Wednesday, June 20, 2012

33 down 7 to go

Weeks...can you believe 7 weeks or less?
I'm so not ready ....Did I mention that?  Poor 6th child.  He has no clue what is waiting for him in our house.  Then again maybe he does.....he can hear and is hiding out.  I think that is why I go to 40 weeks....They hold out for as long as they can ....I mean who wants to enter the CHAOS ZONE

Yesterday Lily had a meltdown.  No idea why.  And it was early still...Lunch Time.

Big sissy and her friend were sitting at the new little table...(all the big kids are enthralled by it) and so all the chairs were gone...Meltdown #1....we solved that by having Kate get a tiny stool and sit there....

But it wasn't well yet....Lily wanted food.  "get my food"  she shouts
Ummm  I don't think so Missy...ask again....
Which of course sets off this confusion of .....(probably her thoughts during her screaming like a banshee)  "how dare you not feed me...don't you know who I am....?  I want food...I said food people get on it....why are y'all just staring at me screaming my head off....I only have one head ...I mean don't I?  where's a mirror?  Yes one quit staring and MAKE MY FOOD PEOPLE"

Of course she didn't say that, but she was wailing so loud I have no idea.

I told her if she didn't settle I couldn't find out what she wanted for lunch.

In between sobs she's saying  "a _____ samwitch"

I had no idea what word was in the I tried to think of every combination of what the _____ was.  I was wrong....b/c each idea I gave made her scream louder.

Which had me getting angry b/c Sweet Dude Friend just went down for nap....AND NOBODY WILL MESS WITH MY SLEEPING BABY....

Between sobs I got out that she wanted a Girl Sandwich.  (no idea what that is....)  but somehow I calmed her.....Big sissy and friend by this time fled the kitchen.....oldest boys fled too asking how I can stand the crying  (mind or hers?)

I ended up putting 2 of her bears at her table for a tea party and made her a ham 'GURL SAMWITCH'
She smiled like a sweet angel if she never threw a tantrum.

(deep sigh)

I thought we were about to start again when I gave her bears some 'real' food...she yelled at me....


(ok ease down there need to freak....)

I think baby C hears all this and taps me on the belly...."Hey Mom...I'm gonna chill inside for as long as possible....You're nuts if you think I'm ready for this..."

That's ok Son....Mommy has no idea what you will wear or sleep yet....bahahaha

Reid and Baby C's seasons will be off.....Reid came that day of our ice storm....(February) and this baby comes in the heat of our 100+ weather.

No need to panic right?  I mean I have 7 weeks or less....

But I am starting to panic!

I have so  much to do...I've got a list of Pinterest projects to do....Meals to freeze....movies to watch....pools to visit.....a pedicure to get....a date with hubs to still go on....
oh and get things ready for baby!!!

It's also starting to sink in that this sweet boy....


isn't going to be my baby for much longer.....Here  he is with his New Kenneth Chair...


ur really not missing much here with the baby bump picture....picture a pregnant whale mixed with a moo cow!  Mini Me has been dying to take a photo to document each month...I get sidetracked and next thing I know another Month has gone are a few to prove to sweet C that he really was in my tummy! I tried to get one of my face...but each time I was either talking or looking at Reid running around the porch!

Here is the famous Bathroom Mirror shot....All it shows me is I really need to wipe my mirror down daily!  Between Mini Reid splashing in my sink...Lovely!



Southern Belle Mama said...

You look great Laura! Hope this summer weather treats you nice until Baby C gets here!

Lori said...

7 more weeks?! that's it? you look amazing :)

Secret Mommy said...

You look fabu! My boys often ask for "girled" sandwiches. They KNOW they are "grilled" sandwiches, but think it's awfully funny to call them "girl" or "girled." Twerps. :)

Enjoy your last 7 weeks! I was so not ready for my 3rd baby, either, then in the last 6 weeks I got mad chores done and voila! Ready for baby. :) Congrats!

A Lil Story said...

Awww you look beautiful!! You don't have the crazy swollen baby face I get towards the end of pregnancy ;) 7 weeks! Yay! and oh my word, could Reid be any cuter???

I am a month behind you, but I have nothing done either- the nursery is still a blank space- no decor, curtains, or crib! I did go through the baby clothes I kept... so far Baby B has one little drawer of clothes for the first year of his life... I think we have some shopping to do!

Awwww and Lily, bless her little heart ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, sounds like you had your hands full ;)

You are absolutely glowing in your pictures!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

you are wonder mom! go laura!! and you look gorgeous.

LeAnna said...

You look fantabulous, friend!

Jumping Jack said...

Jack was born in the summer. I'm sure I can round up some clothes for baby C. And I'm sewing again. Ok just a little, but I'll make the littles matching shirts and a lovey for baby C. Email me sizes.

You look great!

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