Friday, February 10, 2012

Snippy's are NOT our Friends

1. Snippy

We are homeschooling Miss Thang and of course doing the "Snippy" thing. You know what I'm talking about cutting with the dreaded scissors. I had really been scared to even start that when the oldest child was little and failed him. I didn't want him cutting shirts and hair and so I was really late (like say...ohhh on the way to Kindergarten) before I gave him scissors. Which for fine motor skills that should be a no no. So with the next kids I started early. (or earlier)

Enter Lily....ugh she would see me using "Snippy's" and want to try. So I added lessons to her preschool folders. First just getting the hang of where your fingers go and how to open and close the snippy...Then next trying on paper. Then trying cutting stuff up on the paper.

Yesterday I wasn't really paying attention (my bad) I thought she was still cutting the paper while I was cleaning the kitchen. I've been over the lesson
"We ONLY cut paper...if mommy sees you cutting anything but paper I will take your snippy's away"

Deep sigh

I look over and Lily looks guilty.....First thing I think is hair?!! I don't see anything yet amiss....but I go to gather her hair in my hand and pull.....yes...I get a wad of hair.....Look at her again.... She has decided to give herself bangs.
She's the first of my kids to do this...again ....I'm not sure why I'm surprised. I mean after 5 kids...Lily is the first to do pretty much everything no one else did.


I know bangs are the 'in' thing...but I wasn't really going for the self cut kind.

That's my Lily

Maybe she has a future in Hair?


Neely said...

Oh Lilly...must say this did not surprise me haha

Caroline said...

Poor girl! It doesn't look too bad.

A Lil Story said...

ooooh nooooo! hehe- she's got such a pretty face, I think she can pull off the bangs look ;)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

further reason to keep snippy's away from Hunter still. ha! she is still cute no matter what. and, bangs are totally in these days. Hunter got a pair of real scissors for his bday from his aunt. he told me he loved them and wanted to take them to bed with him. ??? hilarious.

allie-mac-fallie said...

haha at least its just right there in the front as opposed to the side or something ha :) Shes still cute as can be!

Stacie said...

Too cute even if it was an "oops!"

Dianna said...

She cracks me up! I am sure I wouldn't be laughing if it was my kid though! My sister gave herself bangs when she was little. And I cut all of the curls off of my hair the week before Easter pictures!

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