Monday, February 27, 2012

Miscellany Monday----17 weeks

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

one. 17 weeks


and counting...holy macaroni batman! my fav checker at walmart commented that i'm almost getting close to the halfway mark. how is that possible? i just found out (or so it seems) i guess by the 6th baby it flies by...still working out sleeping arrangements....and dying to find out if it's a girl or boy! hubs and i came up with some names the other day.....the girl name of course hasn't changed from when we were picking boy and girl with reid....we're one of 'those' that like to find out before the bless'ed event! People say well then it's not a surprise...yeah it is....b/c I didn't know before the tech tells me...and I HAVE to have the room ready...clothes, blankets, and sheets washed....I need it all prepared...No last minute shopping after baby is born...who wants to shop AFTER baby? I also like to give him/her a name while still kicking inside...makes me feel more attached....dreaming of hair color, eye color and what they will look like....makes it all the more real.

two. flutter

speaking of sweet bean....I felt her/him move this weekend for the first time...I was sitting eating dinner with the family and felt this tiny flutter in my lower belly...that little "hey mommy notice me notice me I'm real". The best feeling in the world feeling that little flutter for the first time. Hi Sweetie!

three. one handed

I do a lot of things one handed....cook, type, take pictures, eat, grocery shop, laundry, crack eggs, walk....just to name a few. Why? Because there is usually a babe on my hip...and it looks to be the case for another 3 years...I've perfected picking up stuff with my toes....but there is one thing I don't recommend doing one handed? Opening a can of Canola Spray (you know the Pam stuff) I popped the top with one hand this morning while baking Banana Nut Muffins....Guess the nozzle was facing me....I guess I popped the top too close to the nozzle...I guess it sprayed me in the eyes....Better me then Dude Friend...I guess I still have a few more things to learn one handed...

four. tweens

Mini Me cracks me up....she so wants to grow up and I soooo seem to stifle that growth. Too many of our (meaning the world) girls grow up too fast and miss out on being a little girl. Trust me I would if I could go back in time... She is constantly wanting to put make up on...or wear perfume....or the dreaded 'shave my legs' . Honey what you don't understand is once you do that....YOU CAN'T QUIT. I've put dates on most of these things...praying those dates never come (a mom can dream) This weekend after I put the babies to we went for mom and daughter cheesecake date. It was great to get away with just her to visit. Then yesterday she went with me to run an errand...on the way home I asked her a the most dramatic of all voices....she said "I have no emotion to answer...I'm soooo hungry" and that was that! TWEENS


If you remember last week I tried to make the King's Cake for Fat Tuesday...and I didn't bloom my dern yeast. I take pride in my baking...I'm not much of a cook...but now a baker?...that's different. There isn't a recipe (usually) that I can't conquer. What is wrong with me? Ok so today I got my yeast going perfectly....but the sucker rises 5 times bigger than it was supposed to I guess during the 2nd rise....(I tried patting down) and when it baked? Don't get me started of the hilarious sight. First I made a mistake by doubling the filling and adding some...(I didn't all the whole double...but I know how my man likes a little more of filling in stuff) The ring didn't seal together like it was supposed to...and yes I followed the busted apart and the inside oozed out. Now if I had followed the directions and put it on a baking sheet like it said (I used my stone b/c well heck I usually use my stone while baking) it wouldn't have caused the smoke filled house. Because what happens when something drips (no runs) off your pan and into the bottom of your stove? Yes, that would be the mommy and toddler who find the kitchen filled with smoke after reading a book in the other room. Dear me....not only did I take it out b/c it was browning too soon....but it look horrid. I will conquer this recipe...I have never ever met a recipe I can't bake.


(Note...I did peel off the top left side of ring to taste wasn't bad...but I wonder if the middle side of the ring got cooked through? I'm still gonna ice and decorate it later...the kids will still eat my masterpiece (ummm failure) Try and Try again!


Neely said...

My vote is for a little girl! I love the name :)

LeAnna said...

Love that you did a full body shot this time! You look beautiful, Mama! My Mom taught me the fine art of picking things up with your toes. Oh, the things we learn.

Girls really are so much more dramatic, aren't they? I yi yi.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Looking awesome, L!!! :)

Stacy @ Cardigans and Crayons said...

You look great! Making me jealous!!

Jennifer said...

Looking good!!!

The Herd said...

I want to see this thing iced!!!

Alyssa said...

You look great! I have baby fever! Thanks for feeding into that more lol!

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