Monday, May 7, 2012

Miscellany Monday....Eggs, Benches, and Baby

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one.  eggs....

I went to a dear friend's baby shower yesterday.  She is expecting #3 and looked amazing!  I met her at my old church....and recognized a few other lovely ladies from church there of the other ones I recognized was preggers too!  So 3 of us there were forced were asked to take a photo with our baby bumps together.  Of course my bump was way bigger and I've got 13 weeks to go.  They both were expecting #3 and due within a few weeks....ohhh if only I could look like that now!  They don't know how easy they have it haha.  The big talk was that I was having my 6th.  I got asked many questions...wasn't sure what the fuss is about anymore....seems more are having 4+ these days.  But I answered the questions (and lost my clip for saying the secret word "BOY") in minutes flat (crazy baby shower games)

The hostess gave my friend a very pretty necklace with a birds nest and 3 eggs in it.  It was quite unique and dainty!  One of the ladies shouted ...."You wouldn't be able to have that necklace....they would have to give you an egg carton"  Of course everyone busted out laughing.....I just waved and had that goofy "yeppers" grin on my face.

two.  speaking of eggs.....


When sweet LeAnna and I met up at the zoo a few weekends back....she sweetly gave me a few dozen fresh eggs.  (yes be jealous)  If you bake as much as I do you would have squeezed the life out of her too for this generous gift. 

I got a giggle out of the kids when they saw the see the store bought ones I get are white....her eggs were kids wanted to know what chicken lays brown eggs....a foreign one?  The other kid asked why she painted them brown.

I broke a few open to show that the egg is the same inside as the white.....but yet I felt all Giada De Laurentiis like since I always associate the brown eggs with the cool cooking chicks on the telly!

Thanks LeAnna!

three.  benches....

My bench on the porch is about 12 years old.  I think ....I got it when pregnant with Mini Me and then it was the sweet prop for most of Kate's infant/toddler/big girl photos.  It's weathered many a storms and aged to perfection of "shabby chic" 
Then after Lily was born...and Dude it has once again been the prop for photos....

Mini Me back in the day....

Picture 019





It has aged to perfection and hubs doesn't seem to get why I love it.  He used (used to being operative word) Used to tell me to sell the thing...he hated it.  That is until on a daily basis (ok weekly) people comment about this bench.  When we have the semi annual neighborhood wide yard sale people ask if it's for sale.  Literally 10 ppl will stop to ask each time.
Now that we are doing the online FB yard sale I use the bench to put my stuff to take photos of.  I get asked to sell my bench more times than the stuff I'm actually selling.  Hubs finally gets it.  (well I mean he gets ppl like it just doesn't get why still)

So I thought...."Hey...we need to make a handful of these to sell"  I googled Shabby Chic Benches and found a lady who took a wooden twin bed and made a bench.  BINGO

Lo behold a lady on our FB yard sale was selling a bed PERFECT FOR THE BENCH for $20 I snapped it up! 


So stay tuned to my next project....hubs is holding me back....he won't let me use the power saw while pregnant!  

four.  Menu Monday....

I miss my black chalkboard menu I used to have up.  The kids do too.  I'm gonna have to convince hubs to rehang it for me....

In the meantime....nothing to get excited about this week.....

Tuesday: TBA

Wednesday:  Beef Tips Mashed Potatoes Green Beans Rolls and Coconut Lemon Cake

Thursday:  Cajun Red Beans and Rice

Friday:  BLT....minus the T and replaced with A  (avocado) and Tomato Soup on Cibatta 

five.  27 weeks....

Yep you read that right.....13 more to go.  Still feeling terrific...bigger than a house and gained more than I was allowed.  Which is just dandy considering how much longer I have and the summer heat hasn't set in either.  Bring on the swelling, water retention, heartburn, numbness under rib cage, back that gives out, and a bladder the size of an egg pretty soon!  I get to hold a sweet cuddly baby in a handful of hot weeks!


Neely said...

Your dinners sound delightful!

A Lil Story said...

Haha- that is hilarious about the eggs ;) and that bench is fantastic- perfect for photos!

I think there are definitely more people having big families these days- especially in the blogging world. I am trying to convince the hubs that it isn't that uncommon or crazy ;) I'm wearin him down I think.

Caroline said...

Can't wait to see the new project!

LeAnna said...

Ahhh, your bench is going to be so awesome!!! Did I tell you I found a gun cabinet that fits in my spot and I'm gonna turn it into a curio cabinet? Can't wait!

TOO funny about the eggs. There are a lot of chickens that lay white eggs much more proficiently than the brown egg layers, but I won't have 'em. I love brown eggs. ;) Glad you've enjoyed them!

Amber said...

That bench is precious! I love the sentimental value it holds for you. I can't wait to see how you turn the bed boards into benches. I bet it'll look great! :)

Natalie Catherine of said...

I hope one day I can get the egg carton necklace!! ;) Was reading down a bunch of your posts..that photo of you the baby out enjoying the play house naked is hilarious. we have a similar shot of sienna riding her play horse in just her diaper..butt crack showing. so funny! a little jealous of how far along you are! i'm only 11...and feel like this pregnancy (#3) is going in slow mo..I think because of how sick I am. once that is over I bet it starts zooming like sienna's did. hope you are having a great day girl!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Power tools are way safer with a baby safely tucked inside rather than attached to one's bosom.

{if I had to wait to build stuff until I wasn't pregnant, I'd have gotten NOTHING done for years}

{love your bench too}

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