Monday, March 26, 2012

WEEKEND RECAP....♫ Weddings ♪

Spring break is over for us....we had off last week.....which was terrific b/c it seems everyone and their dog had off the week before us!

Things were quiet (as quiet as it can be with 5 kids) .....a few of the kids went to see the infamous "hunger games"......I can tell you all about the book in 3 mins flat....I read the wiki haha

Mini Me and I had a day to ourselves.....we went to a wedding! Love is in the air...and yes I cried!
My favorite part of a wedding? When the groom sees his bride for the first time! We knew the bride...I met her back when she was 13 and I was preggers with Mini Me.....she is the sweetest babysitter I've ever had...will never find another like her. She and her new HUSBAND have been dating since they were 16 and were each other's first boyfriend and girlfriend.... They are truly a sweet sweet couple!!


The wedding was outside...I had no idea....I'm usually religious about my sunscreen everyday....this morning I was running behind....trying to find something for my obese belly....getting reid down for a nap...and trying to sneak out so littlest princess didn't notice she wasn't coming.....I forgot my sunscreen lotion....I've had stage 1 and 2 skin cancer...scares me to death....they have to remove a nice chunk the higher the stage...and of course stage 4 isn't where you want to be. I'm not a doesn't run in my family....I don't use tanning beds...was prob burned as a child at the pool in the's a scary thing! anywho

The whole time outside I was in a panic thinking my skin was burning and I was gonna sign my death warrant....Mini Me swore she could smell her hair burning off....(sad thing it wasn't even that hot...maybe 80's...but sitting in direct's hot?) The poor wedding party was sweating....and the groomsmen and suits and heat don't mix

I cried of course when I saw Rachel....I was fine until I realized this sweet little girl has grown up and CAN marry! She looked so pretty in her gown....Mini Me said she looked like a princess. I have to admit Mini Me looked so pretty too. She had on the prettiest Pink dress

and she was all grins at being pampered at the reception!!

The reception was inside and lovely....I cried again at the couple's first was to a Jason Mraz song called "Lucky"..sweet words...perfect for them!!

...they had one of those photo booths....Mini Me and I got some photos too!


While Mommy was away...sweet daddy took the 2 smallest creatures to the park....Dude Friend took a huge tumble off the stairs and has wood chip burn on his head and face....looks pretty bad...I of course freaked b/c I wasn't there to comfort him like a momma does. Hubs said he a sippy of juice and kept right on running to play! Still...I don't do falls well!

Remember that garage sale online on FB I was telling you about? So far I've sold close to $300 of stuff of Lily's....Still have her Pottery Barn crib bedding to sell...Noticed a stain on the quilt and doing my best to remove it .....I kept looking around the house thinking
"what else don't we need anymore?"
I'm on a roll

Hubs was worth his weight in gold over the weekend....he cleaned my garage out and organized it and swept it. He's been asking me to do it for months....(studies nails...yawns) He did an outstanding job.
I may have may or may not have mention he's a compulsive organizer! Handy thing to have around

My birthday is coming up soon (16 days but who's counting??) ...and every single year I make the same Strawberry Triple Decker Cake from Southern Living


The April issue of Southern Living came and ohhh my the cover was all about strawberries....I was in heaven....gonna make the Strawberry Lemonade Muffins w/Strawberry Curd


....but this year for my birthday?

The Strawberry Mousse Cake.


God knew what month I should be born in.....STRAWBERRIES ARE MY FAVORITE!!!
Same icing as the other cake....(something NOT TO LEAVE OUT SINCE THE ICING MELTS IN WARM TEMPS)...but the mousse filling and cake is different...worth the amount of time it takes...b/c it looks divine!

What's your favorite cake?


Neely said...

How fun that you and Kate had some girl time :)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

CUTE picture of you and Kate!!

Stef said...

You two are so much fun!
And that cake looks fabulous! I want some.

Layton Kathryn said...

this is such a lovely post.

baby cribs

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