Monday, April 30, 2012

My Bloggy Friend Made Real....Laura and LeAnna

I had the pleasure of meeting this chick....Thoughts and Whatnots....


sweet LeAnna over the weekend.  She so graciously made the trek to the border of our fine state ...(thanks again)...We "met" a few years ago reading each others blogs....and a friendship struck up.  A few weeks ago we decided we needed to meet up before it got to hot...and before I popped out another sweet babe!!  (you're next L)

I giggled at the kids concern...."but mom, we aren't supposed to meet people over the internet.  what if she is a 60 yr old man"   Well I guess they could be right.  I assured them that since I was bringing the family and letting the world know what we were up to I think it would be ok.  Glad to know LeAnna wasn't a 60 yr old man.... (grins)

We dragged our hubs.... we both KNEW they would hit it off...1. they share the first same name  2. they both work in similar fields  3. are married to 2 awesome girls (ok I added the last part but hey)

And guess what?  The men did hit it off....chatting like 2 old school girls worries there.


We first met up at the Fried Pie Co...a cute little cafe in the center of the small town....Poor elderly folks got a run for their money with our group.....I brought my whole gang...all 7 (8 if you count baby C)  The boys heard me say Zoo and said no way....then I said Fried Pie ...and they were in for the day trip!  (boys and food...score every time)

Here is sweet L and Q meeting for the first time...notice the distance....


LeAnna was as sweet and adorable and exactly as I pictured her!  And her family?  Just as sweet and adorable as her!  I'm blessed to have a friend like her in my life now!!  (she's also the one that answered my many many txt messages on step by step canning last summer...thanks for that...I've got a new passion L)

After some food and fried pies (and yes L they were as good as you said) we headed off to the zoo with kids in tow....

Here we are hamming it up snapping pics of each other 

this was the first trip for my 2 little ones....and I learned 2 things....Lily would rather look at an animal for 2 seconds and move on....and she is more a farm animal kind of girl....kept yelling for the chickens and cows and pigs.  (smacks head) 


Here is adorable cowboy Q


and the only shot I got of R and Sprig ....they were looking at bugs and butterflies bu bu bu bu


Sweet R took a nap in the middle of it all....


Ok this next picture wasn't WAS   posed at all....
They were soooo sweet...Just walked off holding hands and chatting...I wish we had microphones to capture the jabber


After a few Popsicles and water...and a fall from Sprig ...(hers got a sweet fat lip from falling on the pavement...)we headed across the street to a really neat park....(so glad I captured a photo of it...not)

The men watched the kids so LeAnna and I could chat....then we handed our cameras to our men to capture us with our kids....glad to know neither of them should quit their day jobs....not one of mine or one of hers came out!  

My mouth is either open or scolding.....if you click the pictures (all 50 he took) in order it looks like a moving movie....(he thinks that was the point?!)


(check my mom face to the child doing the choking)



It was a fantastic day with the families...and I'm so glad we finally got a chance to meet in person....
Let's do it again soon!!!


LeAnna said...

YES! So much fun! So glad I slipped you that $20 to say all those nice things about me. ;) I'm totally kicking myself for not buying a few fried pies to bring home.

That picture of sleeping Reid is just toooo presh.

So glad we got to do this. Looking forward to doing it again. You're a true blessing, friend! Thanks for the sugar scrubs, too...going to use them once my sunburn heals up. ;)

Angie said...

Awww....I love y'all both! So glad you got to meet! It looks like a super fun day.

All this talk about fried pies has my mouth watering like crazy!


Jennifer said...

Looks like sooo much fun!!

Rachel said...

Love the picture, some funny and others beyond cute!! Looks like fun was had by all!

jen said...

That picture on the bridge is unbelievable. Wow.

Maybe I'll have to link up with you this summer as we drive across Texas.


mountain mama said...

yay for you all!!! :D

Anonymous said...

That's great that you guys had such a wonderful time! Super cute pictures :)

Neely said...

Meeting new blog friends is the best ever!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

i'm so happy you two had such a fabulous time. i kinda knew you would. : )

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