped in a pool of coffee. I tell you today is not my morning. Can I get a do over?


LeAnna said...

{{hugs}} I had a horrible bronchial infection when I was first pregnant with Q. I remember sitting on the couch in the wee hours of the morning, unable to stop coughing. It's awful! Praying you get some rest this week, friend.

The icecream cupcakes turned out too cute!

Stacy @ Cardigans and Crayons said...

I'm so sorry!! I wish I were closer and could come watch some babies and let you nap. Feel better soon!!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I have a double ear infection/upper resp infection. Sucks. BIG TIME!! I so know the feeling of what you are going through!!!

Kate's cupcakes turned out great! How was the party?!?!

Caroline said...

Those cupcakes are just too cute!!! So glad the party went well. Hope the house gets better soon!

Anna said...

Bless your heart!! Hope you're feeling better and can get some rest mama!

Amber said...

Those cupcakes are so adorable! I hope you all get to feeling better! xoxo

carissa at lowercase letters said...

cutest stuff ever. LOVE!

ps. you know what's a tragedy? for some reason, in my blog feed, it says that your blog has not been updated in 2 weeks. which is why i haven't been around... what a shame! blogger messes up way too much. the end.

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