Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Us + 10 = Chaos

Yesterday was a holiday for school, so my neighbor next door....(you know the one with 5 kids also) and I decided to use this holiday to our advantage and schedule a little "Mom's Lunch sans kids" time. We planned it weeks in advance and were giddy with excitement that the day was fast approaching.

We may or may not have txt a few times a day since Friday with the countdown of how many days until our 'girls lunch'. We may or may not have talked about it for days on end too. We may or may not get out that much (grins)

The day of we both agreed we would try to get the babies down so our big kids would only have the 3 yr olds to contend with. Well as luck would have it...her baby wanted to go down super early and mine wouldn't go down at all.

Enter daddy to the rescue. (remember he works from home....and hers was home too this day) So my sweet hubs plucked Dude Friend from my arms and said..."hurry go eat and have fun....." Don't have to tell me twice. Her family decided to play a joke on her and txt the baby woke and she needed to come back....(5 mins after leaving) ...Hardy Har....

Off to lunch...and we sat and dined on chips and salsa...and fajitas and chatted....We may or may not have talked about our kids. I mean heck fire ...we have 5 of them. I'm in the process of convincing her to jump on the 6 kids wagon and they are all for it....so hopefully she won't be too far behind us. (gotta keep the crazy crazy between us you know)

Mini Me txt me as we were paying to ask if we were almost done......and added Reid was doing great. (well then maybe we should stay a little longer right?)

On the drive home Mini Me txt me again to let me know there was a cop car in front of our house and it looked like he was on a stake out.

I'm not sure whether I should panic or giggle at this point.

So we txt back and asked if she answered the door.....she said no.

When we drove up I assumed we'd find a swarm of cop cars....but instead nothing. Mini Me was on the porch ready to go and play (since she worked so hard watching hubs babysit the small ones) and Tara's hubs was standing on the porch waiting too.

Funny part of the story? It was her house that called 911 on accident. (that's what happens when you've got 5 kids and a vacant phone lying around)

A few of her boys heard the cop telling her husband that the call came from the landline. The boys misunderstood and though the cop was talking about there being Land Mines.

I tell you there is never a dull moment with us....

All in a days fun in our families. Glad to know I'm not alone in this raising multiple kids thingy!


Stacy said...

How fun!! Glad you got to enjoy some adult time!!

Neely said...

Whats up with you and cops Laura? :)

Anna said...

This is awesome :) So glad you got some you time!

Dianna said...

Yay! Glad you got some time out of the house without the kiddos! The land mine thing made me laugh!

Stacie said...

I'm glad you got some kid-free time but everything else you posted about cracked me up!

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