Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Reasons I Love Being a Mom....Part 563

I woke up yesterday morning to find a note on the coffee pot with a quarter attached.

The note said.

"Mom this is for being such a terrific Mom.  Even though the quarter was yours to begin with"
Love, Kate

Aw sweet motherhood...I had a 5 in my wallet....I guess I'm only worth $.25  haha

(better check and see if the 5 is still there)


LeAnna said...

That's the sweetest thing, ever.

Southern Belle Mama said...

Yes, you better!! At my house the 5 would be gone...Colson sneaks my loose change every day (since he's saving for an ipad).

Anonymous said...

Aw that is too sweet!

Neely said...

love it!

Natalie Catherine of said...

oh my gosh.... that is soo cute! and funny. :)

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