Monday, April 9, 2012

Growing Too Fast For Me.....

My kids are always keeping me up to date with the latest cool toy.

And I have to admit I'm intrigued and scared by this one ...

Here watch the video

Now the camera where I can say "take a picture" would be awesome when you are with your kids and they do something cute (I'm such a mom)

Or when you are meeting mom's for the first time for a new playgroup and know no can ask if they are there yet....(again such a mom)

Or you could ask if there are any flea markets or garage sales in the area....and it maps it for you....(yes, I know our phones can do this...but imagine never having to look down)

What scares me is now is ANYONE could find us in a room.

are we becoming lazier in this world and now our goal is the easy way?

Remember when phone books were a thing you actually had in your house? You know that cabinet that had about 3 huge yellow books....and you actually had to look things up with your fingers?

Or our rotary phone? When we had to actually dial each number and wait a sec before dialing next one?

Or when we had to change the channels on the TV by actually getting up off the couch and turning it?

I used to watch the Jetson's and be totally amazed at the video telephones....I remember saying "They will NEVER EVER have that"

Well hello FaceTime

Mini Me is always saying how she can't wait until we have flying cars....I used to tell her it will never happen....Now I'm not so sure.

Speaking of growing up too fast...

This morning Little Sheepy-Who and I were making Chocolate Chip Pancakes....

I stepped away for a minute and saw her feeding her "Pet Llama" some chocolate chips!

They are sooo cute together!



Bloggerina said...

Having directions to anywhere right in front of you is awesome. I have a terrible sense of direction.

Stephanie said...

Oh I thought the same thing about the Jetsons!! I'm still waiting for that magic machine that does your hair and make-up!

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