Monday, June 11, 2012

Miscellany Monday .....8 weeks to go....

lowercase letters

one. 32 Weeks EEK 

Did I type that right?  8 or less weeks to go?  (ok we all know me...and we all know I go to who are we kidding?  it's 8w to go)  I say less weeks b/c I really want to go July 31st.  I know I'm crazy, but you see....I have a charm bracelet and each of the kids have a birthstone charm on it...Hubs then bought his stone and mine to complete it.  Back after I had Reid and bought his to add...the lady told me they were discontinuing the charms...I didn't think about it at the time....until I got pregnant.  Well here I am and poor C will not have one to match.  BUT WAIT....HUBS WAS BORN IN I HAVE HIS see.  This baby can't come in Aug (grins) He needs to be a week early so I will have his charm.  Crazy I know... (again I never said I wasn't crazy)

I still feel terrific.  I mean I'm as big as a house...I did start to swell....I don't recognize my knees/ankles/toes and face.  My clothes don't fit ...which scares me b/c what am I supposed to wear in public for the next 2 months? 

two.  Kenneth


Remember the post where sweet Lily gives a new name to Dude Friend all the time...sadly that has seemed to stop.  But Kenneth sort of stuck for us.  The kids said we should name baby C Kenneth.  Nahhhh BUT ....when hubs was looking up baby names....(Scottish and Irish names...b/c that's what we are) We found the name of the first Scottish King.    His name was Cináed ....guess what that translates to?  KENNETH.  How crazy is that?  Part of me felt like we should.  (I said part)  

So instead we named Reid's stuffed giraffe he sleeps with Kenneth.  
Last night I went to check on all my babies before turning in myself.  I always creep into Reid's room and pop my head over the crib.  I freaked out.  Kenneth was sitting on Reid's back.  Hello the thing usually sits in the corner of his crib.   I just stood there and stared at the thing wondering how on earth it got there....was it his attack giraffe?  Should I leave it?  Of course I picked it up...and put him back where he belongs.....Kenneth now creeps me out.

three.  Boys and Toys

Even though I have met some really crazy women who share things they shouldn't on the FB garage sale site...I have made some great new friends...and sold a ton of stuff and bought a ton of things at terrific prices.  Saturday I had a brilliant idea.  Lily no longer plays with her Pink Bubble Lawn Mower....but Reid does.  Sweet boy pushes that thing all around the house and outside.  I thought heck fire....with R and C both being boys we need a boy color one.  I thought I would sell the Pink one and Buy the other one...but a light bulb went off.  I put up a message in the group with this photo


saying I wanted to trade the pink one for a blue one.  Hubs said NO ONE would want to trade....sure enough about 20 mins later a lady said "ME ME ME"  ....she has 2 girls and would love love the pink one....We met up in the Walgreen's parking lot giggling.  Thankfully her's was in great shape too...(ours was)  I was a bit worried thinking I might have been making a trade down...whew!  Reid is sooo excited....

(yes those are crumbs on his face....)

four.  Menu Monday

You didn't ask but I'll tell....Sadly this week is lame....but ....


Today's  meal I have yet to's from Ree's cookbook
(photo from her blog)


Instead of mashed potatoes ...I was craving Broccoli Cheese Rice Casserole's fantastic as a leftover and REID inhales this stuff!!!

For her recipe on the chicken click HERE

All recipes are or will be on my blog...except this Friday's....I will post it looks fantastic.  You can't go wrong with meatloaf....speaking of meatloaf......

five.  Mom and Her Gadgets.

My mom (ok me too I admit) Love those As Seen on Tv things.....she usually buys them for me and brings them on her visits...I have received the Pancake batter Pour thingy (I've yet to use)  My favorite...the Vidalia Chop Wizard.  No idea what I would do without this one.  I use it daily!  Eggies (we eat hard boiled eggs...yet to try this one too) and The Perfect Meatloaf Pan.  I usually have to make 2 meatloaves at a time...but still it was sweet of her.  Inside it came with a recipe booklet.  There are a handful of recipes I'd like to try....but esp this one on Friday's Menu.  French Onion Meatloaf.  It calls for a can of French Onion soup and some of those French Fried Onions (for top)  Hello!  I'm a freak for anything french oniony!  I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.


Leah said...

I have about 9 weeks to go and am hoping mine comes at the end of July too (about 2 weeks early). Best of luck with this last leg of your pregnancy!

Ashley said...

Love your photos! Good luck with the last part of your pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

Only 8 more weeks, how exciting!

That's a pretty crazy coincidence with the name Kenneth - I had to laugh about naming the giraffe that and the attack giraffe part! Isn't it crazy where toys wind up?

That chicken looks absolutely delicious!!

Have a fabulous Monday :)

Neely said...

I cant believe you only have 8 weeks left!

Tatiana said...

8 weeks is SO close! And I love that you were able to trade that cute little lawnmower. It's so adorable, and makes for a really happy boy :-)

Dianna said...

LOVE the Kenneth story! Made me laugh! I can't believe you only have 8 weeks! I hope he comes a week early for you!

lacess said...

Be sure to check ebay for your discontinued August charm!

Best of luck getting through the last few weeks, especially in this heat!

averyswifeliz said...

I LOVE the chop wizard. Definitely one of my favorite gadgets. My Mom and I both own them and use them all the time.

And btw, how did you get to be only 8 weeks away?? Time is flying on me!

Stef said...

Holy are almost there. I will hope he comes early...I always hope they come early.

Casey said...

woohoo 8 weeks! I hope you go in July you deserve to go in July! In regards to clothes I know how you feel. None of mine fit right and they are really uncomfortable.

I am happy that you got to trade the mower, I saw your post in the group and was hoping someone would trade with you!

Can I say your food pictures always make me really hungry!

Jumping Jack said...

I have been MIA, I know but oh my goodness! I can't believe you're going to have that baby in 8 or less weeks!

Jack has that same giraffe, he named her Jennifer a few weeks ago after getting a new giraffe we named Ralph. LOL

Reid is precious. I can't believe how big he's gotten!

I still love my chop wizard too. That was worth every bit of $20!!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

32 weeks. hold the phone. can't believe it.

i love how kenneth went from a possible baby name (i know it was a small chance, but still) to a name for a stuffed giraffe. hahaha!

Stephanie said...

I love that you were able to make a trade like that! Meant to be:)
Best of luck with the last 8 weeks of your pregnancy, I bet it will fly by.

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