Monday, March 5, 2012

Why I Hate Sponge Bob

Hate...that's a strong word....

I know there are parents and kids alike out there that love that little nasty germ filled sponge that never gets a good sterilization.....but that little bugger rubbed me the wrong way....and he's everywhere....I can't even go to the store w/o seeing him on every aisle! Too bad he's not on toilet paper...Now that I might buy!!! Ask Lily "What is Sponge Bob?" and she'll tell you "BADDDD" haha and she's never seen an episode!

So..... about many years ago...put it this way...oldest was in 4th...he's in 10th now.....The kids had been begging me to watch Spongey....I said no...why? Well no reason really...the show just looked annoying.....and they kept begging....and I kept saying no...then it dawned on me....ALL OF THEIR SHOWS WERE I said yes, but I would watch an episode FIRST with them and then decide. So there I sat...bored and totally not impressed but didn't find anything to horrible with the show said I said ok....(cheers from the crowd...)

I know I know I'm such a mean mom and all....the show says it's geared towards preschool age but the older kids get a kick out of him too.

Several days later while making dinner....the sponge is on in the background....I can see the tv while cooking....the kids are glued to the tube and I'm sort of paying attention to the show....and I hear something....wait...what did I just see?

The story was something about a 'fake' food inspector was coming around to the restaurants...and sponge and the cook got wind so they thought they would put vomit....and flies....and other nasty stuff in the food when the 'fake' guy came.....sure enough....the 'fake' guy comes in and they serve him. Next thing....the 'fake' food inspector kills over....and they show it by putting big X's over his eyes. Sponge and the cook get all excited...the 'fake' food critic is dead. UMMMM WHAT? THEY ARE CHEERING AND EXCITED? Why on earth are they cheering that they killed this guy? How is that cool to teach kids?

But I can't quit thing sponge and cook see on the telly that the 'REAL' inspector is coming around and show a picture of him....and it's a pic of the 'fake' one that sponge and cook killed. They panic...(ummm really?) and they try to hide the body. They put him in the trunk of the car and drive to a hill and start to dig a hole. (are you with me so far?)

then it starts to rain on them...

As they are digging the cops come (oohhh scary) the cops stop to chat with Sponge and Cook and ask if they need help digging? (hey cops we are burying a dead sec will ya?) and then ask how much longer they will be b/c they want a Crunchy or Crusty or whatever burger.....As it's raining the body slides out of the hole and down the hill....and if I remember right the cops help them put the 'bag' back in the trunk for Sponge and cook....(lovely I tell ya)

SO back to the restaurant they all go.....Sponge and Cook are freaking at this point and stash the body in the freezer to make food for the cops (surely we are getting great lessons out of this right?)

Well I don't really remember the rest of the story....I think the guy wasn't dead but more 'in shock from nasty food' and he lived. (hip hooray! right?)


What's the moral of that story we teach to our kids? It's ok if you kill someone...just bury the body when it's not raining and away from cops? Ohhh and sometimes it turns out ok and you didn't really kill the guy, he just passed out?

I thought the point of shows was to teach a cute lesson....ohhhh You know how on Bubble Guppies they teach to sit at a table at a restaurant and order and eat your food like a good boy or girl? Or the time Blue's Clues was teaching the kids to use their memory to retrace their steps if they lost something....or how Team Umizoomi teaches the kids about patterns?

I'm not sure the lesson I'm going for as a parent is to teach my child how to hide bodies....

When I told a few of my friends what I saw and how they should be careful what their kids watch...their response was "ohhhhh that was only 1 show"

mmmmmm maybe only 1 show they caught or didn't catch...but seriously that one show spoiled the lot. But what worries me is....what other 'great lessons' is Sponge Bob teaching kids mixed in with bad humor?
It reminded me of a story our Pastor told us one Sunday....(I'll break it down in a few sentences)

If I made you batch of delicious smelling brownies...and added an extra organic ingredient that was POO...would you still eat it? I mean it was just 1 ingredient....the rest still has eggs....chocolate....water....flour.....and poo. ? Same thing...that one episode spoiled the batch!

You decide!

You won't find that germ infested pile of poo playing in our house!

Side note....18 weeks today....I still feel terrific....still growing like a whale...and guess what? Next week we get to see sweet bean...and find out if he's a she or she's a he! woohoo! I'm beyond thrilled!


LeAnna said...

Coudln't have said it any better, friend! We don't "do" SB either, he's rude. We also don't "do" Calliou, because he smart mouths his parents ALL THE TIME and I hate shows like that!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you there! Pretty much the only kid show we watch right now is "Kipper the Dog" because he's so agreeable and polite. And it's not annoying haha!

Stacy @ Cardigans and Crayons said...

Mine aren't allowed to watch it, either. My Sam came home last year (he was in kindergarten) all upset. When I asked him what was wrong, he said "I had to watch spongebob today." He had a substitute who was showing it to the class and he told her he wasn't allowed to watch it and she made him watch it, anyway. Ohhh, not cool.

I never really had a reason before reading this. I just thought he was crude and rude. Glad I now have an official reason!! :)

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Amen. I didn't let my boys watch sponge bob...I know they saw it other places I had no control over. He still irks me.

Just Jennifer said...

I say girl, only because I want the numbers to be even :) And don't hate but I love that little disgusting sponge who makes no sense (how the heck can it rain underwater!?) Thankfully the kids are too big for it!

Neely said...

Cant wait to find out what you are having!!

Dianna said...

I COMPLETELY agree! I can't stand SB and my kids will not be allowed to watch it. I feel like it is more geared to adults and I can't stand adult cartoons (Simpsons, family guy, etc). Good for you for standing your ground!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

yes, i agree. kids are being fed filth and parents don't even know it or just don't care. plus, i'm learning that even "good" shows that seem innocent enough are usually formed around a different worldview than ours. i think i decided yesterday that my kids are only ever going to watch Veggie Tales. Kelly says i always go overboard (i'm either all or nothing)... so he might intervene. but still. there is just so much crap out there!

Jennifer said...

Completely agree! So much crud being fed to our kids.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Ten reason I love SB:

1. He has a job.
2. He is a loyal friend.
3. He never speaks mean to his friends.
4. He always try's to find the positive side of things.
5. He's a hard worker.
6. He's a helper. And a giver (that's two?)
7. He is super positive.
8. He's not afraid to try anything.
9. He's a good listener.
10. He loves his peeps.

Of course, my kids are older. And have my sense of humor. I agree that it's NOT toddler appropriate, and there are plenty of other "cartoons" that are not allowed: King of the Hill/Simpsons/fill in the blank.

Our house is very conservative by the world's standards. My hubby and I don't watch rated R movies (or many PG-13 for that matter), don't swear, the children don't get to GROUP date until they are 16.....SHOCKING, right? I teach our YW at church and we just had a lesson about music/media and used the same example. I told them that it doesn't just apply to teens: I've put down more books than I can count based on sexual content or language. For me, it's not a just "turn the page" thing: I don't want to be exposed to filth, regardless of how great the story may be.

But Mr. Squarepants? I love. If he's evil? Well, I guess that's the full extent of our corruption ;)

P.S I still love you.

The Herd said...

I think I am the only one of my friends/family that won't do SB...sad, I think. I did what you did...said no, then hubby wondered why, and I said yes to one show. Hubby walked in while they watched and HE turned it off. It's more about the disrespect or lack of respect that we turned off the first show. I am so glad to hear that I'm not crazy!!! Not that it mattered, hehe---I still do what I do regardless of how "weird" or strict I am considered!

Angie said...

Spongebob is not our friend.

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