Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Miscellany Monday......Taz Devil and 10 to go...

one.   taz

If you had a day like you me you would ask for a do over too.  It starts off the same....6:30 am.  Either Reid or Lily decides that is the time I should wake.  I'd prefer 7 myself but then again it hasn't been up to me in the past 3.8 yrs...I prob got another one of those to go too huh!!
By 8am I was ready to sit down and cry.  Reid is seriously like the Tasmania Devil  (you remember the cartoon huh?)  Where he would whirl into the room...destroy and leave again?  Yep Reid....

He loves dumping the dog food water and food out....Hubs said "hey hun...the dog food is down"  I heard him, but I've got a million things on my plate and forgot....Reid didn't

I finally grab a cup of coffee and sit on the couch to put my feet up...I hear the dog food bowl dump...I know the water prob went first...I jump up and sure enough..he's sitting in a pool of water that is now spread in  literally a 5ft radius....and dog food mixed in.  I pick Dude up and move him into the gameroom with the big kids playing games....I'm on my hands and knees mopping up the mess...that seems never ending....I notice Dude not in gameroom....glance up and over into living room....there sweet angel is sitting on the rug playing with toys....
Only I realize he's no angel....and I realize my cup of coffee (full travel tumbler mind you) is on the ground.....I scream...jump up from my water puddle and run to see the coffee on the floor....I think that's not bad....but it dawns on me.....IT WAS A FULL CUP....I glance at the couch.  This is when I let out a scream! 


You see...my fault really....the couch isn't the couch you want kids to spill on....YES YES I UNDERSTAND I AM ABOUT TO HAVE 6 OF THEM...but we never eat in there.....deep sigh.

He dumped the whole cup on the couch.  I panic.  Unzip the tapestry cover hoping the down cushion under isn't soaked....(just a spot) and did my best to scrub the cover....it feels crunchy today :o(

Oh but Reid isn't finished there.....

I get the messed cleaned...wanting to cry....

Take him upstairs to take my shower....I normally lock him in my bedroom with me and he can roam my room and bathroom while I shower...I've since moved any object bad out of his reach....so I feel pretty safe...

Only I forgot the boy is into climbing....

I glance out and notice he has climbed from the garden tub onto my sink and is inside my sink. 

This would be about the time I just lathered my hair with shampoo.  I freak b/c HE COULD FALL OUT OF THE SINK TO THE FLOOR....I jump out shooting shampoo suds everywhere and get him down.

Only for him to hit me and try to climb up again.  My showers used to be a place I enjoyed....now?  Not so much

I glance at the clock?  10:00 am....I want to cry again

This Monday hasn't started off good...and if it's any indication of the rest of my day I'm in trouble!

two.  menu monday

Monday:  Chicken Enchiladas and Mexican Rice
Tuesday:  Brisket Tacos
Wednesday: Crispy Chicken w/Creamy Bowtie, Garlic Cheddar Biscuits, and Praline Lime Pie
Thursday: Taco Nite
Friday: Rigitoni w/garlic alfredo

All of these except Taco Nite I pinned on Pinterest.

Last night was sort of thrown together kind of enchiladas....I took shredded chicken, rotel, cheese, sour cream, cumin, salt/pepper, purple onion (i forgot my cilantro....boo)

Rolled those in tortillas....poured some drained rotel over them...baked them with foil...and last five mins I melted some cheese.  I served this with Ree's Mexican Rice

three.  summer summer summer

I know most are a fan....but I'm not ready for the "mom where are we going today" to start.  I think they think b/c it's summer we will be going somewhere everyday and spending money while we do it.  I guess they will be a bit shocked huh?

four.  my other half

My crazy silly and fun sized Mom is coming in this weekend.  She will be staying until the following weekend.....I'm prepared for a fun filled week of laughing....She not only drives me insane but cracks me up!  Bring it on Mom....

five.  pottery barn

If you know me you know my love of Mason Jars for drinking glasses.....I took the little babes to the mall on Friday  (it wasn't as bad as I assumed.....give them some Chick Fil A nuggets and they were silent.....anywho)  I walked past the window of pottery barn and saw these beauties...

(notice drink dispenser and mugs)

or this....

I totaled all this up and for 12 mugs (with handles...I lack these), drink dispenser, galvanized base (yes didn't come with it), and galvanized 3 tiered tray...I'd need over $250.  HAHAHAHAHAHA

So what does any girl do?  She googles the objects and finds the same ones (if not better) for cheap.

Found a Drink Dispenser at Dillards for $39 instead of $69  (and it comes with a stand instead of spending another $25)

Found the exact mugs 12 for $24 instead of PB 6 for $24

Still searching for the 3 tiered tray....

Why oh why PB do you have such cute things?

six.  vote

Thanks to Texas deciding to jump so late in the game ...we vote today.   Always fun taking 2 kids in tow!  Is there anyone left in the race to vote for?

seven.  30 weeks

30 weeks and eek

I still feel terrific...isn't that a bad thing?  I'm as big as a house though...and down to 2 week midwife visits....I'll post a picture later when I feel like it....just Picture a house...and then you have me!

eight.  in need of

Ok I may not NEED, but I sure WANT.  I have some leftover candy bars hidden....figured I had all the stuff on hand...might as well make the kids an afterschool treat today


Neely said...

Mark my word when baby C comes out I am bringing you Mi Cocina and a bottle of bloom :)

Brandi said...

My kids drive me bonkers in the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all they want to do...gogogo, spendspendspend!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I can imagine you are one tired momma! I have had days where my son is a little Tasmanian devil, it is hard. Hopefully your day got better!
Pottery Barn is the devil, I find millions of things that I absolutely must have but their prices are insane! I am definitely checking out your Pinterest :D I am too addicted to that site.
That looks like one dang delicious dessert.

Tales from the Trails said...

What a day! I'll definitely have to check you out on Pinterest. We voted today. Wahoo!!

Lori said...

i bet you do NOT look like a house! you prob look amazing :) can't believe you are 30 weeks already!

Kelli Herrington said...

Im a new follower and I am loving your blog.
I can relate to the JOYs of motherhood and o the Joys are not always joyful lol

3 Peanuts said...

I am usually dreading summer to but decided to try to embrace it this summer. My kiddos are bigger though.

Is the Dillards drink thing as cute? I love the PB one too but have not bought it.

Ioana-Carmen said...

nice blog :)
Let`s follow each other sweetie!


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