Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lily-isms #474

Lily: "Mom watch me do 'Tai Cheese' moves...this one is called the Polka Dot Hippo"

Me:   "Lily would you like Milk"
Lily:  "NOOOO"
Me:    "Apple Juice or Grape Juice then?"
Lily:   "NOOOO I said I was thirsty not hungry"

(looks at hubs with grin)

Hubs:  "she's crazy just like her mother"

Lily:  "Mom look at the clock"

Me...looks at clock

Lily:  "see the big hand on the 9"

Me:  "yes"

Lily:  "that means get your swimsuit's time to go to the's a law"


We don't go to Mc D's....(not a fan really) but every time she sees it she shouts


I really hate how many Old McDonald chains there are....b/c she can sing this song for hours in the car and gets really mad if you don't join in the entire time


(in car while driving)


(looks around....don't see any)

Me:  "nope....I don't see any...."

Lily:  (more excited than before) "MOM MOM MOM TAACOOOOOS"

(still don't see any....but getting really I'm craving Tacos)

Lily:  "right there...I told you"

Notices she's pointing to "Costco" 

Me:  "yep 'Tacos''re favorite store"


At Hobby Lobby

Lily:  "Ohhh Mommy....Look at these a-dor-able shoes for baby Rosie"

Me:  "ohhh Lily...remember mommy told you we were having a boy baby and not a girl baby?"

Lily  "oh well...maybe you could buy 2 pairs for Rosie and one for baby C"

(I really hope she's ok when we bring only 1 baby home and it's a boy hahaha)


Lily has been talking nonstop for what feels like hours.....she looks at me and says

Lily:  "Mom you are such a chatter box" 

Me:  "Me?  But I haven't even said a won't let me talk"

Lily:  "You just talked"

(nuff said)



Kerbi said...

I love that Lily! She sets some pretty great laws!!

Neely said...

She's cray cray and I love it!

Dianna said...

Too cute!

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