Thursday, January 5, 2012

That's My Girl....More Lily-isms

I'm in that 1st trimester exhaustion phase....I'll take it since that means the pregnancy is progressing on schedule, but I'M TIRED!!!!

After dinner the other night, I went to lay down in the middle of the floor surrounded by the little kid's toys. I was hoping I could grab like 10 mins of 'rest' while they played. (Who was I kidding)

Lily proceeds to grab a basketball and bounce it loudly by my head.

Me: "Lily...that is really loud.....Mommy is trying to rest"

Lily: "I know it's really loud....I don't want you to sleep..I'm going to go on the Naughty List"

Lily: "Mommy?"

Me: "Yes Lily"

Lily: "Can I smell your eyeballs"


Someone has taught Lily the word "STUPID" .....I totally hate that word...and it definitely doesn't belong coming out of her mouth.

This is what I heard from her all day

Lily: "come here you stupid pillow"
"Sissy what are you doing at the stupid door?"
"Hey stupid dog....want to go outside?"
"Hey may I have a stupid snack"

That's just lovely....and of course the more I explained that word isn't acceptable the more AWESOME the word became. I am hoping that by tomorrow when she wakes it will be forgotten from her vocab.


"Mommy you are my most favorite Mommy in the world....You're my best friend"
(love her)


Lily: "Mommy's time to wake up....we need to go downstairs and see Sprinkles"
Me: (ugh it's early...I want sleep...but is curious who Sprinkles is) "Who is Sprinkles"
Lily: "Our new dog...come and look"

Of course I do and sprint downstairs in a panic thinking she has let some strange dog in.....but nothing was there...I think she just did her first trick to get me up


My baby turned 11 months on New Years Day. It's time to start planning the 1st birthday John Deere Tractor themed party....if any of you have idea boards send them my way. I have been hitting up Pinterest galore. Back in October our neighbor was throwing away their haystacks they had used for decoration. I took them (one person's trash is another person's treasure) I thought they would be cute to use to place treats and food on (you know the whole varying height decor thing)

Here's sweet boy....I was running out of prop ideas...


Don't forget about my Shabby Apple ends Sunday.....


LeAnna said...

Silly Lily, and Caaayooottie Reid!

We did a JD bd for Q's 2nd, but I'm soooo not a party gal, so he had a tractor cake and that was it.

So, where's the baby gender poll? I need to cast my vote. ;)

Stacy said...

A. Eli wants to smell everything lately. What is that about??

B. I can't believe your 11 month old is walking. Nay, running. My 14 month old hasn't even thought about it!

C. Meri Hobbs tells Sam that he's already on the naughty list for next year.

Stacy said...


Eli is walking around to every available surface in the living room right now saying, "Can I lick this? Can I lick THIS?"

Strange child.

Kristen said...

"I am going to be on the naughty list" - too funny!

I can't wait to see how the John Deere party turns out! Wish I had ideas to share but I am so NOT creative!

mountain mama said...

Uh, you're prego???!!! I must have missed that announcement t! Congrats :D

jen said...

I want a gender poll too! I'm betting you get another Lily--girl and spunky!

Secret Mommy said...

Oh, I adore her Lily-isms! :)

Southern Belle Mama said...

Your Lily makes me smile as much as my Lilly does! Pinterest is definitely the place to go for ideas! Joh Deere will be a great theme. :)

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Oh silly girl!

Anna said...

Lily is a riot!! And how cute is that little man! Yay for tractor parties :)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Aww! Look at sweet Reid!!! :)

Dianna said...

That is crazy that you said a John Deere theme. Have you mentioned this before? I spent Friday evening playing on the internet saving ideas for a John Deere themed party for Cooper. Yes he is only 6 months but I got excited thinking about it and ran with it! I am not on pinterest so I played on Ebay and Etsy!

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