Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm Not a Violent Person .....Really

(first what's up with blogger?  I don't like change....there was nothing wrong with the old compose section)

I'm not a violent person really....things easily slip off my back ...I am quick to forgive (can be a fault b/c then it lets ppl walk on me....but)

But I was really really rubbed wrong by a lady that I don't even know....She might even live on my street for all I know....In fact I have 4 mutual friends (well according to fb I do) 

You see I've been doing that garage sale site on our local fb section....there's 3 of them.  Real easy real quick real fun.  You list the item with what neighborhood you are in much and if there is anything wrong with item.  Someone posts something to explain they want it like...."it's mine"  or "yes please"  or basically anything to let the other ppl know you were first and want it.  I have listed things and in 5 mins or less the item has sold.  They show up at your house with hand the item ....boom!  It's gone and cash in hand.

I've purchased a handful of things myself...from a buzz lightyear riding toy for Reid....and a beat up desk Mini Me and I will clothes for the kids....(Justice shorts 2 for $7 that's a steal)  I got Miss Lily the cutest Gymboree Skirt and Shirt (barely used from the looks) for a total of $3!!!!  Yes I'm a happy shopper!!

the other day this chick makes a reference to me...not using my name, but the incident and says how rude it was.  Basically calling me rude.

(I must rewind and give a recap)

I don't know about you but garage sales are first come first serve....if someone wants to fight over the price of an item and bid it up ....hey go for it...I mean I'm selling my stuff to make an extra buck not to give it away for free.  If I was doing that I'd donate it to charity....

More times than I can count someone has posted an item and 2+ ppl will say they want it...except they say "OHHH I might be interested let me ask my husband"  or  "Oh can I come look at it?"  or They say they want it....but day after day they make excuses as to why they haven't picked it up.

Well when I 'buy' something...I'm ready with cash in hand to buy.  And it's hard to know if these ppl in front of me are going to hem and haw for days and change their mind.  (which happened with a jogging stroller I bought...I was 4th in line....and 7 days later ppl kept cancelling etc...)

So............A desk....the desk that Kate and I will refurb for her room....was put up on the site...solid need of work $10.  WOOHOO
Well ppl did the ol hem and haw for what does Laura do?
I come in and offer $20 to show up then and buy!!
Seller was intrigued but said she would offer that offer to the first couple ppl again first....(ugh) but they passed...then more ppl I said ok make it  $25..some chick piped in with $35 and I ended at $40.  She passed and I got this awesome desk!!!  I can't wait to get started!!!  But not before the chick who I outbid made a snide comment about how $40 was way more than she would pay esp after having to buy supplies to fix it up.  (stab) That's ok I told her....we already had all the was a matter of starting...and my daughter and I would enjoy doing it together.  I thought it ended there.

OHHHH here's where it got crazy!

Another lady listed a tall know me and my clocks right?  All I could picture was this clock painted to look like the Mora Clocks I only dream about....she had it listed for $25.  Hubs said I could pay $ here we go....
ppl wanting to wait to see it....or ppl who might be I made an offer to pay now and come now and offered $35


2 chicks got a big miffed...their feathers of the ones wasn't even interested in the clock...she was the chick who I  had the bidding issue on the desk with.  It was her friend selling the clock.  Chick A (we'll call her)...Said My friend (the seller) was mad when this happened to me.....sold means sold.  So You can't offer more.  
(for starters she wasn't even one of the first ppl interested on the desk....2nd she was bidding WITH me on the desk if she was soooo offended they why did she keep up'n the bid?)

  Then chick B pipes in and says  I THINK THAT IT IS RUDE RUDE RUDE (yes 3 times) when this person (points to me) does this outbidding thing!  Chick B went on a bit more and I was thinking how this has turned petty!  I mean really?  If the seller didn't want to sell it and make more money that's her problem...i'm not turning down an extra bucks for my stuff.

Now Enter yesterday

Chick B starts in again in a diff post....out of no where ...this is her comment

And outbidding the person who claimed the item is a garage sale no no in my book. Once and item has been "claimed" it is spoken for, it's rude IMO to then try an coerce the seller into ditching the previous poster in favor for your higher offer. This is of course my opinion, but I have had hundreds of online purchases on chat boards and have NEVER run into that problem until these Facebook page sales. I'm  coercing ppl!   I offered cash to show up then on spot!  It's her/his choice to take it or not....Again...too many ppl sit and don't buy and it's annoying....I get the first come first buy rule...but if you are going to play games....why not have another person come in and offer extra cash now on spot?

So I couldn't hold my tongue any longer!  I had to speak back....

I mean she is calling me rude yet again!  So I said something along lines of how ...aren't we all here to make money and sell our stuff quick?  (goodness knows i want my stuff gone too)
I said something about how too many ppl 'think' about being interested and days go by or the person never picks it up....I said I thought there is nothing rude about offering shows interest and ready to buy!!! 

Of course she responded and said this isn't ebay and if I wanted to outbid ppl I should go there  (whoa)

I wanted to be a 2 yr old and tell her she seems to be a sore loser about things...but I pulled my 2 yr old tongue back and said nothing back....then I wanted to hit her.  I've probably only wanted to hit about 3 ppl in my life....and I'm 38....I now have to add her to the list... Call me immature but I hate being called rude and talked about over and over for something sooo ridiculous!   Needless to say she commented a few more times (I guess it made her feel better) and then her friends commented back backing her views up of how rude I am.  (Me rude???) 

(throws hands up)  

I'll let it go later....but the petty 2 yr old inside me hopes I have something to sell that Chick B wants (chick A for that matter) ....b/c I'm not selling it to them!   


Stef said...

Okay, first off, you're not rude.
Secondly, why are they mad at you?? It is the seller who sold them out. If it was me, I would be trashing the person who gave their word that it was "Sold" to me and then turned around and sold it. They should put "OBO." Hello!
Where does she live. I will go take care of her. Nevermind that I am not violent either, but I am sure that a little TP wouldn't hurt.
She's a jerk! And so is her friend!

THE mom said...

yes I'll help TP too!
Its not rude...its because they couldnt afford to get whatever it was. Thats annoying!

A Lil Story said...

I agree with Stef- It seems like if there was any issue it should be with the person who sold it, not you. They just sound like sore losers... I totally get your anger, it is really frustrating when people try to paint you as something you're not, especially on the internet- boooo! So sorry you have to deal with that, but excited to see how your desk turns out :)

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