Monday, April 23, 2012

Miscellany Monday....Picture Time

lowercase letters

Head on over to Carissa's for Miscellany Monday.......

one.  joy riding


We hit some garage sales this weekend...I'd been dying for one of these with the big dream has come true....(wasn't as cool as I pictured in my head)


Lily was ready to drive....Reid was ready to be passenger.  He loves loves being outdoors and riding on he didn't really seem to mind who was driving (he should....she was crazy)


She doesn't really steer so basically I had to run beside her steering for her.  I was begging the battery to run low...but it didn't.  

two.  25 weeks


Yes....can you believe it?  25 weeks are already under my belt (or belly as it is)  Hello.....time flies when you're having fun!  Yes, so far it is fun...b/c I still feel terrific.  (typed while having heartburn in my throat)  But seriously....I feel terrific...other than bigger than a whale and can't fit into my clothes....and giving Dolly Parton a run for her money!  So far so good....summer heat stay away!  13-15 more weeks until we see sweet.......

three.  bye bye coop

Yep....we no longer have the name Cooper for the boy.  Poor Lily....she has no clue how many babies we are having.  She still thinks I am having a girl and boy.  She told me when I got pregnant it was a in her mind it's a girl named Bridgette and a boy named Cooper (or grouper as she says)
We really really love the name Coop, but there are thousands out there!  As much as we love it...and as much as I want it....we can't....soooooo we have another new name!  Still keeping the C letter.... I thought the name was made up....but we found it was ranked close to I am guessing it will be rare to find another boy with the name out there.  
I am wondering if I should even tell Lily b/c she's already confused....for now I told her the baby doesn't have a name b/c we are still deciding....her response?
"that's ok momma....he can play with bridgette and cooper too"  (deep sigh)  AND THIS IS THE REASON YOU DON'T TELL YOUR TODDLER BABY NAMES BEFORE YOU ARE SURE.
For now he'll be baby C....b/c I think we are sold on the C names...and this last name is a WINNER WINNER!

four.  berries


I'm making strawberry muffins sweet of choice!  God knew what He was doing with these!

five.  my 6 animals...

ok well technically I have only 5 animals (children) as of this week....hubs has given me those pretty Pandora is full of charms when we were dating/wedding/life together...the next one will be friends and children.

(after taking this pic I realized the animals go in the wrong order...I need to flip em...chicken goes first...oh well)

I have a charm to represent each child....and I realized Lily is missing hers.....I searched the books....but seriously...there really isn't a charm to capture her in 1.  (grins)  I want to do the Owl charm....she was obsessed at one time...(it's her big girl bedding if she will ever leave our room) and she has a ton of owl pillows.  Hubs said No b/c she doesn't care now....but I thought..."it's a reminder of her then...."  (seriously the girl was obsessed)  
I wonder what sweet C's charm will be.

six.  beans

This is actually working better than I planned....the kids can't get a (pricey) quarter until they do something for me.  Now the oldest child will look at me and say "Nah...not worth the quarter"  (lazy) but the others feel it worth it and scurry off to do what I say!  (deep sigh)  I should have thought of this years ago!

seven.  bump again

Sorry couldn't help a morning bump pic.  This is pretty much how the bump is....Reid attached to it too!  C is already learning the art of sharing!


Bloggerina said...

your pictures dont show up after number 4, only the code is showing.

Kim Stevens said...

Oh, this was fun! A breath of fresh air actually - I have teenagers, sigh! lol They are wonderful, but you took me down memory lane...and your #2 about the names, cracked me up. Have a great day!

A Lil Story said...

Precious!! Love your bump pics :)
We are still looking for names too and we haven't even narrowed it down. I am the same way about not wanting to have a too common name. The name Nolan is now super popular and I hear it everywhere...

And I love the bracelet- how sweet!!

Neely said...

I wanna know what baby C's name is!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to get my little guy one of those.. power wheel doodads.. so bad! I'm hoping we can get him one next month :)

Love your baby bump! Sort of makes me miss mine.

I love your Pandora bracelet! I've been wanting one of those, too, for a while! Haha!

Caroline said...

I can't wait for L and R to grow up and see these pics. Tell me the name!!!! Plllleeeeeaaaaassssseeee

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

your bump is beautiful!

pandora bracelets are gorgeous! i don't have one but my sister does & i definitely covet it. ;)

love your blog - aside from the southern part, we have a lot in common! glad to "meet" you!

Jennifer said...

Love that last picture!!

Angie said...

We have the same jeep and the kids love it!! I love all your bump pics, you look amazing!

I am getting 4 lbs of strawberries this weekend. I'm gonna have to make lots of strawberry stuff!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

you're such a beauty! love that baby bump shot.

and your babies driving off... oh my word. cutest thing ever!!! i'm melting.

Dianna said...

I can't wait to find out the name for #6! I have a feeling I know based on our emails.

LeAnna said...

Adorable pictures! Love the kids in their jeep, that looks like fun! Q has a power tractor, but it's hard for both of them to ride. Matter of fact, we've had many fights over that...
You look FABULOUS, friend! Is it supposed to rain this weekend down there? It's supposed to up here, have you heard anything?

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