Friday, March 2, 2012

Pregnancy Hormones....The Laughter Kind

I seriously have had the giggles lately. Everything that seems to happen is really are a few things this week that got me in stitches...Again probably not funny to anyone else, but I couldn't stop..


I have some really big glass jars that I have some of that chalkboard vinyl on for labels. I have a sugar, powdered sugar, flour, and rice jar. I usually have the words in French....through use (touching and grabbing the jars) the words were smearing so I wiped them all off and was looking for chalk to rewrite them. Being me....(clears throat) I got side tracked and never got around to rewriting them. I KNOW which jar is which though...they are always in the same order. Enter hubs

He went to make some dinner on Tuesday night....Shrimp in a garlic lemon sauce....he used the "flour" to thicken the mixture...I kept seeing him make faces...and kept adding stuff to his mixture. I was busy doing other things and not totally paying attention to him....I remember looking at the counter and thinking..."Why is my Powdered Sugar jar out?" Light bulb goes off....
"Ummm honey? Did you use that jar on the counter there?"
"Yes? why?"
"Well b/c that's not flour....that's powdered sugar"
"Well that explains why my shrimp and sauce are really sweet and not the flavor I was going for"
Me....uncontrollable laughter. I mean I know it's funny, but not that funny, but I couldn't help myself....
He ate it anyways...


Around dusk Lily, Reid, Me, and the In Laws were outside letting the kids play...the neighbors came out and all the kids were playing.....then it started to get dark out....but the fun continued....
Out on the upstairs balcony Kate comes out and hollers for me to come up...I holler back that I will in a minute....I tell her to come to us...and she cries NOOOO
She comes back out a few mins later...same thing ....and I said same thing...In a min
A few mins later...out she comes AGAIN. This time we pack up and go in.....Upstairs I go to her room....only to find her in tears WITH A COMB TWISTED AND TANGLED IN HER BANGS. I couldn't help but bust out laughing. Which of course had her crying more. I told her that was a huge mess and either I could work it out....or we'd have to cut it out...(it was really bad) She cried harder....I laughed harder. I ended up working the comb out and all was well! She learned the hard way that you don't twist your hair around combs....and ask someone else to help you because your mom is a freak.


Back before Reid was born Lily would take a bath at night with Barbie and Ken. She named Ken Dude Friend....(That is where Reid got his nickname...)

So last night I remembered Ken and Barbie and got them out for the 2 buddies to play with in the tub. I handed Reid Dude and Lily Barbie.....Reid stared at Ken for a a weird expression...then got up in the water on his hands and feet (like a bear) then looked at me with horror and belted out screaming in terror. Again...I busted out laughing...(great mom huh....he's terrified and I laugh) I guess a naked Ken Barbie in the tub is enough to scare anyone huh? I'm dying to know what was going on in his head.

But with each of these I start laughing and can't stop....the kind where you can't look in pain, but you're really laughing...and the minute you think you're done you start up again.....It's good for the soul.

I'm pretty sure sweet bean growing in my belly thinks I'm totally insane already. It's not alone....the other siblings already know that.


Dianna said...

The barbie and ken story really cracked me up!

Amber said...

Hahaha, your hubs using powdered sugar is funny! I bet dinner was sweet ;)

LeAnna said...

You make ME laugh! Haha! The ken story is hilarious! And oh my goodness, I can't believe he ate the shrimp sauce with powdered sugar!!!!!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

LOL. i can totally relate to the powdered sugar experience. only i didn't have the prego brain excuse. when i was in college, over the span of a few months, i'd have eggos for breakfast with strawberry and "powdered sugar." for the longest time i could not figure out why the sugar tasted weird and flour-y. i figured it was the waffles fault or something. until, after several episodes of this, a lightbulb went off. it tasted like flour bc it was! hehehe.

thanks for sharing your awesome prego brain with us! i love to laugh!

katie + bret said...

haha - now we can all have the pregnancy laughter hormones!!

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