Monday, May 14, 2012

Miscellany Monday.....I'm a Grouch

lowercase letters

one.  Mother's Day

I sure hope your Mother's Day was better than mine. 

It did start off at 6:30 when Reid woke...(as he does every morning)  I guess he didn't get the memo to sleep in
Mini Me had a surprise homemade card from her Kindergarten days all the way to 5th grade about all the things she remembered about me and loved....It was sweet....I thought things were looking up.  

I was wrong.

After that it went to pot.  I ran errands early that morning and brought lunch home for the fam.  When I walked in the door with a baby in my arms and a bag of food....I stood in front of (no names mentioned) and they wouldn't take the bag but hollered for others to grab it.  REALLY?  So I kept carrying it to my destination hoping the bag wouldn't tear.

Then I cleaned the kitchen.....had 2 wiggly jumping kids on my belly wanting to play while mommy tried to rest....(btw...a belly full of baby isn't a trampoline) No one came to my rescue.  Then after baby went down for nap I ran to the store for weekly groceries.  No one bothered to go for me.

Came home unloaded and got no time to put feet up since Dude was awake from his nap.  I was so tired I wanted to cry

The day pretty much kept going like that.  I was short tempered needless to say.

Then again....Hubs says it's a made up Hallmark Holiday why bother giving Mommy one day to sleep in out of 365 and put her feet up for once.  (bitter much?)

Shows my great parenting skills that no one cared.  (yes still bitter)

two.  Strawberries


I'd better get my act together and make another batch of Strawberry Rhubarb Jam before the strawberries go to pot (yes I'm gonna keep saying the saying)

Last year I made 3 batches and 1 batch of Cherry jam....AMAZING....thanks again LeAnna for showing me a fun passion....(and it didn't hurt that I won a giveaway with a starter kit in it and cookbook)

I'm ready to roll up my sleeves (as if I am wearing any in this heat) and get'ta'jaming

three.  Dude Friend

He has evolved into Man Boy.  He hits, attacks, bites, screams, and wrestles when he's angry.  It's gotta be something boys are born with.....He isn't learning by example.  Not ONE of the other kids ever bit or attacked ppl when they didn't get their way.  
Yesterday Lily took a toy from him (so I guess she started it) 
Dude went into Rabid Dog attack and lunged for her and bit her back.  Part of me was like ..."Served you right Lily for being rude"  but of course the other side of me is like "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEID NO SIR WE DO NOT BITE" ......No idea how to stop the boy when he gets angry.  
He's now into slapping me when he's mad at me.  Which seems to be daily since I won't hold him 24/7
I'm in new territory here.

ON bright note....He still cracks me up doing the most funniest things ever.  
His vocabulary is growing too.  It seems like overnight he will add a new word.  Makes me happy and sad.  Happy because he's growing up....Sad because he's growing up.

four.  28 Weeks

Yeppers You read that right.....28 weeks......12 to go.  Is it really possible?  I need a belly shot in here considering the fact that this pregnancy is flying by and I have no documents other than these blog posts.    


I like this....keeping it real....Reid wanting to see the yellow light flashing...Lily shouting 'CHEESE' in every shot I had.  At one point I had an action shot b/c she was jumping.  

Life is good at this moment!
I feel terrific other than feeling tired....I feel like the more I clean/pick up/run errands/cook/'s never enough.  Again showing off my great parenting skills b/c my children act as if it's torture when I ask for help.  Even Lily told me yesterday she couldn't lift her hands to help pick up her toys that they were invisible.  Needless to say a stern talking too made her jump and run for toys.  I don't like having to ask twice.


Before you know it instead of saying 28 weeks.... I'll be saying "1 week" and showing off a picture of baby C

five.  Speaking of Baby C


He was craving this....and I don't like denying him special things....
Sorry scales....but the Hazelnut Spread won out this morning.....

six.  Summer Break

Are you ready?  I am not sure I am.....Every one DOES sleep in thankfully  (except for Reid of course and Lily makes it to about 7am)  I'm not ready to do more than the 3-4 loads of dishes I already do a day.  I'm not ready for the 'WHAT DID YOU MAKE FOR BREAKFAST"  or  "WHAT ARE YOU MAKING FOR LUNCH" to start.  Deep sigh.  They are old enough to make their own breakfast and lunch...and not only and the small ones eat by 8am....when you wander into the kitchen at 11 and ask me for breakfast you already started off on the wrong foot with me.  

seven.  Right Frame of Mind

This post today seems whiney....and I guess it is.....I'm tired.....did I mention that before?

I'd kill for one day off to nap and do NOTHING like the rest of the gang

I'm off to do the dishes


Caroline said...

Sorry you didn't have a good Mother's Day. Hopefully today will be better! You deserve a break!

LeAnna said...

Awwww, I'm sorry you had a bum day. And hey, there's nothing wrong with being whiny. Some days you need to. It's hard work being a Mom, friend. I think you handle it with a lot of grace. But, we're human and we can't be all things for all people (even though we sure try!) and sometimes it's a thankless job. {hugs}

P.S. Make the big kids fix their own lunches this summer! Tell them their future spouses will appreciate it. ;)

Katie said...

You are allowed to be bitter, you deserve to be spoiled once in awhile, even if it is a Hallmark holiday. It seems that the husbands forget to do it on a regular day, so what's the problem with a little reminder?? I hope your week gets better!

Stef said...

Okay, first is your husband still alive? Maybe father's day is a Halmark Holiday, but a mom absolutely positively deserves a day to sleep in...and do nothing...and not feel bad about it. And Hubs should make sure his children show their appreciation for you. (I can say this because my day was very similar to yours...and I too felt unappreciated...sigh) Your pregnancies go by so fast...So much faster than mine. Okay, so I think that is always the case when you aren't the one pregnant. Soon....oh so soon.

carissa at lowercase letters said...

sorry your day wasn't special. i hope you can get some good rest at some point (or is that just silly talk?). at least there is always nutella. : )

Neely said...

Thats a bump!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't have a better Mother's Day :( That's always frustrating! There's always next year, right?
At least you got some wonderful pictures and a super cute bump!

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