Monday, May 21, 2012

Miscellany Monday.....29 Weeks....

one.  Menu Monday....


I've missed my Chalk Menu Board.  So have the kids....I set up a wipe erase board on the inside of the pantry, but it's not the same. 
When we built the wall of cabinets....My board had to come down. 
Needless to say I've been lazy and haven't pulled the hooks out to hang again.
I added the 'photoshop' forks to the wall...thought they would but cuter than arrows....


two.  29 weeks....

Time is flying....I still feel great.....I mean I have the normal 'by the end of the day I'm exhausted and pass out sitting next to hubs on the couch'  phase.  I have slight acid heartburn on the back of the tongue and chest thingy.  I think my toes are swelling....haha I guess feet and ankles are next.
I look like Dolly Parton on top.  
I caught a glimpse of my hips on Saturday in the mirror and wanted to pass out.  I think I'll skip the mirror view from the side from now on.

three.  Dude Friend

This child will be the death of me.  He has truly kept me running more times than I can count this past week.  He's finally learning to hike his leg onto things and climb....and keep climbing until he's so high his mommy wants to puke. 

His new found climb is on top of the kitchen table.  He just laughs when he sees me coming with my "No Sir" Mommy eyes....!!

Here he is clapping at how cool he is...


Here he is with his proud look (notice how he's pushed his chin back into a funny face grin...yeah uh huh b/c you're not impressing me dude with your talents  ugh)


Now this is classic Reid....the "I know you're talking to me and I'm soooo not gonna look at you"  look!


real funny guy I tell you!

four.  Fb Garage Sale

I mentioned eons ago about how we have a community garage sale FB site...well there's 3 of them.  I literally list something and sometimes in seconds it's gone.  I just listed about 5 clocks  (yes I'm weaning my clock obsession down)  They were gone in minutes and had about 5 ppl in line in case the first ppl passed.  This extra cash is nice.

Well I have met a ton of new friends....You get to chatting with these mom's when they come to the door and then you'll end up buying something from them...and back and forth.  You know me and my people person chatting skills......I've not met a stranger yet  (I didn't say I haven't met some strange ladies)  I seriously won't go into many details of what this one  lady was telling me but....

Standard is you drive up to the house with your cash when buying.....I will leave the car running with the windows down so the little babies can see me at the knock....say who you are and hand cash....they hand can either chat for a bit or walk off.  

I have a pretty good feel for who is like me (clears throat) you know the chatty crazy kind and who's not.   We (meaning the buyers) usually txt saying we will be there in 5 mins or say we are there let the other mom know to have stuff ready.  

This one lady wasn't even close to being ready.  She was running around and was like "oh why don't you come in...."  I politely declined pointing to the car and waving to the kids.
She proceeded to tell me all about her day and then about her 'womanly' cycle and her 12 yr olds too (eww)....and then about how she got pregnant.  I was totally grossed out just wanting to run.  I had my money in hand and literally wanted to shout  "PLEASE NO MORE I CAN'T TAKE IT ....JUST GIVE ME MY STUFF AND TAKE YOUR MONEY" 
Instead the nervous side of me was just laughing.  I was shocked at the details she was going into....

Needless to say I didn't really want her stuff anymore...I wanted to run far away and shower!

Another lady came to pick stuff up and went into detail of how her husbands ex wife lives down the street from me and is a psycho.  I got an earful.  Then she proceeds to tell me how she herself is on Prozac and gained 5 lbs....she lifts her shirt to jiggle her belly.  I kid you NOT. 


That being said I have met some woman who have me in the good kind of stitches....girls who instantly become my friends! 

One of the mom's shares a passion for reading just like me....she stopped by yesterday and dropped off a stack of books for me to borrow....Ok hello?  I love friends like that!!!


Needless to say I love this garage sale site.  I have literally sold stuff that has been sitting there for ages that I was too lazy to get rid of.  Take a photo and put a price and next thing I have cash. 

five.  Grocery Store

Last night I did my weekly grocery shopping ALONE mind you....The lady in front of me's stuff kept falling on my side....(I had one of those plastic divider thingys) 

I get home and had a few of her things that I PAID FOR...blah...I hate that.  Funny thing....I think I'll keep them.  One was a box of


I'm usually not really a fan of this stuff (read the imitation bacon bits...gross) ....BUT
on the back was a recipe really worth trying.  For Smokey BBQ Chicken Salad.  So that was a $1.89 worth extra spending.

The other thing was 2 pairs of those no show panty hose socky things.  Odd.... but even odder that Kate had been asking for some with her flats last week.  I kept those too.  Sorry to the lady who got home w/o her stuff....(granted I paid for them haha)  She was nice...I think I chatted her ear maybe she wanted to run from me too??!  (grins)


Jennifer said...

What is Fried Corn Casserole? I would love to see the recipe!

LeAnna said...

Mmkay, you need to just load up the kids and drive a few hours north and come tell me what color to paint my kitchen. Because yours looks awesome and I love the way you decorate. We'll throw the kids outside, they can play in the kiddie pool and with the puppies, it'll practically be like free babysitting. Ha, yeah right.

I've been doing the FB garage sale pages on B's facebook (he just loves that) and have gotten some great things! I've also sold some stuff, too, which is awesome. I met a lady who bought my popcorn popper and we talked for like 45 minutes. She was preg with her 4th, doing cloth diapering, makes her own yogurt/bread/laundry soap, homeschools, etc, etc. We hit it off and it was fun. Yay for new friends!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

those books look fun. glad you love reading like i do. we have the same table, my kids do the same thing... for shame! your cabinets are super nice, but i think the candy dispenser is my favorite. how cute! can't believe you are at 29 weeks.

Amber said...

Reid looks presh on that table! Love his lil' grin. I can't stand when people are overly generous on sharing personal information. So creepy. you got a good stack of books girl!

Angie said...

I love this post! I want a chalkboard like that, but I don't have anywhere to put it.

Reid on the table = hilarious! haha! You are earning your pay huh?

I love suddenly salad, and I just try not to think about the imitation bacon pieces. I could eat it every day in the summer.

Bless your heart...why do people feel the need to share too much information with us? I think I just have that face...people feel the need to share all their private info. heehee!

Stef said...

I always think it is crazy what people will tell you when they have a captive audience. Seriously...does your husband know you are sharing this information with me?? Yikes!
You and me...totally friends. We are not weird like all...ever...not..ever.

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