Monday, February 13, 2012

Miscellany Monday ---- Valentine Edition

Miscellany Monday @<br />lowercase letters

one. hubs

My hubs isn't a mushy one...In fact he hates Valentine's's a made up Hallmark holiday to drive men insane (his words) Even my birthday's card will say something like "happy birthday grandma" I said real romantic.
I know he's capable...when we were dating he bought me 2 movies....1 he said he would never watch in his entire life....but then bought it for me and said only for me would he watch it. What movie? Titanic....the 2nd one is our favorite...The Notebook. I sobbed like a baby on his shoulder during a date....
Point of story? I overhead hubs ordering me and the girls a Valentine idea what is was for....doesn't matter.......It could be a ball of string and I'm excited...the man doesn't do Valentine's Day so this is huge!!

two. teens

Oldest child 1st Valentine's with the ol girlfriend. They are celebrating with dessert at a restaurant (ohh lala) and the exchanging of gifts....they got practical...both bought each other books....yep! That's my boy! Loves to read and found a chick that does too. He even hand made a card. (with my help and the Cricut) Melts my heart. If only young love can stay this sweet.

three. my last school valentine

Mini Me is in 5th grade this is the last child to take Valentine's to school....(next 3 kids are homeschooled) I got on Pinterest (what else) to find cute ideas. I saw the Pop Rock candy with You Rock....and got excited....ummmm I guess I'm lame b/c she said so. What and a Valentine with a kitten saying "You're Puuuurfect" is better? I'm all about the homemade.

four. the meal

So I'm trying to think of a cute meal to prepare for the family for Tuesday....I came up with my Diner Meatloaf cups....but instead of using the muffin tin...I'm gonna try and mold them into heart shapes....then smashed potatoes and a veggie....I'm thinking for dessert...Heart shaped brownies topped with ice cream

These on Pinterest looked sinful!

five. Sicky

Not really Valentiney, but.....

Reid and Lily are still sick....Reid was running 101-102 since Thursday...took him to dr and couldn't find the cause (probably flu) Then yesterday his fever went to low grade...only to have Lily start in at 101...and a nasty wet (won't tell you what came out) cough that was gross....Poor baby looks horrible and keeps saying "Momma I'm so sick" Poor sweetie I know....Just when I thought Reid was better...he woke up with a green nose and cough. I mean really? Can I not catch a break? So for V day we'll be inside enjoying the snow/sleet/rain! As if we were gonna party like a Rock Star anyways right?

six. 15 weeks

Sweet bean is 15 weeks growing strong today. I have my midwife appt on Wednesday....Nothing to complain about yet...I feel terrific...just tired...but not from being pregnant....from not having any sleep these past 5 weeks with sick kids on and off. I feel great....not gaining weight (as of yet, knock on wood) and pretty non hormonal (hubs can raise hands to roof for that) I hope this pregnancy continues to be uneventful. Momma could use that. 30 days until sono...can't wait to see him or her


Neely said...

Hope its a girl! They need to be evened out :)

Caroline said...

Post a belly pic!

Joanne said...

we have the cough/fever thing over here too... keeps going back and forth between Elise and Mattias. No fun! Hope your kiddos get better soon!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

i am so excited that you're 15 weeks already! girl, it's going by fast... at least for me. ; )

aww, your big guy and his valentine, how cute. books are a wise choice!

your man sounds like mine. we don't really do valentines either. but it is fun to make a good meal. yours is bound to be wonderful, i know it!

LeAnna said...

My Hubby's not big into V-Day gifts, either. He'd rather get me something any ol' time of the year. I wonder what yours ordered his girls?!

My favorite part of Valentines is making a fancy meal for everyone. Only this year we're not going uber fancy, because I don't want to spend my evening in the kitchen.

I sure hope your babies feel better soon. It's so hard on Mama, physically and mentally when her babies aren't well. Hugs to you, friend!

Shannon said...

Hmmmm, Sweet Bean? Ha! Catchy...I kinda like it...just kidding! :)

On a more serious note, so sorry to hear about your family friend. That's awfully scary. I will include her in my thoughts and prayers!


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