Monday, July 16, 2012

Miscellany Monday....3 More Weeks

one. 3 Weeks


I am sooo not feeling this is the week to see little man.  (I say that and go into labor tonight)
If you have followed me at all these last pregnancies you know I go until 40 weeks.  But a girl can dream right?
Feeling fine...just really tired during the day....Sleeping on and off during the night...the potty breaks take precedent over sleep.  Got acid reflux....minimal swelling and  my back is actually doing great.
Baby C was moving a bit slow on Friday so I headed to the midwife to hook up to the monitor...He moved the whole time.....It's like when you take your car to the mechanic for a knock...and get there and it doesn't knock....and you SWEAR you heard the knock!  Anywho it was nice to watch his heartbeat for 20 mins....I would talk to him and watch his heart rate increase....awww He loves me already!

Stay tuned to the blog post that says "IT'S TIME" and you'll know to keep checking for updates!

two.  the cook WAS out 

I haven't cooked in the past 2 weeks....The kids were confused...I wasn't.  I wanted a break.  I was sick of organizing meals....standing all day in the being eaten before I sit down....and by the time I do sit down to eat the kids have finished their 2nd helping and are gone from the table.  So I went on strike.  I bought pre-made stuff...or you had to fend for sandwiches soups microwaveable stuff etc.
I SOOO ENJOYED my time off.  I actually loved waking up and NOT thinking what I was going to cook for a week.  No mad rush to the hauling unwilling children with me to push whining children who were FORCED to help unload the car.  (shesh)
You better believe they went willingly to the store today and didn't open their lips when unloading the car once home.  I think they missed me (or my cooking)


three.  Upstairs Doom

My hallway upstairs is horrid.  I pulled all clothes from kids closets and I have piles ready to be either to be stored to younger kids...or given away to Goodwill.  When I walk up there I want to cry.  I think the piles get larger each morning.  I can't sit up there with the little ones to organize b/c they run rampant in the halls and in the big kids rooms.  I'm afraid Reid is gonna trip and fly down the stairs...which has my heart racing.  So I've been putting it off.  I can sooooo enjoy procrastination for maybe 1 day longer!

four.  DVR

Our DVR pooped out on gone...keeps 'restarting' itself.  We called and they tried troubleshooting and said we need a new one....and it comes this week.  So we've been w/o TV...ok sort of.....we have Netflix on the Wii and have been watching many episodes of Phineas and Ferb....and Lily has discovered My Little Pony (I want to bang my head into a wall)

I realized how much we love the telly (bad).......I have a billion shows taped to watch 'one day' on the dvr....I'm about to lose them ALL....
Not only that...we have pretty much all Little Bears on Nick Jr taped....we watch those at night to wind down in the evenings....(is he soothing or what?)  I'm missing my HGTV too.....Hub is thrilled...he's been asking me to watch and delete my shows.  I wonder when he thinks I have time to sit for hours and hours to watch my shows.  Hence why they sit there in the DVR calling my name.

five.  Hitter

We are in a horrible stage over here with Dude Friend....HITTING.  I've never had to deal with this...yes out of 5.5 of the kids...Dude is the first.
He will literally wind his arm up and smack.  Most of the time it's not just his hand...He will grab an object and hit you over the head or smack in the face with it.  And when he has a hard's not a good thing.  And this is just when he's happy....boys got a temper and when the temper is high his arms are a flying.  I need a recording of dada saying " sir...put that down"

When hubs says this Reid breaks out in tears...when I do it Reid gets more fired up and bangs more.
How do father's do that?  And us mother's just get laughed at.
Little man is pushing new buttons I didn't know I had.

six.  Princess Time

Well it's taken close to 4 years, but she (who?)  Lily has let me put ponies in her hair.  She looks so grown up now....


She had her first movie this weekend......All the kids wanted to go and off we headed to the Disney Store for our Merida Doll...and then off to see Brave.  Lily loved the whole idea of getting popcorn and a coke!  She had to sit in all of our seats with us...and did talk loudly a few times....for instance when the mother called the princess "Merida"  ...Lily yelled out...."THAT'S NOT HER NAME IT'S BRAVE"

After this for some reason she is all about letting me put things in her hair.  I nearly cried, but held off in case it freaked her out and she changed her mind.

Her hair is such a curly short choppy mess it was a bit hard to make look perfect, but.........We are also into tutu dresses.....Thanks to Old Navy having a sale...I got this one for $7...and bought it a size bigger to have an extra year out of it.  (that is if she doesn't wear it out before then)


Zookeeper Jess said...

She is so adorable! I put pony's in my kids' hair before they even have enough for one haha. I can't believe that you're already in the home stretch. This pregnancy has flown by...well from my POV at least :)

Sam said...

Ohhh my gosh Laura! I have been MIA from blogland, and sweet little L has gotten so big! Cutie!

Jumping Jack said...

Lily does look all grown up! The ponies look pretty perfect to me!

Jack went through the hitting phase and still tears up when Randy gets on him, but he just laughs at me or gets meaner. Luckily, I think we've made it through the worst of that little phase, so there is still hope!

I'm putting your goodies in the mail today and they should be there tomorrow. Sorry it's taken me so long. My MIL was in town last week for Jack birthday party and it threw my whole routine off! I hope everything fits, but if not let me know and I can make other sizes.

Morgan said...

She does look adorable!! I started with the ponies, clips and bows at infancy - they just never know they can refuse to wear them by the time they are old enough, lol.

Dianna said...

Lily looks so cute!!! My niece has similar hair to Lily and never liked having her hair up at all. We just recently got her more open to the idea!

Yay for 3 weeks or less : )

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