Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm Gonna Regret This....

but I long for warmer temps.

Just remind me I said that when I'm complaining of the 100' temps for weeks straight.
Remind me when I'm swollen like a pickle (mmmm pickles) and my feet are the size of my head
Remind me when my fingers ache to open and close
Just remind me of these cooler temps.
Remind me how warm and cozy the brown fuzzy blanket I have on my bed feels during the winter months.

By night time my fingers are ice crystals. The baby can't stand for me to touch him....I can feel my body shaking from the inside out and it seems it takes forever to warm. Thankfully hubs gives into my craziness and covers me with my favorite blanket when we sit on the couch at night. I shiver and shake for a few mins when I finally settle into bed....and I dread the many trips to the bathroom during the night......I shiver the whole time there....

I do remind myself that I can run there w/o pain for now see in a handful of weeks...(oh by 25 it seems) my back starts to seize up when I walk or roll out of bed. I can remember with Lily and Reid how long it took me to make it to the potty ...each step hurt like fire shooting through my back and legs..or the fact that my back would lock up making it near impossible to move....not looking forward to that....

It is getting warmer here during the days...its the nights that have me shivering.

The kids think I've lost it too. At night I scream at them to quit walking...I know crazy right? But they make cold wind and then it blows past me. You should see them making fun of me...they'll crawl....or purposely run past me multiple times....(real hams)

So I know I will regret my words....they will come to haunt me like "the woman in black" (which by the way...I'm a sucker for scary movies)

I think I'm starting to swell just by typing this....


Lily pried by eyes open this morning and said

"Mommy....why do you have a bump in your belly?"

Silly girl knows why....she just loves hearing about the baby! She is the sweetest...she talks to my belly telling "rosie" how much she loves her and can't wait to see her. (yes lily has deemed this a girl) She'll rub my belly and say she's hugging her.

I've borrowed my friends baby doppler and Lily loves listening to the baby's heart beating....she'll say "Hi baby....we can hear you....can you hear us?" (Sadly I don't have the heart to tell her the baby probably can't hear us yet....thank goodness....or he or she will want to stay in forever like Reid)

Tonight is Wednesday Night dinner with the INLAWS...On the menu ....Kate's Choice....Green Pasta. (Grilled Chicken w/Pesto Farfalle) and my favorite Texas Sheet Cake

I'm surprised I have yet to post it....It's by far my favorite sheet cake recipe

Texas Sheet Cake w/Fudge Frosting



This is by far my favorite frosting recipe...I literally lick the bowl clean! (No shame)


Caroline said...

Bring on the 100 degree weather. And I'm not commenting on the dessert. Yum!

Angie said...

I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but that sheet cake looks amazing!!!!!

I long for spring, but I'm okay with a few more winter days. Oh I'm just so wishy washy!

Kristin said...

That is the best cake ever!
It's our favorite chocolate cake, ever.

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